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Written by Olivia

Impulsive; pessimistic, jealous - we all have different characters, our own little, or big, faults. You are deeply in love, but there you are telling yourself that your partner would be perfect if they didn'ty have certain flaws that you have trouble putting up with. Some are more tolerable, but others drive you mad! Living together, though, means learning to accept and put up with the other's personality. Together, we will go through each sign's major faults one at a time so that you can learn a few tips for getting used to them. Don't let their faults be contagious so that life with your partner can remain tolerable.


Aries lacks tact and rarely worries about what is said in the heat of the moment. Learn to put their authoritarian side and bitter remarks into perspective - don't take it personally. Don't try to get the upper hand during their sudden bursts of anger: they'll just blow up even more. A frank, yet tactful, discussion is the best solution for dealing with problems quickly and re-establishing harmony. Do like Aries does, and if you don't like something, don't hesitate to let them know upfront. When it comes to their fierce need for independence, don't take the lead, or they could leave you. Let Aries have the space they need for tending to their concerns, taking a breath, and recharging their batteries.

recharging their batteries.


You'll have to put up with Taurus' stuffy nature, excessive jealousy, impulsive rashness, stubborness, and need for routine. When in conflict, don't even try taking control: that will only make them furious. But still, don't let your toes get stepped on. On the contrary, show finesse and tact, and be stern but gentle. Taurus is not one to show their feelings or be affectionate. Don't be discouraged: show your affection, be tender, and he'll end up doing the same. In order to useless fighting, respect their need for freedom and avoid untimely remarks.


Gemini have a tendency to jump from topic to topic, to be everywhere at once, and to be nervous. When confronted with their frantic talkativeness, you will have to force them to calm down and cool down their zeal. Their changing nature can lead them to seem distant to you. Don't make anything out of it. On the contrary, be tolerant and just keep spoiling them. This will put Gemini at ease and bring them back into your arms. Being a Gemini is like being on a roller-coaster. For this relationship to be as fulfilling as possible, it's important to have dynamic, intellectual exchanges and laugh off their acerbic critiques.


Cancer tends to go through a cycle of blowing things out of proportion, getting worried, overthinking, then sulking. You would do best to smooth things yet, or, better yet, keep quiet so that this doesn't lead to intolerable tension. Their deep need to watch over those they love often makes them possessive, invasive, and smothering. In the face of this overflow of kindness, and so that you don't annoy them, react positively and show all the tenderness you have. Comfort your Cancer and help them to chase away their doubts and anxiety, though without falling into the trap of emotional dependence. Sensitive and hardly affectionate? Just keep making an effort and strike the right balance so that they end up fully trusting you!


This authoritarian sign can't imagine that anyone could object to their desires, stand up to them, or resist them. Leo thinks they're always right, doesn't believe in half-measures, and can quickly become intolerant, sensitive, and egocentric. It is with tact, a sense of diplomacy, and cunning that you will manage to tame them. To avoid frustrating them, your relationship will have to be dynamic and based on sharing. If Leo starts roaring out of anger, don't try to confront them, but instead keep your calm and slip in a little humor to calm the storm. Very sociable, but hardly a psychologist, they can be awkward and hurtful. Whatever the situation, be read to put up with this lion and to be patient.


Demanding, excessively fussy, anxious, and a perfectionist, Virgo can quickly become a pain in the neck and get offended over nothing. So that Virgo doesn't spend their time nitpicking and criticizing, be ready to make compromises and share their taste for routine and order. Don't disturb their daily life and let them believe that they have everything under control. Their lack of self-confidence can make them extremely upset. To assuage their feelings, make an effort to comfort, encourage, and listen to them. Help your Virgo relax and pursue adventure through positive and practical exchanges. Prove to them that they can count on your in any circumstance.


This sign likes to start fights to test how others feel and to reassure themselves. In fact, they can be a tad bit manipulative and are skilled at resorting to odd behavior to spread confusion. What's more, they are very sensitive and susceptible, and the slightest reproach can become a huge dispute. To prevent your relationship from becoming uncomfortalbe, you will have to see through their game and carefully develop a strategy for bringing up touchy subjects. Their chronic indecision can also turn out to be annoying. To remedy this, we recommend that you convince them that it is essential and freeing to express their feelings and to know how to choose.


This extremely jealous, suspicious, and possessive sign is constantly seeking to dominate their partner. If you don't watch out, you will quickly wind up stuck in a smothering and exhausting relationship. And so, you will have to lay down a few well-defined rules to avoid being manipulated, and create an atmosphere of complete trust. Tell your Scorpio clearly what you don't like. Secretive and independent by nature, Scorpio cultivates a sense of mystery and darkness that can make them unapproachable. So, it would be best to respect their need for solitude and to accept it when they isolate themselves when they want to. To reassure them, be optimistic and continue to show them all your affection and help them relax.


Sagittarius cultivates a sense of restlessness and a little lightness, which tend to complicate his life and create useless problems. Suffering from "I know everything and I'm the best" syndrome, they have a hard time questioning themselves and accepting their mistakes. To stay in harmony and avoid upsets, stay independent, tend to your own activities, agree to have a hardly traditional relationship, and don't encroach on his freedom. Be tolerant and be able to avoid imposing restraints on him. Continue developping your taste for adventure in every sense of the word.


Not one for listening or for dialog, Capricorn needs to be in control of everything and quite often takes on a distant attitude. Living with one can turn out to be frustrating and annoying. If you don't want a situation to get out of hand, whatever you do, don't put them under pressure or toy with their lifestyle. Don't blow things out of proportion, lose your temper, or resort to humor. Instead, leave them the space they need to recharge. Get used to their silences, but keep the lines of communication open and invite them to express themselves, kindly and gently. Maintain a trusting atmosphere and keep showing them the strength of your attachment.


A freedom-lover, a tad bit excentric, very self-confident, and stubborn, Aquarius can get quickly upset and isn't one to make sacrifices. With them, it's not all rest and relaxation. To stay the course by their side, be willing to make some concessions so that they don't feel suffocated and let them have all the freedom they need. Know how to adapt to their unpredictable nature and avoid routine. Keep spicing up your relationship, surprising your partner, and showing them you understand. Hold onto your autonomy and let them live their own lives. If you run into serious disagreements, take charge in breaking the ice and have a sense of humor if you want things to be resolved quicker.


Deeply emotive, enigmatic, and evasive, Pisces tends to hem and haw and to lack a sense of reality, consistency, and elusive. In sensitive situations, they can be evasive and it can be hard to figure out what they're thinking. Contrary to what you might think, Pisces takes on this attitude not because they don't care, but because they're afraid of hurting anyone's feelings. And so, it'll be up to you to have the tact and shrewdness to move them to express how they truly feel. To encourage them to step into action and figure out how to make a choice, it will, too, be up to you to teach them that, whether big or small, a relationship is about sharing decisions.


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