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Olivia: Astro Fan and a Scorpio!

Written by Evie

Who is Olivia? Olivia is a 35 year-old Scorpio and was first introduced to Astrology by her grandmother. She began to draw her first maps of the Heavens and create her first birth charts for friends and loved-ones in her teens! It wasn't long before she decided to study Psychology to complement her passion for the stars and found numerous astrological contacts through the network.

In 2010, she turned professional. With the great instinct of her sun sign (Scorpio),she is extremely good at reading heavenly alignments. For this reason, Mon Horoscope du Jour recruited her the same year through a message on Facebook. She is the person who will draw up some of the birth charts on the website and will give a boost to some of the articles on astrology!

Being interested in astrology is a way of getting to know each other better because our astrological sign and our ascendant say a lot about us, our character, our qualities, our faults, our tastes, and our motivations. The sign is the symbol of our "raw", basic, birth personality, and this personality is kept for life.

The Ascendant is the set of "clothes" that we will put on our personality to present ourselves to the world, to motivate ourselves, and exist with others. The Ascendant is built in childhood and youth, according to experiences, meetings, and education. One does not become one's Ascendant, one nuances it and, generally, around 40 years old, one reaches a certain maturity if one was able to find the balance between their personality and their Ascendant. Otherwise, it's a mid-life crisis that puts us back on the right path.

Olivia brings us her expertise, unparalleled know-how, savoir-faire and fresh outlook with one and the same goal: to gain a better understanding of ourselves through astrology!

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