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In astrology the Bottom of the Sky is also the House IV, it is related to feelings, balance, harmony. House IV is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer. The Bottom of the Sky indicates, the way the individual perceives himself. House IV is attributed to the intimacy of the individual. The Bottom of the Sky represents the power of action, deep roots, heredity (parents, childhood, education, the environment in society).

The Bottom of the Sky is also associated with everything that connects the home (family, balance, comfort, etc...),departure (youth, parent/child relations and adult life). In House IV on a general level the family is very clearly represented. This House represents the unconscious, the actions carried out daily, the habits of life unconscious and instinctive.

In general, House IV characterizes family life and deep roots. The Bottom of the Sky will help and push the individual to seek the necessary energy to privilege all his emotional capacities. The Bottom of the Sky testifies to the capacity of the individual to find his inner strength, and that does not matter the field of life.

The Bottom of the Sky or House IV represents the home environment, the parental home, education. To transmit to the individual the necessary and indispensable bases for preparation for adult life. From childhood, we must teach the values that will allow the individual to build his personality. If the task is tough, once the basics are acquired, the person will evolve by his own means using the values that have been inculcated.

How does the Bottom of the Sky act according to the astrological signs?


In this sign the Bottom of the Sky gives the individual a certain courage. On the other hand, his private life is eventful and often explosive. The Aries background of heaven induces a somewhat egocentric behavior in its home, but it also instills energy, optimism, courage, and liveliness. You need space in your home, even if you have to undertake transformations, but you are not very good at keeping a strict order in your affairs: always busy, often in a hurry, you sometimes neglect details in the maintenance of your home. Life at home is hectic under your influence: you do not hesitate to scold your little world so that everyone is usefully occupied and does their part in the management of the stewardship. But you are a little selfish, you think first about your aspirations and you do not give enough importance to the needs of your loved ones. Conflicts can arise if you do not moderate your impulses if you do not take enough account of the sensitivity of others.


In Taurus the Bottom of the Sky has the effect of rendering the individual tenacious and persevering. He is settled in a reassuring and comforting personal life. The Taurus background of heaven gives a tenacious and persevering domestic behavior. It encourages to settle into a safe and comforting life routine. You put a lot of warmth and well-being in your home, it is a true haven of peace where everything is thought out to decompress when you come back from outside. You like noble materials, warm colors, and good food. You do not like the hustle and bustle and you are not very interested in the Internet, social networks, anything that could disturb the peace of your family. You are perfect when you entertain: eager, caring, warm, you have at heart that everyone at home feels good and enjoys the good things in life. In case of a family dispute, however, you can be stubborn and even resentful.


The Bottom of the Sky gives Gemini great opportunities to assert his intelligence, the individual is assiduous and cultivated. His private life is somewhat tormented. The background of heaven in Gemini encourages the development of one's intelligence, it induces many links with the outside world via the media, it likes to be aware of what is going on outside. Even at home, you do not stay in place: a lot of exchanges, visits, Internet, television, radio, comings, and goings: your home is particularly lively, sometimes hectic. You detect with great ease the practical problems that arise, and you are overflowing with inventiveness to solve them. Your practical mind is very useful to you to avoid the details turning into a disaster. Right from the start, you try to have a practical and easy to maintain habitat. Your strong and changing rhythm can destabilize more lymphatic temperaments, but you adapt quite easily to all characters and calm down possible conflicts through dialogue and humor.


In this sign the individual shows a great sensitivity, his imagination is overflowing. The background of heaven in Cancer generates great sensitivity, a taste for a somewhat closed home, sheltered from all the vicissitudes of the outside world, a place to rest and dream. You do not like anything so much as to find yourself in a small committee, in the company of a few very close people, in a comfortable and reassuring intimacy. You would much rather invite than leave your home (except, sometimes, at a restaurant). You are looking to decorate your interior with a lot of intuition and creativity, you are able to set up a very romantic atmosphere and very safe for children. You feel very responsible for your family and you are constantly looking for ways to improve the well-being of your loved ones, to the point that you find it difficult to let your children fly on their own. However, you have to put up with your sudden mood swings and whims, which are sometimes just as bad as those of teenagers!


In this sign the person feels powerful. He must be admired. His personal life is not so simple, it is made of ups and downs. The background of heaven in Leo aspires to recognition and esteem, it induces a brilliant focus, devoid of any mediocrity, any pettiness with sometimes a taste for pomp or grandiloquence. Whatever your budget, you are only comfortable in a home that corresponds to your high aspirations. You are a little bossy in your home, with kindness and warmth, but you lead everyone by the rod. You aspire to give the best of yourself at home and you expect the same attitude from those who share your life, which can sometimes lead to rebellions or spats. You assume your responsibilities as head of the family or mistress of the house without any problems and you do your best to ensure that everyone enjoys a dignified and comfortable life.


