Mercury in Pisces: Romance!

Written by Daisy

The time has come to "digest" an impressive amount of unpublished information, original ideas or unusual encounters that have emerged in recent weeks under the influence of Aquarius. The general climate: the energy, the exchanges, the communication, the emergence of ideas will have a very marked connotation by dreams, imagination and poetry but also with the risk of confusion, distractions or harmful illusions. It's up to each of us to examine the effect of these transits to better prepare for the potential of the next few weeks. In the best case, one can hope globally for a good use of all the intellectual discoveries made during this period.


The passage from Mercury to Pisces will bring you moments of poetry and sensitivity that you should take advantage of in your activities and your exchanges. Your responsiveness will be the best fertilizer to make your ideas and methods suggested by this transit, profitable. The climate is a little confused, it is an excellent opportunity to position yourself, to make yourself noticed positively for your qualities of realism and your practical spirit, which will be particularly appreciated. You can take these few weeks as a perfect preparation for your future activities that will resume with the passage of Mercury in your sign after. So you have the opportunity to assimilate new concepts recently discovered and let people talk about your inventiveness and your dynamism, so literally take off at work or in your home for a season full of opportunities.


The arrival of Mercury in the friendly sign of Pisces will tint these next weeks full of a voluptuous well-being in your daily life, your work and all your relationships to others. Nothing is likely to jostle the quiet running of your activities. The general climate is certainly a little disjointed but so full of sweetness and attention that you should work, at your job and at home, in a very pleasant atmosphere conducive to creativity. Your intuitions will be excellent and you will easily guess what you do not know. Chance helps, you are likely, during this transit, to meet someone through fate who will bring you a bonus, mainly in your career or, more simply, in your usual social life.


The coming weeks may weigh on you a bit in terms of the atmosphere that will prevail in your relationships with others and exchanges in general. Your legendary critical sense will be confronted with an ambient confusion which risks, at worst, to alienate your sympathizers and at best to irritate yourself often. You have little choice: to be effective, both at work and at home, you will have to cut some slack and agree not to control everything or manage and trust your intuition to make the right decisions. Only a comprehensive and caring attitude can save your popularity during this time. Anyway, your remarks are likely to meet no echo, so take things philosophically until the atmosphere becomes more cerebral!


The coming weeks are marked by the return of more fulfilling relationships, better working conditions and immense creativity. Your instincts will work and should bring you brilliant ideas, followed by excellent initiatives, especially in the areas of study, travel or, more simply, your great ideals. Some of you are at the dawn of a new life and this transit is going to help you a lot. The conclusions that you will draw from your situation will be good ones and you will be able to advance in leaps and bounds in the way that you have fixed yourself. The atmosphere around you will remain sweet and benevolent, with interlocutors listening, even if this climate will not always be of great help on the strictly practical level, it will however support you on the psychological level.


The transit of Mercury in Pisces should allow you to extend your creativity even further because this influence will leave you free to express yourself openly. This is a very good period of progress for your sign, you will have many opportunities to distinguish yourself in a messy daily routine, thanks to your entrepreneurial spirit, your practical sense and your unwavering determination. It is possible that you are, at times, annoyed by the ambient nonchalance. This is a mistake because the confusion can only serve your interests by standing out from the crowd, it could even be worth a promotion or a personal success. Take advantage of this period of slight withdrawal, full of dreams and fantasies to establish solid plans for a much more dynamic month of March, in your image ...


For you, the coming weeks will be tinted with exchanges with your entourage and, especially with your partner. Your daily routine will be a little more hectic and many developments will be made in an excellent caring and romantic atmosphere. This is a great time to let go a little, express yourself without taboos, without trying to control everything. You will get many more satisfactions and benefits from these transits if you simply follow your intuitions and especially, if you relax because your chronic anxiety is your weak point and restrains you in all your initiatives. So trust your lucky stars and the abilities of others, even if their method of thinking is radically different from yours: you could learn a lot.


