Star signs and the Internet

Written by Alison

Our star sign influences many aspects of our behaviour, including the way we use the internet and make use of social networks. Of course, it all depends on a number of other personal parameters, which we are unable to take into account here... However, it is entertaining and often instructive to draw up our profiles as internet users... So here is a rapid, light-hearted and humorous glance at each of the twelve signs with regard to the Internet in general and social networks in particular.


Arieses are interested in everything, but not necessarily for very long, as they lack patience. For those born under this sign, the Internet mainly means personal favourites with a not insignificant role of chance and opportunity. These are born web-surfers. This is probably the sign with the most diverse surfing history and the most prolific. Arieses use social networks in the same way as everything else: a rapid and simple way of passing on their news and seeing at a glance what's going on with their loved-ones. They won't necessarily spend hours, but they like to see on a daily basis what's happening with each person, so they can keep up to date with just a few clicks.


Taureans aren't completely at ease with new technology, which soon makes them feel behind the times. It's often a case of everything going too fast for them. They need time to adapt ... but when they learn, it's for life and if they find a practical use for it, they will be excellent students, very motivated and conscientious. For those born under this sign, social networks are often limited strictly to their family and those close to them. They aren't the type to expose their private lives to all and sundry. However, once they have mastered this as a tool, they derive great pleasure from personalising their home page in a tasteful way and sharing their favourite things with great simplicity.


Geminis have a natural gift for communication. They generally find the Internet a very easy tool to use, but without becoming enslaved ... apart from a few characters who become addicted to some games ... They use the Internet as a giant data bank, which is very useful in their various activities and also as their main source of information. They really prefer life as it is in reality and won't make virtual friends, if they don't know them “in real life”. They are very much at ease on social network pages, but not very consistent: they could go on ten times in one day, if something interests them, and then forget it for several days. Nothing can tie down a Gemini, and certainly not routine habit ...


Cancerians use the Internet to look for good recipes or good addresses, or research their family tree. They put a great deal of emotional energy into their searches and rush on to Wikipedia as soon as they have seen a film or read a book that moves them, to find information about the main characters of a story or some star or other. The Internet is simply an extension of their favourite things. They mainly use social networks to communicate with their family and closest friends. They derive great pleasure from posting their holiday photos, but also observations on their everyday life. They like to share their reflections and discoveries, but they don't really give much away. They always hold back some of their personal mystery and privacy.


Leos love to show themselves off, but they need to be seen, recognised and esteemed. The Internet is rather cold and technological for their liking and they will always prefer real encounters and genuine exchanges with others to virtual relationships, which won't provide the human warmth they hope for. They need to master their subject and will often take a long time to feel really at ease with a computer. Depending on the moment, Leos can consider social networks either as a shop window for displaying their attributes or as something totally useless, not to say harmful to their privacy. If they are in any way creative, they will use this site in particular to set out their stall and ask for the opinions, hopefully positive ones, of their friends.


Virgoans like to be in control of everything they are involved in and generally take great care not to become ensnared by the Internet. However, they do find it a very practical tool and use it to sort out all kinds of everyday matters. Buying train and plane tickets, plus tips and clever tricks for the home or garden will be their main virtual activities. Social networks for them are a great communication tool, which they will take care to keep within acceptable limits by avoiding throwing their private life open to everyone and being very wary of the malicious use that could be made of some postings. They give little away, even though they are capable of being very imaginative in some of their on-line activities.


Libra is probably the most sociable sign of the zodiac and it's almost as if social networks had been invented for Librans. They are very involved in social interaction, preferring to go out or have friends round to surfing the net. Nevertheless, the Internet is an excellent way for them to find friends they had lost touch with, or share their opinions through forums and blogs on subjects that interest them. Social networks for them enable their friendships and love interests to keep on turning. They aren't indispensable, but they are very useful for maintaining and increasing the number of pleasant contacts with people, even those they don't know, who can sometimes become definite friends, if they take the trouble to organise a meet-up.


Scorpios are wary of anything that could unveil their private lives and are not very comfortable with new technology, as they fear its potential for indiscretion. They imagine themselves on view everywhere and will take great precautions to remain in the shadows. However, they enjoy observing life and willingly hide away to follow all kinds of stories on the quiet, but without drawing attention to their presence or missing a shred of what they see. They handle social networks with kid gloves and often have a limited number of friends. They make sure they don't give away anything of a personal or especially of an intimate nature. This must be one of the signs with the least difficulty in doing without social networks. Even if it amuses them to ferret around, they aren't attracted to futile pursuits for very long.


The Internet is a fabulous tool for Sagittarians in terms of travelling and investigating things. They search for information about journeys, outings and leisure activities with great ease, but without being enslaved, as they flit too quickly from one thing to another to be able to bear the detailed organisation required by this type of communication. Sagittarians are spontaneous and straight as a die. They often have a very lively social network page, even if they don't post things very regularly. They are always sincere and uncompromising, with a fairly casual attitude, which fits in well with the tone of these networks. They will willingly share their favourite things and philosophy on life, as they hope to bring people, nations and all kinds of different outlooks together.


Capricorns are rather hesitant about using new technology. They are wary, as they will always prefer practical and traditional means to flashy and probably, as they see it, quite suspect new-fangled things. However, knowing their own interests, they have no problem ferreting around to find what they need quite tenaciously, although they never let themselves become enslaved to the screen. They could quite easily do without social networks, which are too frivolous for their liking. They only use them sporadically and always for practical purposes. They will never venture into revealing aspects of their private life, as they have a tendency to protect this from prying eyes.


Aquarius is the sign that has symbolic links with new technology, but Aquarians are likely to be either geeks or technophobes, depending on their individual take on the subject, in their aim to maintain their independence and make up their own mind. They are also more attracted to the idea of the personal blog than social networks, which they have a tendency to see as numbing the minds of the masses, in the same way as television or the tabloid press. However, if they use social media, they will derive great pleasure from taking people by surprise and appearing eccentric, even inventing a fantastical identity... They will use their page to make a strong point, to arouse awareness of far-reaching problems of a humanitarian, political or social nature.


Pisceans rarely become enslaved to the Internet. They already have their own virtual world and this mass tool often is doubly useful with its personal resources in communication terms. It will mainly be used for practical things, with the idea of getting help with specific areas. They go in search of information and dreams and they love film trailers and certain sites with fantastical connotations. With social networks, they are as with everything else: generally disorganised and random in their postings. They are happy to follow their inclinations without forcing themselves to be disciplined in any way, and make an increasing number of virtual friends, with whom they don't do a great deal ...


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