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Learning to concentrate has become all the more difficult with the hostile environment we now live in. We might at times have to start from the beginning to focus on an idea, goal, or even what is being said to us. Or, perhaps, we have to relearn how to marvel, how to wonder, like when we were children and the slightest thing could grab our interest. Whatever the case, each of the twelve signs of the zodiac have their own approach. Find out here:


Direct your attention better
Don't waste your time thinking on useless things: it saps your powers of concentration. Don't answer every beck and call from those who might just be trying to butter you up so they can use a little of your aggressive energy for their own benefit. You are a softy and can let yourself be manipulated by those with less than good intentions. Once you've decided to open your eyes, however, you can concentrate your power and energy, knocking down mountains and serving your own interests as well as your loved ones. You are your own master!


Clear your mind
By learning to breathe deeply, you will infuse your blood with oxygen, strengthening your muscles, nerves, and brain. At the time, you might not notice the huge change this brings about in your body, but you are sure to notice great benefits in relaxation. Even if you only feel less tired, you will enjoy applying this simple technique that will make you more creative, attentive, and sociable.


Concentration + action
Day in and day out, your attention is pulled in all directions by duties, tasks, and responsibilities, making you the exact opposite of focused, since nothing is more wonderful for your hummingbird mind than to flit here and there, meeting new people and gathering new information to feed your mind. But know that, if you try to keep everyone satisfied, your concentration will suffer for it. So reserve your oh-so precious strength for a grander design, for something that fulfills you more.


Write in your diary or journal
Since your emotions dictate a good portion of your life, you would do best to set them down on paper and write out how you feel about them. Once they're on the page, seeing your own ideas will give you a better feel for how realistic they are and allow you to examine them with unflinching concentration and greater energy. Strengthened by this insight, you will set to work with a better understanding of your situation.


Get it off your chest
You would be perfect if you spoke more positive self-affirmation. If repeated in good faith and regularly enough, they can change your life. It's almost like this method was made special for you: you can practice in front of a mirror to make them even stronger, and it might make you feel like you're in the spotlight, you who loves being noticed for your personal value. Life coaches know that positive words lead to positive results, so don't skip over them - experiment and see!


Hone your self-awareness
Know how to pick up on your little inner voices that whisper that you aren't good enough for the situation and that everyone is better than you. If there is any negativity inside you, don't ignore it. Grapple with these harmful voices every time they rear their ugly heads. This way, you can figure out where you are psychologically in a more objective manner, with a little more distance. This first step is an important one for starting to see things more clearly and focusing on your duties and work in a more productive way.


Change you point of view
You are relatively fragile and any outside energies can knock you off balance. To become more motivated and focused, imagine yourself somewhere you've never been, somewhere out of the ordinary, such as in a competition or a race, for example. This is a great way to get familiar with the unfamiliar and thereby reduce anxiety. This will give you the perspective and distance you need to get a better understanding of your situation and focus your attention.


Channel your desires
Truly listen to your desires as they will be intense so long as they remain unheard. They can teach you to concentrate if you can manage to see how you function within from time to time. Generally, when you focus on something particular, you go into search mode, and all your energy is summoned to the task in order to find what you are after. When you focus your thoughts on what you want, you can make miracles happen.


Movies in your mind
You aren't the kind to get hung up on a small detail, and, if you have to call upon your powers of concentration, you need to have a dream in mind, something big and magical. You need to create a scenario in your head where you can play out, like a movie for your eyes only, all that is dear to you. To really concentrate, you need to visualize things and will dive right in, bringing together all your disparate ideas at once.


Get the droning out of your head
Your inner monologue is much too defeatist and somber for even a moment of peace. Don't let yourself get too far down in the dumps or in your head, or else you won't be able to concentrate as well as you could. Learn how to chase away the voices in the deepest depths of your mind that criticize you or blame you, unjustly, for negative results. You are worth much more than that!


Get in touch with your alpha waves
You can be a nervous wreck, jumping from idea to idea like a monkey goes from branch to branch. Twice a day, settle down somewhere quiet and go on an inner voyage of complete relaxation. Think of something cool from your past, from when you were younger, for example, for ten minutes. You will reach the relaxing state of mind that arises right before sleep. This will rejuvenate you mentally, allowing your mind to regain its creative powers rather quickly afterwards.


Create your own reminder
You are the superstitious type, the kind to write a "S" for "success" on your shirtsleeve or to get an active brain tattooed somewhere on your body in order to remind you every time that you go off the rails that you have to get back in your body, back in the moment. You will make a real effort, since you know that concentration is worth it and that it can also be your tormentor at times...

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