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Be happy with others!

Written by Olivia

Whether it's in your family, among friends, at work, or in everyday life, better communication allows us to get along better with others. But, shyness, self-centeredness, authoritarianism, a feeling of superiority, tactlessness, and many other flaws can interfere with your exchanges with others. In order to build authentic bonds, have fulfilling and peaceful relations, we will go through each sign, pointing out each one's weaknesses, so that you can correct them and improve your relationships.


To avoid getting on anyone's bad side, be aware that not everyone works the same way you do. It is important for you to curb your impulsiveness and tactlessness, which could end up offending anyone who comes off hesitant or anxious. Don't be so self-centered, either, but be there more for those close to you. Stop trying to always find an excuse for refusing an invitation or for cancelling plans at the last minute because you've found something more interesting to do. If you keep going on like this, your friends and family will get annoyed and just stop inviting you!


To feel more comfortable in exchanges with others and to avoid giving the wrong impression, get over your shyness and stop thinking that everyone is out to get you. Don't be so uncompromising, skeptical, and critical towards others. Your stubbornness can play tricks on you and make some situations uncomfortable. What's more, you egotistical attitude can be discouraging and exposes you to some reactions that you could do without. By being more open and tolerant, you can avoid having some of your conversations turn sour.


With you, no one ever knows where they stand or what will happen. So, if you don't want to come off as superficial, we recommend being more reliable and less impulsive. In order not to send some of your friends running, it would be good to stop making everything about you and to listen to others more. Listening doesn't mean you immediately agree or start talking about your own experiences right away. Listening means asking questions and letting others explain themselves. Communication is a two-way street!


So as not to appear cold and mysterious, learn how to master your anxiety and come out of your shell. Stop living in fear of rejection, and have more confidence in yourself and in others. Don't be so frightened and live totally in the present moment. Dare to put forward the skills and positive traits that characterize you. Figure out how to express what you think and feel directly. Learn to control your own emotions and mood swings in order to live in peace with yourself and with others. Continue acting kindly and show your desire to be with friends while making an effort to do so.


Your superiority complex and authoritarian attitude can create relationship problems for you. You constantly talking yourself up and trying to control everything can quickly become annoying, so, if you want your relationships to continue being peaceful ones, it would be wise to figure out how to dial your behavior down a notch. To succeed in this, stop trying to influence others and be more flexible, less exclusive. You do possess great humanistic qualities that it would be a shame to waste just because you lack flexibility and love attention.


To have long-term, harmonious relationships, try not to be so demanding or try to intellectualize everything. Learn as well that not everybody is the same as you and stop being so critical towards others. Coming out of your shell and being more flexible, more tolerant will help you have deep exchanges with others and to open yourself up easier. Be open to the new, the unforeseen, and stop needing to have everything planned and organized ahead of time. Don't blow things out of proportion if someone should show up at your doorstep out of the blue. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the little, seemingly unimportant, things in life - they will help you form new bonds.


Trying to please everyone will make you come off as someone who is easily influenced and who is a tad bit superficial. Plus, your inability to make a decision can get you into uncomfortable situations. It is important, then, that you find your resolve, learn how to come to a decision, and learn, too, how to say "no" when you don't like something. Stop constantly flaunting your own well-balanced life and try to not be so inflexible and harsh with those who don't think like you. To avoid being too disappointed, stop expecting others to share the same convictions and principles as you.


When it comes to relationships, your main problem is that you tend to make everything a power struggle, which those around you won't necessarily appreciate or take well. You are a passionate person who expects a lot from others, and so you are prone to radical and strong reactions when things don't go your way. Moreover, your possessiveness, jealousy, and provocative nature can also cause you trouble. So, if you wish to have peaceful relationships with others, it would behoove you to learn how to tone down your behavior and be more moderate, more flexible.


You have a busy social life and possess numerous qualities that allow you to feel comfortable around others. Nevertheless, your relationships could be deeper, if you are bit more open, more available. In fact, it is your over activity that makes you unstable and unreliable. Busy off discovering new possibilities, you are prone to forgetting to let anyone know you're still alive for months. Believe in the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" as you may, your behavior can, at the end of the day, disappoint and sadden those close to you. So, make sure to be there for them and to be more attentive!


To improve your relationships with other people, it would be wise to put aside your constant skepticism and to stop taking yourself too seriously. By taking off your impenetrable armor, you will be more lovable, more capable of highlighting all those characteristic for which you are known. This way, you will be able to feel like you are understood, and fully appreciated, by others. Don't be so inflexible and easily offended, and you'll be able to have more harmonious exchanges with others. Stop being so picky, so distrustful of those who don't think like you. Be a little more flexible and learn how to slip in a little humor and fantasy into your conversations.


You have no trouble whatsoever feeling comfortable around other people and bring with you a certain sense of well-being. The only thing that may ruin a relationship for you is the extreme difficulty you have revealing your emotions to others and the fact that, in some circumstances, you come off as someone far from affable. In fact, when someone offers you a gift, or a compliment, even, you are neither grateful nor pleased. This attitude can be upsetting for the person offering, and make them feel like they were way off with what they gave or said. So, if you are aware of this, make an effort to be bit more cheerful.


When you resort to criticizing yourself, you can become downright annoying, and, you often have trouble relaxing and looking at the bright side, which means that you can quickly ruin the mood. So, if you want to keep your interactions with others pleasant ones, stop making your life so complicated and try not to let your negative emotions overwhelm you. Control those urges that make you unstable and lead you to excess. Leave your anxiety behind, be more positive, and live fully in the present. Give yourself the chance to freely express your desire to share with others and to feel good.

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