Cautious, meticulous, with a Bottom of the Sky in Virgo, the individual will evolve carefully along the way. His private life can be fraught with difficulties. The background of heaven in Virgo is cautious, meticulous, it induces a great need for organization and clarity, both in the layout of the habitat and in the relationships between family members. You are very devoted to your family, even if you put more practicality than feelings into it. You are particularly motivated by everyone's safety, you have a complete pharmacy to make up for any problems that may arise in the health of your loved ones, you try as much as possible to offer your family healthy and natural food but you tend to control everyone's behavior a little too much. Even if it is for their own good, your loved ones may feel stifled by your thoughtfulness and prefer greater freedom in their choices. You are happy to settle for a modest home as long as it is practical and safe.


Very sociable, the life of the subject is often made of concessions, in general his life is balanced and harmonious. The background of heaven in Libra makes one very sociable, diplomatic, peaceful, willing to make concessions and in perpetual search for a peaceful, balanced and harmonious life. You are looking for a pleasant place to live in good company, not too far from cultural attractions because you like movies, theater, or exhibitions and, more generally, interesting encounters. You spend a lot of time taking care of your interior, with a view to harmony, comfort but also aesthetics, you like beautiful things and artistic objects. You can be very selective in the choice of your guests because you are above all keen to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and you know you are too sensitive to moods. But once the chosen ones are chosen, you are very warm with your entourage and you are capable of all the compromises to keep a daily life devoid of conflicts and headaches.


In this sign, the Bottom of the Sky represents power. Complexity and excesses are part of everyday life. The background of heaven in Scorpio solves his existential problems at home, which allows him to be debonair on the outside. Complexity, passions, and excesses are part of everyday life. You love your home with passion and with a lot of exigency, it is your refuge, your cave, your secret place where you relieve yourself of all the tensions accumulated outside. You are attentive to the obsession with the comfort and safety of your loved ones, you are capable of immense sacrifices to guarantee them the best possible life. But that does not stop you from enjoying the good things in the company of hand-picked people. Your intuition and your lucidity help you enormously to organize a daily life devoid of unpleasant surprises and you do not hesitate to devote yourself, body, and property to embellish your home, transform it, improve it. You aspire to tranquility and independence in your home, even if you do not necessarily grant it to others...


The individual is of good composition; he is curious about everything. His private life is like entertainment. The background of heaven in Sagittarius indicates an open hearth, dynamic, well composed, curious about everything. Everyday life often looks like entertainment. Some of you choose a nomadic home: settling abroad or life on a boat, in a converted truck... You are always ready for new adventures and explorations and, if your routine is not always very stable, you put a lot of good will and kindness into making everyday life as pleasant, even fun, as possible. You are very good at motivating your loved ones and inspiring them to give their best every day. You are also a little overbearing and, even if it is for their own good, they do not always appreciate your endless lessons. You need space and light, you like light and warm tones and you love good food. You lack restraint in your projects, and you must be wary of a tendency to overdo it when it comes to improving your home.


Very realistic in his life in general, the individual is rarely caught off guard. He prefers isolation and loneliness. The background of heaven in Capricorn induces tranquility, even solitude at home. He is patient, sober and a little silent to the taste of his entourage. You are very attached to your home, even if you are not very demonstrative in your relationships with your family. On the other hand, you have the art of surrounding yourself with warm people, as a compensation to your nature reserve. You are very concerned about the security and durability of your attachments, you do your best to patiently build, throughout your life, a solid and durable nest, capable of welcoming later generations. You therefore take great care of your penates; you repair what needs to be repaired before problems arise: you are very farsighted and very efficient. You are not overly interested in the more superficial aspects in your eyes, such as the decoration that you leave in the hands of your loved ones with, however, a few instructions?


An altruistic strand, Aquarius's private life is agitated, he can revolt very easily. The background of heaven in Aquarius induces an agitated, willingly rebellious, and often eccentric household. Freedom and independence are the key words for this type of home. You do not live like everyone else and you are proud of it, your home is often born by surprise, on an unexpected occasion, even on a whim. Your version of daily life is rather original and your very personal tendencies color the life of those around you, who can hardly count on strict schedules but for whom you nevertheless lay down sometimes strict rules. However, you are quite liberal with your loved ones, provided that everyone takes responsibility very early on. You manage your family as a small company where everyone has their share to do for the well-being of everyone. You tend to mix your friendships with your family life, which can lead to many comings and goings and sometimes anarchic schedules.


Sensitive and mysterious, the individual leads a restless life, ambiguity paces his life in general. The background of heaven in Pisces is sensitive and mysterious, it is a configuration that induces a slightly disordered but very welcoming and warm home where one quickly feels at home. You need to feel in osmosis with your family environment and, to achieve this, you do not spare your efforts of adaptation and tolerance, sometimes to the point of excess, forgetting yourself for the well-being of your loved ones. You want everyone to be at ease, in respect of all and you devote yourself without counting the cost to maintain a fraternal atmosphere between your loved ones. You are too sensitive to the desires of others and you sometimes make excessive sacrifices to maintain everyone's moods. If the atmosphere becomes tense, you take refuge in your inner world and then let the disorder take hold. You lack a little dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit, you need help to deal effectively with practical problems.

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