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Money: Are you a cicada or an ant?

Written by Mary

Money is still the lifeblood of the war for many people. But how do you deal with what you have... or don't have? Our zodiac sign can tell us a lot about that. So: ant or cicada? Checkbook or cash? The zodiac tells us a lot about how we behave within our means.


Some will say that money burns through their fingers. But it is true that you often spend on a whim. Whenever you feel like something, you need it. You can't wait! You also don't read the small print in your contracts involving financing. Beware of the interest, this carelessness can cost you dearly. On the other hand, you're creative in finding solutions to fill in the gaps.


Is money sacred to you? In any case, it occupies a predominant place in your life. Everything you do is subject to your personal assessment. So, when you spend time on a project, you like to see a return on your investment. That said, under the influence of Venus, you are not stingy. You like to indulge in material pleasures. Beautiful clothes, a good table, you grant yourself without remorse.


The arrow, the sorrel, the flouse: so many slang terms that qualify your relationship to money. It's practical but also free of unnecessary stress. For you, it comes and goes. One day you're rich, the next day your pockets are empty because the main thing is that it circulates. Also, you're not the type to set a budget and stick to it. Since you have a business sense, fortunately, you know how to find a plan B to meet your desires.


With your family, you count neither your time nor your investments. You would even be the embodiment of generosity. For the rest, these financial matters are either trivial or too complicated and uninteresting for you. You therefore tend to submit to circumstances, whether they are favorable or not. The Moon, your planet, can bring you good luck but also some setbacks. At least make the effort to keep a concrete relationship with money and not let yourself be overwhelmed by the vagueness.


Clearly, money is necessary. In our societies, you know very well that it is the means to impose your views and silence your opponents. So, you like to earn money and you manage to find a rewarding job if you don't have a family fortune - that would be the best thing for you. And you want to show your generosity and good taste. All of this involves expenses, but you're well organized.


From an early age, you have a sense of budgeting, as if you had been drawing up balance sheets all your life. Of course, sometimes you can annoy your loved ones when you want to share a restaurant bill to the nearest cent. Good accounts make good friends, that's what you think. In fact, this behavior can hide a lack of security. You're afraid that you're missing out on the essentials, that's all! So you try to anticipate everything.


You have two sweet sins: the sin of wanting to please and the sin of wanting to please your loved ones. These two sins are therefore sources of expense in your budget. On the one hand, you spend to be beautiful and fashionable. On the other, you can't help but give a little gift - a little thought - at the slightest opportunity. Luckily, your sense of balance and a certain amount of caution allow you to adjust the shot.


You know your way around money. Above all, more than others, you know how to negotiate, because you're the king of strategy. That's why you're feared by human resources departments when it comes to salary discussions. What's more, you're smart, you invest your money with a certain flair. Finally, you can even find mysterious sources of income, inheritance or fallout from secret actions. In any case, your sign knows how to make money.


Optimistic by nature, you may tend to spend money before you earn it. So, you're the type of person who's all about blowing up the credit card! What's more, nothing seems too much for you, neither invitations to prestigious restaurants, nor trips, nor means of transport. Having said that, thanks to Jupiter, you can count on luck or on your network of contacts. In any case, you always find a solution to live well.


Meticulous, sometimes stingy in the eyes of some, you count your pennies. You even know by heart what you have and there's no question of going over a penny! In any case, your needs are rather spartan. You don't need much and you are one of the few natives to worry about retirement at a very young age. It is that the road will be long, and you know it. You want to be prepared for everything.


If we listened to you, we would have already abolished all monetary exchange on the planet. In your opinion, there are things far more important, far more interesting than finance! Basically, you despise a little bit money, which rather shows the unpleasant facets of human beings. But as you can't live in a utopia, so you use your tremendous creativity to find ingenious solutions... and to have money!


Well in your bubble, you're not interested in money at all. What you have to understand is that you are far too dreamy to be interested in it when you have plenty of it. Ideally, the source should flow to satisfy your needs without effort. Often lucky, you often find ways to attract good fortunes, thanks to your very good feeling.

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