Moon in Gemini: lightheartedness!

Written by Alison

When the moon is full that means that, when viewed from the earth, the moon and sun are opposite each other and so in opposite signs. The energy that these two signs symbolize is expressed in all its glory, similarity, and opposition. With the sun in Sagittarius and the moon in Gemini, the ambiance will be light and zealous, a little aloof, and very mobile. Many of us will have ants in our pants and our thoughts going a million miles a minute. This influence will be more or less pleasant, depending on the signs.


This full moon will put you in an excellent mood and will encourage you to get out and about more, to travel, to interact with others. You are particularly sociable and motivated by the best of intentions. This frivolous moon, however, will hardly be one to push you to be consistent. Avoid spreading yourself too thin, or else you could miss out on some great opportunities.


Your thoughts center on your holdings and handling your assets in general. Your possessions have suddenly consumed your thoughts, and you will make every effort to secure your money and your affection, to stabilize them over the long-term and entirely.


Today is your day! The only time of the year where the full moon is in your sign. Your best qualities will be put on display. You will have numerous occasions to stand out from the crowd, thanks to your exceptional reactivity. Your usual acumen should earn you a few enriching contracts as well as a chance to sign an agreement, accord, or contract for some.


This a restless full moon that will push further up into your ivory tower. You are very sensitive to the phases of the moon and feel too restless to approach others peacefully. You will tend to reflect on your situation without, for once, worry overly much about their problems.


This is an excellent ambiance that will open doors, and your friends' arms, up to you. Your projects are taking off, your organizational skills will find something to be used on, and your wonderful mood will attract associates, investors, or partners with great ease. Any sort of group activity pulls you in in particular.


A lot of stress to come, especially in your social or professional life. Agitation, frivolousness, repeated change, even minor ones, will put you on edge, and, if your mood turns dark, arguments or squabbles are likely. You won't worry too much about criticisms, opinions, or other such rude remarks.


You feel like you're starting to leave the nest, take wing, and you desire to get to know everyone, to travel, to change cultural horizons. You are overflowing with charm and the urge to rise up. Your aspirations are rising a few notches, and your goals are marked with a certain idealistic vision. Now is a good time to decide to learn something new.


Your mind will join your passions, your hesitations, your ruminations. This full moon, full of energy, will push your back up against the wall and force you to look unflinchingly at your situation. By being alone, you will be able to learn the most philosophically from this demanding full moon.


With the moon across from your sign sector, your emotions will be turned towards others. Whether in your relationship, at work, or when it comes to your various agreements with others, this day will be very dynamic for interacting with others with positive results from good decisions and fortunate initiatives, but also its own amount of potential mistakes, caused by too much hurrying.


A breath of fresh air will blow into your daily routine, bolstering your sense of humor, but also your deepest convictions as well. You tend to inject this great enthusiasm into your daily life, seeking to improve your situation and balance out your schedule, while enjoying this friendly atmosphere that will keep you in excellent health.


This full moon will put the focus on your parental or artistic life. It is your creative abilities, in every sense of the term, that are accented here. You are inspired and your ideas are bild, while still remaining feasible. Your cleverness and ingenuity could earn you great success, popularity, recognition...


You are very tense and are likely to end up confining yourself to the house, and in a sour or melancholy mood if you don't shake yourself up somewhat. This is a day where it would be best not to start a fight with the family or get hung up on a small detail. Your is unstable, and the smallest thing can shake you up for no reason.

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