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Baby Cancer
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Knowing who you are dealing with
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Bottom of the sky

  Written by Daisy

In astrology the Bottom of the Sky is also the House IV, it is related to feelings, balance, harmony. House IV is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer. The Bottom of the Sky indicates, the way the individual perceives himself. House IV is attributed to the intimacy of the individual. The Bottom of the Sky represents the power of action, deep roots, heredity (parents, childhood, education, the environment in society).

The Bottom of the Sky is also associated with everything that connects the home (family, balance, comfort, etc...), departure (youth, parent/child relations and adult life). In House IV on a general level the family is very clearly represented. This House represents the unconscious, the actions carried out daily, the habits of life unconscious and instinctive.

In general, House IV characterizes family life and deep roots. The Bottom of the Sky will help and push the individual to seek the necessary energy to privilege all his emotional capacities. The Bottom of the Sky testifies to the capacity of the individual to find his inner strength, and that does not matter the field of life.

The Bottom of the Sky or House IV represents the home environment, the parental home, education. To transmit to the individual the necessary and indispensable bases for preparation for adult life. From childhood, we must teach the values that will allow the individual to build his personality. If the task is tough, once the basics are acquired, the person will evolve by his own means using the values that have been inculcated.

How does the Bottom of the Sky act according to the astrological signs?

In this sign the Bottom of the Sky gives the individual a certain courage. On the other hand, his private life is eventful and often explosive.

The Bottom of the Sky gives Gemini great opportunities to assert his intelligence, the individual is assiduous and cultivated. His private life is somewhat tormented.

In this sign the person feels powerful. He must be admired. His personal life is not so simple, it is made of ups and downs.

Cautious, meticulous, with a Bottom of the Sky in Virgo, the individual will evolve carefully along the way. His private life can be fraught with difficulties.

In this sign, the Bottom of the Sky represents power. Complexity and excesses are part of everyday life.

Very realistic in his life in general, the individual is rarely caught off guard. He prefers isolation and loneliness.

An altruistic strand, Aquarius's private life is agitated, he can revolt very easily.

The individual is of good composition; he is curious about everything. His private life is like entertainment.

In Taurus the Bottom of the Sky has the effect of rendering the individual tenacious and persevering. He is settled in a reassuring and comforting personal life.

In this sign the individual shows a great sensitivity, his imagination is overflowing.

Very sociable, the life of the subject is often made of concessions, in general his life is balanced and harmonious.

Sensitive and mysterious, the individual leads a restless life, ambiguity paces his life in general.

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