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Strengths and weaknesses with a roommate

Written by Mary

The roommate has become a popular way of life, not just for students who decide to share an apartment for economic reasons. There are more and more people who take the plunge, forced or seduced by this societal environment in vogue. Still it is necessary to be able to live as roommates, with strangers or even between friends. Let's take a zodiac tour to address each astrological sign in this context, with its strengths and weaknesses!


Dosing energy and calm :
Thanks to your charisma, the condition of the apartment will never go downhill, the problems will always be solved and in case of energy reduction, you will always be hard at work to blow up a new wind that will cheer the community. But also be sure to sometimes put a damper to make less noise, and design that breaks are appreciated and that silence is golden.


Enable friendly greetings :
You will establish a climate of understanding and trust by being in symbiosis with the animated tables. Indeed, it is you who will regulate the dinners, inspired by a huge fridge and provided because the festive meetings, it's your hobby. We love your inventiveness to create these dishes that please everyone. However, you are not very small customer debriefing meetings that challenge the organization of the roommate. What is established must remain so, in your opinion. Unless, you can argue the reasons for redevelopment.


Provide good ideas and unforeseen :
What you like about yourself is your intellectual contribution and participation: the others are never alone to study or revise: you go for your cerebral and ingenious energy. Even when you need to choose a movie, you are sure to select the appropriate title. Conversely, you will not always be on time to pay the rent or make an appointment with your roommate because you are unpredictable.


Understand or dissociate :
If a roommate has some personal blah blah or even whine a good shot, you will answer this because you understand better than anyone the emotions. In this regard, you will communicate words that are heart balms to your grieving neighbor. On the other hand, if you become unhappy, you risk locking yourself into your bubble, which is not conducive to a harmonious collective climate.


Being social or leader :
You will feel indebted for your participation in community life, especially in terms of communication. You will typically be in an open mind: you could be the one who will display a scoreboard in the living room to convey the mood of the day, the saying of the moment and the good ideas. However, this should not lead you little by little, like nothing, to decide on your own and take the reins of the organization.


Being Mr. Clean :
Thanks to you, the apartment will always be clean and you will never leave traces of your passages in the common rooms. We may even ask you to inspire ideal rules of life. Where the rub is that you do not eat or live like everyone else; indeed, you are not a fan of panures in an oil bath, for example, and these are your principles that you will have to make known at the risk of passing, in return, for a semi-nuisance.


Live in harmony :
You play the sociable being par excellence, and not in the least suspicious, we appreciate you because you are always in the exchange, while ensuring that there is a certain harmony in community life. However, you will be careful not to fall in love every time a new tenant settles, considering your romantic and idealistic side, as this may not be well received by all roommates.


The art of being in extremes :
You will be inventive to find ingenious ways that the pool dedicated to shopping does not go up in smoke anyway. Money is an energy that is important to you, so you'll find the digital platform to share costs like Circle for example, and everyone will appreciate it. However, we could blame you for your sometimes dry franchise when the current passes with a roommate.


Electrified space :
We can count on you to organize the festive evenings, do the appropriate shopping, choose the music and set the mood. But to take your ease, you could feel at home a little too comfortably and decide a nice day to refurbish the apartment, thinking to please the roommate, with cozy chairs, fixtures throwing a sparkling and colorful lighting... Remember to consult with others and share the costs, which will avoid many surprises.


Plan the chores :
Thanks to your organizing skills, the household tasks will never turn into conflict situations. Because you do not have your same for planning to assign the tasks of each, namely one will take care of the bathroom while another cleans the living room or kitchen. However, you need to let go a little ground and not play to the inspector of the finished work.


Long live the community! :
Your friendly side will make you popular with your roommates' friends because you are interested in others and always have a discussion topic to launch, even a board game where everyone will find his account. However, you may have to avoid bringing in a crowd of people or strangers to grow the community. And this could be experienced by other roommates as an intrusion into their privacy.


Merge with others :
Living in a small community is a rewarding experience that teaches you to live with your neighbor. The roommate inevitably leads to compromises and this is your strong point, to accept differences of lifestyle. However, you should ensure you hide in your dreams, not for hours, with the risk of being a hermit living in isolation.


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