Your daily life will be tinged for a few weeks with poetry and sweetness. The opportunity for you to maintain harmonious exchanges with your loved ones and to make yourself noticed positively by your balance and your benevolence vis-à-vis others. This relaxed atmosphere should inspire you to innovate, let your unconscious speak, in order to get great ideas out of it and make them come true. Your artistic or simply creative projects can, during this period, be pursued with happiness. Certainly, there are less friendly planets that still plague some of you in your projects or, worse, in your physical and moral health. However, if you take these transits as an oasis of peace in the middle of the storm, you have every chance at having a pleasant routine until March ... All this, provided you look up and consider more widely the world that surrounds you ...


The passage from Mercury to Pisces will illuminate your existence for a few weeks. Intuition and sensuality, your key words, will be highlighted and you will have a thousand opportunities to enjoy. It is in your love life that this influence will be the most active: your partner will be attentive to your desires, even to your fantasies and the current will pass without useless words, all in instinct and confidence. Enough to tighten the existing ties in a fabulous complicity or start a fusional relationship, made of romantic passion. Your relationships with your children will also be greatly favored by this transit, you can withdraw great parental or artistic joys if your only offspring consists of works of art ... Anyway, it is the world of your pleasures which is highlighted and you should experience hours full of pleasure ... That's all we wish you!


In the coming weeks, you will have to use your innate benevolence to counteract your equally legendary intransigence. Mercury in Pisces will indeed induce a disordered and nonchalant climate, which does not necessarily displease you but also confuses exchanges with unkempt words and unrealistic projects and that is much more unbearable to you. However, it is only by relaxing and adapting to these somewhat confusing conditions and by avoiding giving lessons or value judgments, that you can get something positive from this transit. Your home will require all your attention and it would be good for your daily comfort to remain available and attentive to your loved ones, to listen to each and react positively, so as to set up a more fulfilling routine for everyone.


After a very tiring period of transit through the unpredictable Aquarius, Mercury temporarily crosses the friendly sign of Pisces. A period of a few weeks that will greatly soften your living conditions and most of all, your exchanges. Existence finds for a time a rhythm that suits you, unspoken positively interpreted and a kind of universal benevolence that can only strengthen your self-confidence. This is an excellent opportunity to release your creativity safely, to let yourself go to the sweetness of living and to maintain privileged exchanges with your loved ones. These good provisions could also rub off on your professional life, which is much cooler and adapted to your methods, for some, a real opportunity to progress in their hierarchy. Your common sense and your organization should mark minds during this slightly confused period...


Mercury, which induces an atmosphere to your liking, enters your neighbor Pisces. The moment has come to assimilate all the news that you have been able to garner in recent weeks, let your creativity speak by ceasing to intellectualize all your emotions under the pretext of protecting yourself from it. If you manage to follow only your instinct, to take into account the opinion of others in your initiatives, if you stop wanting to impose your point of view or your methods, then this transit will prove a real springboard in your activities and could even get your finances off the ground. Everything will be played based on the quality of the exchanges that you maintain and on your availability in a disorganized and often irresponsible climate, but one that is full of good ideas. It is your flexibility that must be developed, the opportunity for you to confront the opinions of others in a climate full of benevolence and humanism.


Mercury enters home in your sign. The sky is smiling for you in the next few weeks and you should take away great personal satisfaction from this very favorable transit. Each decan will be alternately illuminated by an immense creativity, relationships with others will be particularly fulfilling and, for some, a real progress in your professional life or love life, according to the field in which you invest yourself. This transit gives you the opportunity to shine, to make yourself understood and to have your ideas or your methods accepted. For those who have a request to formulate, a job to find, a partner to seduce or win back, it's a great time. Nevertheless, to enjoy these excellent provisions, your legendary indolences will need to be shaken up because the climate will not be particularly dynamic and this time nobody will do things for you!

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