Mars arrives in Leo

Written by Susan

Mars leaves the constellation of Cancer to enter Leo. After focusing on the home and being active for the family, the atmosphere pushes us to more personal and prestigious achievements. Mars symbolizes desire and will, the action that is manifested by its energy, its dynamism, its spirit of decision. In Leo, Mars needs to conquer, he is a fighter and he surpasses himself in action. More governed by the senses than by feelings, he can become aggressive and violent.

The positive influence of Mars makes it possible to surpass oneself by attacking things in order to succeed, to conquer, to triumph.
The negative influence induces hostile, violent behavior, a refusal of order and hierarchy.


This transit will ignite the fire! Luck will be at the rendezvous, the circumstances encountered will take you on the road to success. You will be well inspired to lead your boat and train others to follow you.. The spirit of conquest is present in all your actions, it is the ideal moment to launch yourself into creative activities, to start a project, to install or maintain your reputation and develop a clientele. Your spontaneity, your frankness and your daring are likely to be rewarded!


This transit is likely to induce excessive tendencies in the most rigid Taurus. For some, it can even affect health, causing gluttony or in the budget, with reckless spending and, of course, in relationships that take on a more combative tone. In the emotional domain, this transit gives a very sensual tone to your exchanges but the burning passion that it induces can also generate crises of jealousy and devastating passions. In all areas of your life, the tension will rise for a few weeks, take care to protect your assets and try to relax some of your positions.


This very beneficial transit induces luck for a few weeks. Your activities are encouraged by the circumstances, happy chances release you from interesting fields of action. Your exchanges will be marked by cordiality and frankness, which will allow you to make excellent business. When it comes to matters of the heart, the family atmosphere gives way to much more sensual and passionate relationships. Still, Mars in Leo also indicates excessive tendencies in your behavior, your superficial or unstable side can hurt your reputation if you do not discipline yourself better.


The departure of Mars from your sign will allow you to reconnect positively with your strongest qualities, which will lead you to live more harmonious situations. Indeed, your way of being and communicating will be softer, you will be more receptive towards those around you. Which will not prevent you, so far from firmly defending your choices, your values, and your projects! The importance of your emotional life changes in your own eyes, you will encounter situations that further reveal the delicacy and nuances of your ability to love.


This global transit announces a very dynamic period that will give you access to awareness on the possibilities for action in the course of events. In fact, you have a pressing need for action, you can not remain a mere spectator, your increased cerebral vivacity will allow you to imagine the possibilities that are most favorable to your future. You must deepen your patience, to pass this phase successfully, without tension in your relationships.


This new planetary configuration strengthens your peacemaking skills. This also leads to the fact that you will have no trouble using your charm to seduce. If you are single now, you will be surprised at your success. An old flame is predicted to return, a resumption of contact that you did not hope for anymore. This type of situation is ready to enter your life, decisive choices are in sight. On the other hand, this aspect can give rise to an excess of activity such that you are likely to leave a good part of your nervous resistance there.


The transit of Mars will form a sextile to your natal Sun, which will enhance your need for recognition in the broad sense, but also your emotional needs. Your living environment is changing. Nothing will be exactly like before, in your family or home. You are changing yourself, wanting to live in a way that is in keeping with your roots and your inner self. Also, it is essentially in the privacy of your living environment that you will see changes. It will be important to take a fresh look at your private or family life. The care taken to meet the expectations of your loved ones, will depend on the fruitfulness (or not) of a necessary transformation.


If it seems more difficult than usual to be satisfied during this period of superficial bonds, it will however be easy to play on the depth of feelings and the sincerity of the affects. You will no longer be satisfied with false pretenses or risky compromises. Your attitude is transformed and evolves towards more authenticity. This passionate climate is, however, ideal to break with the monotony of a life without adventure or a soulless love. Romanticism is impetuous and imposes itself! Far from the renunciations of yesterday, you will know how to mobilize your energy at will. If events force you to a showdown, you will probably get away with it. Confrontations, far from harming you, strengthen your social position.


Your actions will be powerful but very special. You will prefer, during this period, the subtlety of the verbal jousts that allow victory. You will act with greater effectiveness as you will keep perspective and a global vision. Events demand a certain sense of fairness and an objective attitude that is right. You will not rely on appearances and will patiently demonstrate your arguments, without falling into the pitfalls of a simple and fast intervention. Also, the clear "legal" actions, will prevail in efficiency on the most underground approaches. It is more than ever necessary to prune away, to confront the facts and to grasp the hidden dimension.


You will feel carried by an ideal, a mission. During this time, you will demonstrate exemplary dedication to a perhaps utopian cause. You feel the need to live your passions, to realize your dreams. Even though your goals may seem hard to reach, you will keep faith. Disturbing and spectacular actions could result. You will not shrink from any sacrifice to reach your goals. A sweet euphoria exalts your will of action. No doubt then you will be able to take risks without necessarily mastering the chain of events.


This global transit indicates that you are entering a crucial period for your personal reflections. Indeed, you will be faced with circumstances that will not leave you an exit, you will have to affirm what you say, at all costs, despite your reluctance. Indeed, the tempo will go much faster and you will have little time to be confused by scruples, get on that moving train. Your relationship life will change, be careful not to transpose on others what in reality comes from yourself.


This planetary transit makes you enter a very harmonic period in which you will have all the mental latitude to get to the bottom of your personal conceptions, for the realization of your projects. You gain in confidence, more convinced of the legitimacy of your intimate abstractions. You strive to strengthen your foundation and you will be able to challenge yourself to achieve it. Your desires in a broad sense are expressed in a softer way, do not be too vague.

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