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Uranus: Discover what sets you apart from others

Written by Alison

Calculate Uranus in sign and in house, which indicates how you express your differences with others. What is your originality? By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you find out your Uranus in sign and house (Note: for cities of birth, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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Uranus is best known for the "mid-life crisis" that he provokes at age 42, when he has travelled half the 84 years of his revolution. He is then opposed to his position at the time of birth.

In a map of the sky, Uranus indicates the spirit of independence and receptivity to collective currents. It is thanks to this planet that we can differentiate ourselves from the masses and integrate ourselves as individuals.

Uranus takes 84 years to circumnavigate the zodiac by staying in each sign for about seven years. Its effect is, therefore, generational, similar in all people born in the same years. It is more or less powerful, depending on the configuration of each card. But for everyone, it induces an independence at 21, a crisis or a happy change between 40 and 42, a new takeover of autonomy at 62 years old and, for those who live long enough, a new beginning at 84 years old!

Uranus in a house indicates in which area your thirst for independence is the most powerful and in which way you exteriorize your individuality.

Discover what sets you apart from others with Uranus in sign and at home

Uranus is part of the trans-Saturnian planets like Neptune and Pluto. Uranus indicates the unforeseen events that change the orientation of existence. It causes flashes of discernment, rebellion, and originality. Although Uranus does not have a major influence on everyday behavior, it reveals the nature of your ability to surpass yourself. It expresses how you display your independence or how you free yourself from the bonds that oppress you.

Besides, unexpected impulses, whims, ruptures, and utopias are also explained by Uranus. Uranus is in analogy with the house 11. His home is in Aquarius, and he is in exile in Leo. If, for example, your native Uranus is in Cancer, you were born between 1949 and 1956. You do not particularly like changes, and when they show up, you cling to your gains to avoid them. If you were born between 1996 and 2003, you have Uranus in Aquarius. You belong to an unconventional generation, and you apply yourself not to live according to the model of your parents. Still, you must then accompany the change because, if you resist it, you will regret it.

The house in which Uranus is located explains more precisely in which sector this planet deploys its talents. It reveals how you express your individuality. If, for example, you have Uranus in house 2, the money goes in and out unexpectedly, and managing your budget requires some skills. If you have Uranus in House 5, your love life is unpredictable, and you are subject to love at first sight repeatedly.

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