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Reliable at work!

Written by Olivia

Each of us has our own faults and positive qualities - you just have more than others. You are a tireless worker: energetic, creative, reactive, faithful, intuitive, loyal, ambitious, charismatic, devoted, and a bit of a perfectionist. You are good in human relations or could be the perfect employee to trust with the keys to the kingdom. Here is a list for each sign telling you what makes you unique, indispensable, a must-have at the office...


You have a sense of initiative. Instead of waiting to be told what to do, you take action. Making new contacts upstream and feasability studies are in your future. You answer questions before they've even been asked. To be totally honest, your involvement is closer to narcissism than a heightened sense of professionalism. But, since everybody wins this way, why worry?

Your energy. After three, four, five hours of work non-stop, remember to take time to laugh, as resourceful and strong-willed as you are. Better yet, your energy electrifies everyone around you. Everyone is behind, and there you are far ahead...
Your nerve. If you want, you can, and if you can, you will get, of course. You will go where no one dares step foot. Success will be yours for the taking, quickly turning you into the hero.
Your reaction time. Turn everything on its head at the last minute? No problem: you'll already be looking for alternative solutions and thinking of a Plan B. Far from throwing you off-balance, these last-minute changes are actually challenges for you to accept.


Your team spirit. You seek consensus and try not to blame anyone for anything, but to highlight and use their skills, to make sure that everyone has a part to play. Even if you don't always agree on the choices that have been made, you will always put the general interest above your personal needs.

Your punctuality. Who shows up on time? Who turns their work in on time? Look no further - it's you! And, everyone knows it! Including the higher-ups. It's not that you're a workaholic, it's just that when you have a job to finish up, you don't watch the clock.
Your faithfulness. If you feel comfortable and appreciated in your company, you could stay there until you retire, even if you're offered an exorbitant salary elsewhere. Though money is important (let's not kid ourselves here),enjoying life with the people you love and appreciate is invaluable.
Your trustworthiness. Even if it costs you dearly or you have something better to do, you will keep your word and your commitments. You are a solid part of your team and can even be depended upon a little too often. Isn't that the price of success?


Your mobility. Something unexpected happen? So much the better. Unforeseen change? Perfect. This is actually exactly what you need. Curious, lively, and intuitive, you are unbelievably gifted at improvising on the spot and are great at always landing on your feet. No matter what happens, you never lose your cool and will be the one to comfort your partners.

Your good mood. Quick with a joke or a one-liner, you are gifted at setting the mood, and nobody ever really feels like they're working when they're with you. You can have a laugh over even the most tedious of jobs. It's almost boring when you're not around.
Your improvisational skills. If one method doesn't work out, you'll quickly move onto another. If someone needs to be replaced on short notice, you'll be there. You pick up very quickly on what's at stake and what the results should be. You question everything and can come up with solutions no one else would have thought of. No one, except you.
Your intellectual flexibility. If you're right, so much the better. If someone shows you that you're wrong, you won't make a big deal out of it. You are open to others' ideas and suggestions - what you truly love is to learn. You're not the type to get annoyed if your suggestions aren't as well received as you'd hoped.


Your intuition. Your greatest asset won't show up on your CV. Right off the bat, you know who you're dealing with. You can tell immediately if a certain project will work or not. You can make out instinctually what needs to be done to get along with others. Not to suck up, though, but so that everyone can live in peace and harmony together.

Your human qualities. You are an emotional person who needs to be in harmony with others to feel in harmony with yourself. You take your time to listen to everyone, even if it's not about work. You don't work with colleagues, you work with people.
Your ability to summarize. The ease with which you analyze a situation or a problem enables you to quickly find concrete solutions that you will carefully put into place.
Your loyalty. Bad-mouth a fellow employee? Never! You don't like to speak ill of others, and like doing them harm even less. It would break your heart to even enter into competition with your beloved boss.


Your optimism. There's nothing than can unsettle you. Even during difficult times, you know how to stay positive and come up with solutions, rather than problems. Everyone can unite behind this energy of yours. Your charisma does the rest.

Your ambition. While others are destined to whither away in a drab, tedious job, that's not at all the case for you - and it never will be! It's a matter of honor and ego. Confident in yourself and in your value, you are always looking further and aiming higher. By putting all your energy into succeeding in business, you will quickly get noticed by the people that count. What luck - these are just your kind of people.
Your perfectionism. You have no other choice but to be the best, thanks to your capabilities and huge sense of pride. You don't get something for nothing, and so you will do twice as much work as everyone else. You've understood for a while that by knowing your stuff and applying yourself wisely, you will attract attention.
Your honesty. If you have only victory in your sights (you don't even think about failure),don't get there by any means necessary. Even when you're up against the most cunning of adversaries, you'll fight a clean fight. Always a real gentleman!


Your organizational skills. You keep only the bare essentials on your desk, and your files will be neatly ordered in their proper spot. The same goes for your head, too. You know how to put your ideas in order, and how to follow a work plan and stick to it. No surprises or mishaps with you - everyone knows where they're headed.

Your devotion. If you can help, you'll be there. You put the needs of the group above your own personal interests, and not to gain recognition (you're above that, on the whole),but because you don't want to leave anyone in the lurch, including your bosses and coworkers: nobody is above anyone else in your heart.
Your sense of responsibility. You can be trusted to have everything run smoothly in your bosses' absence. You might take advantage of the situation to take a personal call or two, but that will be the only extravagance you'll take part in.
Your straightforwardness. You have precise requests, and if they're not understood, you'll take the time to elucidate them like a good, patient teacher. You're the one who draws up the roadmap; it's up to everyone else to follow it.


