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How do you live celibacy?

Written by Mary

What kind of single are you? Are you rather a supporter of solo life or celibacy is frankly not your cup of tea, even an obstacle to your development? Thanks to astrology, you can determine where you stand as a single person and how you react to this state of affairs. So, give priority to the signs of the zodiac!


Single worker
Since you do not like feeling sorry about your single fate, you put all your energy into work. The less horizon you see in your personal life, the more involved you are in the evolution of your career. No hesitation to work on files until no time! And the encouragement of your employees brings positive in your profession and you flourish on a daily basis. Your charisma benefits and leads you spontaneously to new encounters possibly sentimental.


Single to open heart
Even if it costs you to get out of your comfort zone, you are learning to meet new people. Because you understand that by putting a foot outside of your home, you weave new bonds that make you happier and open, ultimately. By taking risks such as approaching a person who is queuing up with you at the supermarket or a neighboring district, just for the sake of the free exchange, you feel much better with yourself, richer internally. And indeed, more willing to form a new relationship.


Single on alert
As a single person, you do not wait long to create your profile on a dating site. You create connections with multiple people by initiating conversations via email. However, you need to make efforts not to scatter you among several contenders because you might not know where to turn. It is important to set a goal - who you really want to meet, who you really want to see, and for what purposes. If it's to flutter, be clear or thin enough to let it know about your profile rather than hurt your appointments.


Single cuddly
You are not particularly happy at finding yourself at home in a melancholy loneliness. But you are not against finding a furry companion who, through her presence, will offer you attention and above all, a lot of love. A dog or cat has its moments "hug" and this, in your eyes, is priceless. For once, you feel less alone. In addition, it is recognized that the presence of a domestic animal decreases the blood pressure of its owner. Besides a dog gives the possibility to start a conversation with a stranger when you go out for a walk.


Active single
Single, you need to cherish your personality. You go out to beautify yourself and express your style, do a clothes shopping session, offer you a new haircut or even a massage. You're out to get out with your friends at the restaurant to increase your chances of interacting with new people. And if you have no one to go out with you, you will enjoy a movie to watch (again),a play or a concert. All of this stimulates your creativity.


Single in standby
You enjoy your single status to put yourself in an observer situation. You draw logical conclusions from your single friends of the same sex, how they behave, what they like and what they like less; you do the same with singles of the opposite sex, which seduces them, the qualities they consider indispensable; but also existing couples, what are those that look like what we would like to live, why, etc. And if you do not do this consciously, your mind instinctively records it so that you end up courting the beloved, with all this precious information.


Single festive
You fill your agenda with parties, pots, dinners or weekends to put the odds on your side as to finding your soul mate and form your ideal: a tandem of the most united and romantic. In your eyes, life is worth living to form a loving and welded duet. Being single can turn into an obsession if you cannot find a shoe to your feet. On the other hand, you enjoy going out with your friends or skim parties or social events that make life so much more sparkling.


Intense single
Two alternatives to celibacy for you: either you isolate yourself in a personal activity of research or creation, or you will decide to leave to the discovery of unusual places to meet the world and to let you surprise. Rather than keeping in mind any past duos that might put you on the defensive, you transcend your bitterness in search of pep and energy in others in order to enjoy life in all its rich and original. And if you meet love, you embark for more intensity.


Epicurean single
Your celibacy is lived as a total freedom to take care of yourself and offer you pleasure until you are thirsty. First, you plan regular physical exercises to maintain your fitness and your moral and physical drive. You can swim, walk in a forest or take yoga classes. Group classes allow you to meet strangers who can become friends. With this punch maintained, you cannot go on the spot and program with a friend an exotic trip.


Single booked
With you, celibacy is not a big problem. If for others, the case can be heavy, for you, it becomes an asset and is an opportunity to go about your business with a lot of concentration as if there were only that which counts. You can just as well learn a language, speak to an audience or introduce you to krav-maga... In short, the list is long as you like to improve and go to the end of your abilities. And as a bonus, walks in the nature have something to regenerate you to meditate on your goals.


Curious single
AQUARIUS single, you monopolize your energy towards creativity. All avid for freedom, you work to make your agenda profitable for ever deeper knowledge: discovering new art, avant-garde exhibitions, or the main actors of humanistic and spiritual thought. On the other hand, you frequent your friends to consider fun and colorful outings; and you build new relationships to enrich yourself intellectually. It goes without saying that you do not go unnoticed by your sociability and your internal liveliness.


Single with empathy
You hold your balance between personal dreams and the gift of yourself. On the one hand, you isolate yourself to embellish your everyday life, like to see the decor of your interior, let your imagination go on reading a book; and on the other hand, you are interested in ancillary activities such as volunteering that improves self-esteem. You can also invest in fundraising as part of medical research on a disease that affects a loved one or contribute to a campaign of a party that is important to you.

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