Mars enters in Sagittarius

Written by Susan

After having focused your activities on your most secret aspirations, you are activated by the dynamism of your loves, the atmosphere now pushes you to more ambitious or more distant achievements.
Mars symbolizes desire, will and action that is manifested by its energy, its dynamism, its spirit of decision. In Sagittarius, Mars needs to compete with other forces, it is an enthusiastic and fair player who surpasses the challenges.

The positive influence of Mars makes it possible to surpass oneself by attacking things in order to succeed, to conquer, to triumph.
The negative influence induces hostile, intolerant behavior, a refusal of order and hierarchy.


This global transit announces a very dynamic period that will give momentum to your most spontaneous impulses and illuminate your exchanges with a beautiful conquering color. You develop your action abilities, you have a great need for initiatives, you can not remain a mere spectator, your increased alertness allows you to find the most favorable opportunities for your future. You must maintain your patience and tolerance to fully enjoy this happy influence.


You step back from your loves and your passions in general to become interested in a personal challenge or a mission. During this period, you will show greater adaptability, you feel the need to expand the scope of your experiences, to go up a notch in your medium-term goals to have a chance to make your dreams come true. Even though your goals may seem hard to reach, you will keep faith. Enthusiastic and unifying actions could result. You will not shrink from any effort to succeed.


The influence of Mars in Sagittarius will shake you from your torpor! Meetings, opportunities, new projects and higher goals, which are more distant and more associative are in the air. Your activities are as rewarding as your physical relationships, you are in great shape! Stay, however, measured in your outbursts, to avoid gaffes, awkwardnesses or misunderstandings. The pace is steady and you will have little time to mope in procrastination, get on the moving train.


This benevolent but enthusiastic planetary influence makes you emerge from your meditations and invites you out of your cocoon to embrace existence head-on. You find areas and climates favorable to your business, your routine is enlightened by more sustained exchanges with people more diversely interesting and all this brings a lot of potential for change to your various activities, enjoy! You gain in assurance, your objectives are diversified and you will be able to challenge yourself to succeed.


This transit will allow you to decompress very positively through concrete and ambitious achievements. The chance will be there as soon as you decide to act, the circumstances encountered will make you progress on the road to success. You will be well inspired to lead your projects high and far, leading others in your wake. The spirit of conquest is present in all your actions, it is the ideal moment to launch yourself into new adventures, to install or maintain your reputation, to develop a clientele, especially one that is international.


This transit is likely to induce excessive tendencies in the most rigid Virgo. For some, it can even have repercussions on health causing binge eating, on the budget causing reckless spending and, of course, on relationships that take on a more combative color. In the emotional domain, this transit gives a very motivating tone to your exchanges but the agitation that it induces can also generate tensions or quarrels. Be sure to protect your assets and try to relax some of your positions.


The passage of Mars will form a sextile to your natal Sun, which will generate all kinds of events, opportunities and constructive meetings. You will have no trouble using your charms to seduce. If you are single now, you will be surprised at your success. This configuration encourages your entrepreneurial spirit, offers you profitable partnerships but can also induce an excess of activity such that you could leave a good part of your nervous resistance.


The departure of Mars from your sign will allow you to breathe wider and turn yourself outward, towards others and into the future. You will be more receptive to your surroundings and to the world in general, it is an excellent influence for all those who work with foreigners or in the higher spheres of a company. This openness will not prevent you from firmly defending your choices, your values and your projects that you will be more willing to share.


The entry of Mars into your sign will awaken your neurons, your taste buds and your activities! A big wind of adventure finally blows on your routine and you discover a thousand opportunities to keep yourself occupied, to challenge time, space, people or difficult subjects. You are in shape, with a faith that moves mountains, make the most of these excellent dispositions! You will act with greater effectiveness as you will keep perspective and a global vision of your situation and your abilities.


Your energy is tinged with broader ambitions, higher views and more diversified fields. It is in your best interest to consider your activities in a more holistic way and to count on other mentalities, different methods or broader goals. Even if your goals may seem difficult to achieve, you must keep faith, spectacular achievements could result. However, do not take unnecessary risks and keep your investments under control.


This very beneficial transit induces luck for a few weeks. Your activities are encouraged by the circumstances, happy chances release you from interesting fields of action. Your exchanges will be marked by cordiality and frankness, which will allow you to conduct excellent business. When it comes to matters of the heart, the social atmosphere gives way to much more friendly and liberating relationships. Even so, Mars in Sagittarius also indicates excessive tendencies in your behavior, your eccentric or rebellious side can hurt your reputation if you do not discipline yourself better.


Mars in Sagittarius, it is for you a great agitation that may shake up your little cloud and even make you fall! The ambient energy pushes you to action, prohibits you from lazing around and forces you to take initiatives ... The more you resist by opposing your legendary force of inertia, the more you will be manhandled by a demanding sky, well-thought and attentive to your faults even if they are hidden... So it's time to honestly consider your activities and stick to it.

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