Your availability. When you feel really involved in whatever you're doing, you give your time, your energy, and a lot of yourself - with a smile, nonetheless! Out of concern for others, you always have a smile on your face, even in an emergency or in times of crisis.

Your enthusiasm. As soon as you're given something interesting to do, you jump right in and usually end up doing more than was asked of you. As soon as things change, you're usually available immediately.
Your esthetic sense. Doing well isn't enough for you. Perfectly polished work, proposing ideas while respecting others', a well-groomed look, and your polite charm all make you look good, too.
Your sociability. Go out and meet people: you are skilled at connecting with others and have an intimate knowledge of human nature. Without being intrusive or getting out of line, you always know just what to say, how to feel. Though you are capable of working alone, you will feel more fulfilled working in a team. Your charm, your poise, and the authentic sympathy that you show towards those around you make you a well-liked coworker.


Your discretion. Even if someone really grills you, you won't say a word about what you're working on or secrets told to you in confidence. You are, and will remain, trustworthy. This is absolutely invaluable, even if someone might be ready to pay you handsomely to find out what's going down.

Your determination. Once you have a goal in sight, you will see it through to the end, and, if it's risky, complicated, or even insurmountable, all the better. In the face of adversity or when confronted with stress and pressure, you dig into your nearly inexhaustible supplies of energy and are carried by a sense of pride that does not allow failure.
Your ability to take on everything. People asking for too much of your time? Not a problem for you! Gifted with piercing analytical skills, you pick apart any situation, distinguishing between what are the strong points, and the weaknesses, of any job with your time-saving insight.
Your competitiveness. In your world, it's very simple: there's the boss, yourself...and the rest. You maneuver, even manipulate, your colleagues as you see fit. You get the boss on your good side, to keep them numb, until you steal their spot.


There's no point beating around the bush when explaining your decision: be frank and direct. So that Sagittarius can regain their freedom as quick as possible, the break-up must be done immediately. No point in dilly-dallying. Get down to brass tacks, while avoiding blame and staying kind. They'll appreciate your honesty and will feel better by telling themselves that at least they won't get stuck in routine. With Sagittarius, there won't be any fighting - the separation will happen gently, for the most part, and they will want to stay on good terms.

Your poise. Whether it's chatting with your coworkers or speaking seriously with your boss, you don't say too much, or too little. You are gifted at sparking up a conversation, are elegantly open and available with others, and you know how to relax the mood when things start getting out of control.
Your good spirits. You have a talent for garnering recognition and hate it whenever anyone sulks or, even worse, puts you on the sidelines. Whether it's your sense of humor, your willingness to do a favor, or defending a coworker that's under attack - you have a true sense of camaradery and real spirit.
Your straight-laced side. You hold yourself in high esteem and are not the type to lower yourself to the level of cheating or backstabbing. Win? Yes, but not at all costs or by any means necessary.


Your autonomy. You don't need to be told what to do. You're enough of an adult to know all on your own. You don't need your hand held, either, and you know how to get organized without anyone's help. You are actually even more efficient when you are able to manage things how you wish.

Your capacity for work. You're a hard-worker, a real hard worker, even over long periods. You're more of a marathon-runner than a sprinter, and you put all of your energy and effort into long-term jobs and projects.
Your sense of responsibility. There's no need to tell you if something is good or not. You know perfectly well how to judge the quality of your work and will get back down to work if the finished product doesn't satisfy you. You can be rather tough on yourself, more so than a boss would be.
Your social skills. You'll never walk into an office without first knocking on the door. Never will you take a seat before being offered one, and you wouldn't even dream of cutting someone off. You stick to the rules, and, in the end, the whole group wins.


Your communication skills. Whether it comes to ideas, intentions, or goals, you express your way of seeing things and how you want them to be done. You are clear, succinct, and concise whether in speaking or writing.

You follow the rules. Yes, you are independent and tend to wander (sometimes quite often) off the beaten path, but you also know how to follow orders once they've been given. If your bosses are honest with you, so you will be with them.
Your spirit of brotherhood. You're not there to claim all the credit or to trip up anyone else. Victory is achieved together, and defeat is accepted by all.
Your ability to reinvent yourself. What happened in the past, stays in the past. What you're really passionate about and what keeps you on your toes is starting over again from scratch, keeping up with the news, or even foreseeing events, trends. Your solid judgment and well-reasoned arguments will put you on sure footing.


Your friendliness. You are in your element when you're in a team. You'll see to it that everyone feels comfortable and finds their niche. You will help out those who need it, chat with everyone gathered around the water cooler, and always have something nice to say to everyone.

Your flexibility. A new-comer to the team? You'll be the one to welcome them in. A last-minute change? You'll revise your work accordingly. Is there a colleague that's hard to handle? You'll take everyone's mood into account. Nothing catches you off-guard - you adapt much too quickly for that.
Your quiet confidence. You never stick your nose where it doesn't belong. You let your success speak for you, and so never feel the need to brag. You let others handle your PR for you.
Your honesty. Money isn't your main motivation. As long as you have enough to live off of, you're not too worried about making a profit. Without giving advice that might work against your own interests (don't push that too far, though),you won't force anyone's hand, either, to do something they don't want to do and won't peddle a product you think is junk.

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