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Your emoji according to your mood

Written by Mary

These small pictograms or symbols have invaded the virtual world of digital communication, whether in your iPhone or email. Smiley, little penguin, hearts, Spanish dancer or other characters, they contain a message but still it is necessary to speak the language of the "emoticon". To begin to become familiar with these little figures, why not start in light of your zodiac sign? Each astrological sign can get closer to an emoji, so let's go through each one of them to explain what unites them:


The Bull's Eye Emoji
The emoji of the target with a blue arrow in the center expresses a certain conception of your projects and objectives, whether intimate or professional. If you plan to do something, it is hardly to put it aside or to apply the brakes. Once launched, the arrow of your desire must fly. You will have many opportunities to think about this symbol that represents your fire temperament so well.


The Brooding Emoji
This is one of your tendencies when you do not get what you want: to sulk, grumble or pout. His mouth and his eyes are in a straight line, in short, this emoji certainly broods and there is no confusion as to its interpretation; At least, there is no mistake: you proclaim loudly if an event or an incident bores you well and good!


A series of emojis dedicated to Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter who exploded colors to sublimate the sorrows of life, fits you pretty well because of your artistic and aesthetic sensitivity, your serrated emotions and your need to move across borders. What's more, there are fifty "Frida Kahlo" emojis among which are Frida with monkeys, Frida wearing multi-colored flowers ... and this fits well with your desire for diversity.


The Lollipop Emoji
This one is generally used to express pleasure and delight the appetite. It's softness evokes childhood. Cancer is a very greedy sign of the zodiac! It ingests a lot of food or snacks to make themselves feel secure and feel like the child who has an innate taste for sweets and candies without shame. This emoji will have a soothing and sweet effect for the Cancer inhabited by their greedy emotions.


The Sunglasses Smiley Emoji
When everything is going well for you, whether you love royally or succeed in love or in your social life, it is important for you to make it known and to radiate your wellbeing, as well as your pride. Congratulations! You are a star, you do not blush under applause but you will wear your sunglasses because it is the symbolic attribute of movie stars and divas.


The Thinking Emoji
This emoji is in full reflection, the eyes turned upward, a hand resting on the chin shows how much you are still sailing in the sphere of your thoughts sometimes well defined, sometimes unresolved. There is something in this emoji that indicates that one is building castles in the sky, or that one is skeptical, a little withdrawn or uncertain.


The Emoji that Blows a Kiss
This emoji is well in tune with your tender and romantic nature, which likes to get closer to their loved ones and ally with a partner in a united and soft atmosphere. The emoji who sends a kiss also blows a little heart in testimony of your tenderness and affectionate emotions that constantly stir your loving and passionate heart. The “smacks” of your emoji are so many sensitive and cordial declarations.


The Fire Emoji
The Scorpio may be a sign of water, but it is still a sign of the zodiac where the fire is burning. It wakes up for good to bubble its troubled waters. All this to say the flame symbolizes your passionate, tormented and deep side, your need to burn the candle at both ends, burn life, your loves and everything that seems a little too soft or warm.


The Big Smiley Emoji
This emoji fits you perfectly with its ultra-bright teeth and round eyes: it corresponds to your optimistic and open nature, which lives life to the fullest. But it is also the one used to express that you are in an embarrassing situation because of clumsiness on your part, hence the fact that the eyes are round like saucers.


The Three Little Monkeys Emoji
This way of communicating by interposed emoticons is frankly not your cup of tea. Your traditionalist side will lead you to choose from the outset emojis that summarize well your state of mind, namely the monkeys of wisdom that cover each part of their face with their hands. The first covers its eyes, the second covers its mouth, and the third covers its ears to express: see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing. This at least has the merit of being clear!


The Peace and Love Emoji
The raised V-shaped fingers stand for Aquarius but also and above all Victory, the "peace and love" emoji symbolizes your humanistic drive that recognizes the supreme value of man and his spiritual and moral value. Although there are still many causes to defend that demonstrate that social progress is not yet conquered, you keep faith, animated by a utopian and optimistic spirit.


The Shooting Star Emoji
This emoji that represents a shooting star is often used in declarations of love by sms or in messages. Even if this is not its real meaning, it can already express your confusion of love, your romantic but distraught statement. In fact, its meaning is quite different, it expresses a dizziness, as if you had seen thirty-six candles, and this also represents the symbol of your personality a little, which perceives parallel dimensions.


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