Mercury in Leo: Decisions are needed!

Written by Daisy

Mercury in Leo will color the approach to communication, relationships and exchanges with the qualities but also the defects that are attributed to this sign. Under this transit, we will all have a better practical sense, the possibility of concretizing our initiatives, liveliness and dynamism. But this transit also implies a greater nervousness, tensions and inappropriate verbal exchanges that we might regret later.

Speakers can, through their speeches, establish their authority. Mercury in Leo will also be conducive to all creative areas where writing holds a prominent place. Writers, screenwriters, theater people will be particularly inspired by this transit that will exalt the game of actors. Finally, the sign of Leo is also related to the world of children and education. Under this transit, teachers will be able to redouble their educational creativity. It's a good time to learn through games and listen to entertaining and spectacular stories. What influence does Mercury in Leo have for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac?


The natives of Aries will be particularly successful under this transit, which will support their ability to start projects through a good strategic analysis of the situation. The energy will be positive and decisive and give a forward impetus, especially if there are projects to create for business. This period could also see the signing of contracts and additionally be a good time for declarations of love!


For you natives of Taurus, the transit of Mercury in Leo may give you a hard time at home with your dear toddlers if you are parents. The king of the farmyard, in this case Taurus, does not like to receive orders from the king of the jungle, here Mercury in Leo. Conflicts of authority will be possible, especially as you do not always digest very well the cavalier and self-centered ways of the Leo, which, to your taste, lacks authenticity.


With Mercury in Leo, Gemini will be able to show great vigor and intellectual agility that will give them many opportunities. The communicative and mischievous nature of Gemini will find with Mercury in Leo an opportunity to make a very good impression by combining objectivity and global vision. During this transit, you could even discover your teaching talents and give some courses of support in your neighborhood.


Natives of Cancer, with Mercury in Leo, you will dare to stand out a little more than usual. If you are one of those natives with an overflowing imagination, you will have more opportunity to express your dreams and your feelings with the transit of Mercury in Leo. This period could be propitious to decorate your home by acquiring beautiful works of art. Unless it is you who reap the rewards of selling your creations.


It's up to you to take the microphone, natives of Leo. You will have, under this transit, an opportunity to shine as much by your natural charisma as your eloquence. Whether your expression is artistic or professional, it's time to harangue your audience with all the subtleties of your melodramatic palette. It is with words of the heart that you will seduce your audience and make them want to follow you.


Always ready to serve, the natives of Virgo will use the charisma of Mercury in Leo for the service of their cause. We could, indeed, fear that the reserved nature of the Virgo has difficulty cohabiting with the tendency to stand in front of the Leo. But on the contrary, this combination can make the natives of the Virgo more efficient than ever, who will be able to shine through the creative, artistic and playful aspects of their methods of accompaniment and help the most deprived.


These two like to rally back and forth. Moreover, Libra often makes the effort to open the ball by giving Leo the opportunity to exercise their talents. Everyone is then valued in their chosen field. You will understand: if you are a native of Libra, this transit will be particularly pleasant to you and will enhance your social naturalness through a dynamic and resolute conversation. Enough to gain the sympathy of many supporters, especially if you are in politics!


Here are two signs fixed face to face under this transit of Mercury in Leo. The question will then be who will give in! Because, each one in their own way seeks "power". Native Scorpio, you who prefer to work behind the scenes, the glitter and rhinestones of Mercury in Leo will tend to exasperate you. It will be a question of making compromises, especially in the professional field, otherwise you strongly risk flying off the handle and becoming the laughing stock of the show without the knowledge of your own free will!


The weather will be good under this sky, for you native of Sagittarius. You will have the freedom to express your visions and share them with your followers. Under this transit you could also find a renewed interest for studies and decide to explore new disciplines that open your field of consciousness such as philosophy, foreign languages, theology and why not ... astrology!


Dear Capricorn, we know you well for your discreet ambition. If you are in a period of structuring an activity, whatever, the transit of Mercury in Leo will be propitious to you to find partners and sources of financing. You could also come into an inheritance at this time.


For you Aquarius, the transit of Mercury in Leo will be a moment of exchange and communication within your couple, unless you conclude an agreement or a transaction with a partner. You will both combine your desire to unite groups and put yourself at the service of universal causes while developing the dialogue with individuals with whom you share your passions.


The transit of Mercury in Leo can be surprising for the often mute Pisces. Precisely, it will not always be easy to channel this energy, a little contradictory, with the natural impulses of Pisces to communicate everything in silence. You can use the communicative and dynamic energy of Mercury in your work by associating it with your intuition and sensitivity, especially with children.

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