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Introduction: Attentive, but discreet!

Capricorn ascendant Virgo: You are discreet and even distant with strangers, mistrust is mixed with shyness and, moreover, you like to observe your potential interlocutors. You do not like to be shaken in your habits and you prefer the activities involving or meticulous to the frivolous meetings or the chats. You are faithful in all your affections, but very little demonstrative, which can considerably frustrate your partner.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Virgo: Persevering and patient
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Virgo: Shut-in and hypochondriac

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Personality: Sometimes naive!

You are endowed with a nature that is naturally inclined towards balance and analysis of events. This inclination saves you from many dead ends; but on the other hand, there is in you a tendency to ingenuity which can make you emotionally dependent and lead you into such compassion that it becomes easy to take advantage of your protective inclination. You have a great facility for acting on a host of concrete details to bring about change in your life.

Vitality / Temperament: In the comfort zone!

Attached to your habits and your tranquility, there is no room for spontaneity and the unexpected in your life. Stern and cold in appearance, often withdrawn into yourself, you are not easy to talk to. However, you are faithful and loyal to those around you, but even if your feelings are sincere, you find it difficult to express them and you are not demonstrative.

Love and emotional relationships: Discreet, but loving!

In love, you aspire to build a solid and stable home. You are very elitist in the choice of your partner, you do not commit yourself lightly. You tend to let your head speak rather than your heart. As a couple, you are sentimental and romantic, inclined to worry about the other person and inclined to idealization. You show an unfailing attachment and can be counted on in all circumstances.

In the family: Well-kept home!

In your home, everyone feels confident, serene and discreet. Your role within the family is well defined, the result of hard work, because you do not spare yourself. You are a somewhat cold parent, sometimes paternalistic, but reasonable in your demands and respectable in the efforts you make yourself.

Relationship with money / material goods: Dreadful profitability!

Serious, organized, precise, efficient, you are an outstanding worker, constantly seeking to improve your skills. With your highly developed sense of responsibility, you are made for positions of trust in the background, as you do not like to take center stage. Enduring to the effort, you have an impressive capacity of concentration. You get things done with an eye for detail. You shine in all jobs related to communication, writing, business and commerce.

Socio-professional life: Overall sound management!

You manage your assets and those of others with great honesty, but sometimes you have bouts of flippancy that remind you of certain deadlines that you hasten to update. You are too busy living to think longingly about saving for a home, but if you come across a good deal, your enthusiasm, courage and optimism usually allow you to make it happen.

Sphere of friendship: Difficult to approach!

You are lucid, instinctive and critical, you like to play the provocation and you rarely deliver yourself on a personal level. You are concentrated, withdrawn on your knowledge of yourself and your limits. You do not like excess, but you know how to have fun. With your friends, take care to reveal yourself, they also need to know you, so there's no need to hide yourself all the time: get out there....

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

You thrive on proving to yourself your abilities, and it is in your professional life that you find the most tangible proof. Your analytical mind tends to question the value of what you do, which drives you to constant improvement.

Your sun and ascendant are in trine

You are methodical, organized, meticulous, you like order and routine, you never take risks that generate anxiety that is difficult to manage. You are discreet and do not like to be in the spotlight. You are efficient in what you do, but not necessarily fast.

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