Jupiter in Aries

Written by Susan

Jupiter expansive in the voluntary sign of Aries is an open door to success for some and to excesses for others, depending on what everyone will do with this overflowing energy. Personal initiatives are promoted for one year but, at the same time, egocentrism and intolerance are encouraged. Everyone will have to balance things out and make the most of this powerful influence.


This transit takes place every 12 years and marks a very beneficial period of luck and opportunity. Events turn in your favor and you easily get what you want. Everything you do succeeds. This is a good time to try to improve your living conditions, your finances, your social status, to organize your life and take important steps. At work, you are noticed by your superiors and if you do not have a job, this period is ideal to submit your application. You enjoy excellent morale, you are enthusiastic, full of vitality and your good mood is communicative. You have full confidence in yourself.


Jupiter in Aries does not have much impact on Taurus but it has a global influence on the prevailing mood and you can use it if you understand it. Jupiter encourages initiatives, he broadens the most personal aspirations for everyone, he induces a search for action, sometimes rebellion or presents challenges to feeling fulfilled and happy in your own eyes. Take stock of your expectations, examine your objectives in terms of actions to take and decisions to make: you are very efficient and lucid.


This transit of Jupiter on your natal Sun offers you the opportunity to improve yourself and enrich your life. You are more imaginative, more creative and you are considering new ways to unleash your potential. You find luck and life seems to smile. Stay tuned, you do not lack opportunities to seize. You have confidence in your abilities, a lot of energy and enthusiasm. You organize your future in line with your aspirations and your needs. The moment is ideal to expand your current projects or to launch new ones. Your relationships are in good shape, you find the help you need, very easily.


During this period, you tend to demand too much of life and you easily fall into all kinds of excess, food, expenses for example. You seek to draw attention to yourself, you tend to brag, to make a lot of noise and to challenge authority. You take undue emotional or financial risks through overconfidence and optimism. You have a lot of energy during this transit but you tend to waste it on unrealistic projects that are disproportionate. If you make an effort to discipline yourself and stay realistic, you can benefit a lot from this energy.


It is an excellent influence that energizes all your projects, feeds your will, gives you strength, courage and determination to start a business. Contacts with foreigners or with higher spheres can be favorable to your personal development. By considering things from above, from further away, you have a better overall view of the situation and you will act wisely. This is an excellent influence to get you started in a business or to gain a revaluation of your activities.


Jupiter in Aries does not have much impact on Virgos but it has a global influence on the atmosphere and could endow you with initiative, a stronger will and daring to face certain situations. You tend to seek solitude to think in peace and to revisit your ambitions on the rise, in a spirit of investment. It is a fairly neutral transit that prepares for a much more hectic period in a few months!


This transit can provide you with a great opportunity for personal growth if you know how to seize it. You feel dissatisfied with your situation, with what you have and you want to be noticed. You are proud and arrogant and you may be put back in your place. You are lacking in discernment at the moment, but if you are able to maintain control of yourself, this period is ideal for thinking about what you really need and for understanding where you are. In this way you get the most out of this transit. Also watch your diet, you tend to be excessive during this period.


Jupiter in Aries does not have much impact on the Scorpio but it influences the atmosphere and you can use it if you understand it. Jupiter encourages initiatives, it boosts your life by pushing you to action, encouraging you to express yourself, even to demand. You benefit from a good lucidity but you sometimes take time to act, this transit will focus your energies towards a more fulfilling everyday life, more centered on your personal desires, richer in the possibilities of evolution. Fights and challenges do not scare you, you feel full of willpower and courage.


With Jupiter in trine with your natal Sun it is the beginning of a beautiful period of well-being and expansion for your personality. You encounter many possibilities to enrich your life through interesting meetings, a trip, a new formation. You feel valued at work and in your social life, you are supported and recognized. The moment is perfect to undertake and make choices for the future, as long as they remain realistic. This is the opportunity to find a better agreement between your routine and your deep aspirations. All these good things make you want to party, but watch out for harmful excess.


The transit of Jupiter square to your natal Sun pushes you to overestimate the ego and pride. You tend to do too much, to claim too much, to promise more than you can give, to make commitments you can not keep. You risk becoming arrogant, acting in an authoritarian way and provoking people who are sure to put you in your place. The more you know yourself, the better this period is. If you are master of yourself, if you know exactly where you are and where you are going, how organized and realistic you are, then you can take advantage of the energy distilled by Jupiter.


The sextile to Jupiter on your natal Sun brings you a lot of vitality, optimism, and self-confidence. Everything seems easier during this period. You attract luck, success, and opportunities for personal, spiritual and material development. Your enthusiasm is communicative and you install harmony in your relationships, with your close relations as well as with your colleagues. You want to go out, to travel, to meet all kinds of people. It's a good time to settle conflicts or find support for your projects. You feel motivated to develop your potential and improve your life.


Jupiter in Aries does not have a direct influence on your life, leaving you responsible for all your actions but it encourages you to improve your wealth by taking clear and bold financial initiatives. Whether it's paying off your debts, taking out a mortgage or investing wisely, you can count on your intuition and the support of the sky in the decisions you make.

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