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What if you found a social network that reflected your own personality? The web is absolutely saturated with them to the point that we don't even know where to begin. We'll give you a hand to help you find what's right for you in this digital chaos. Be careful, though, not to get addicted. Life, after all, is meant to be lived and not spend online. Follow us on a little tour of the Stars, moving through each astrological sign so we can discover which social network suits each one best.


A local sharing network
A nearby social network seems best suited to your views on life, one where things remain to be done, or redone, as it happens, and new relations formed, creating a surprising network of knowledge and skill that lets everyone help one another out. You aren't against lending a hand, either giving someone a ride or baby-sitter online. Collaborative, cooperative energy is always enriching and even full of surprises, which is perfectly fine with you!


Life is like an impenetrable forest where the trivial meets the extraordinary, which makes you want to capture and commemorate every scene, or unknown person you meet, snapping away at both the beautiful - and not so beautiful. What is really handy to you is that you can also immediately upload onto Instagram any video or photo that you take, touch it up, add a filter, a vintage look, or some sort of visual effect to embellish your memory. Plus, your artistic sensibility will grow all the keener for it, much to your satisfaction.


Your thoughts come together in a clap of thunder, and sharing them on Twitter amuses you to no end. You will share whatever you have on your mind there, collecting useful political, and superficial, information, digesting it and adding your own take on it. Your number of followers grows each day due to your keen and critical eye and your skillful way with words. Moreover, you are full of media knowledge and skill, which is works out so perfectly for you.


Friends Reunited
Your long-lasting attachment to the past is fundamental to your personality. You yearn to relive old, childhood memories and revive old bonds with old friends and classmates. You've forgotten nothing about your prime, and this website will remind you of the magic of your youth and let you relive this energy with just a hint of melancholy. The shade cast by the tree in the playground continues to live on in your heart - and now on the screen of your iPad, too.


You would have dreamt up this mobile app if it didn't already exist. You can post videos of yourself, your own photos of your friends, and your wild nights. And, to top it all off, the posts don't last, but you get to live on! What a shock - but you love it: all these little contrasts that only serve to highlight your charisma and energy. Thanks to Snapchat, you will get to strut your stuff, sift through an avalanche of pics, poetry, visions, and fun, and have your photogenic self applauded and adored.


An intellectual community
You will feel at home on this site that brings together writers, experts, and thinkers in a place where they can share their words, style, and stories, as long as it is inclusive enough to let everyone add their own philosophy to the intellectual edifice. Good writing nourishes your soul. To your mind, words cause pain, and so, it is only words that can also undo this harm. Books are always healing, and so this matches perfectly with your philosophical outlook.


Being on the site with the most number of users in the world lets you boost your chances for expanding your circle of friends, to meet new people, and - who knows? - maybe even meet a new lover... You'll share your vacation photos of you at the beach or at dinner, and, if you are single, will let everyone know it with little messages left on your wall as open advertisements.


You are a nervous person who is always churning inside. What better than a community navigation app, that gives the best route available to other drives, to help you get to the gym or to work? If technology can help calm you down at all, so much the better. You will get to avoid your usual fit and end up proving your angry astrological reputation wrong.


You will have to look no further than this app if you aren't already on it. It will be near and dear to your heart, pinpointing your geographical location and showing you great places to eat, drink, have fun, dance, and party. On it, you can even visit anywhere in the world, which suits your vagabond spirit well; you, who always has one foot out the door. This site won't be all bad, since you won't be able to tear yourself away, visiting any country you've been dreaming of.


You are skeptical of anything abstract and so will seek refuge on a site that puts your experience in solid form, as it ought to be. Nothing, after all, is more true or comforting than your career and reputation. You have forged your professional path through great trial and tribulation and your own sheer willpower. Putting your professional evolution on a site available across the world also gives you the satisfaction of knowing that the entire is watching.


Societal network
This has probably been invented by someone like you: someone open to political ideas. Your social network will convey societal debate live, bringing up questions about the crises rattling our society and offering a display for anyone who cares about the evolution of our civilization. You will fit in here better than anybody, which will make you want to get even more involved in public affairs.


Close to home
Your ideal social network is one that brings issues of the homeless to light. It warms your heart to know that the world can use new technologies to help the widow or orphan or to get your people on the side of the most disadvantaged. This tool lets you come to the rescue of the homeless by creating an event, suggesting tips, and much else that will strike a chord with you. You would still like to flesh this idea out and continue this progress by offering your talents to the underprivileged.

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