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Written by Olivia

Depending on the planets and the sign involved, each star can give off positive or negative energy.As Plato said "The wise man dominates the stars", which means that by looking at things that are happening or that have already given rise to negative consequences in a different way, you can overcome this negative energy. This means that the stars influence, but not determine events. Only rarely are things in life truly a matter of life and death. When there are obstacles in your path, there are always other things to take into consideration, to learn about, to analyze in a new light, while removing your preconceived ideas from within yourself or from those around you.

Emotional states can, unfortunately, be a large source of mental confusion, unfortunate decisions, or, more usually, behavior that induces negative planetary influence. I've been in astrology almost 30 years now, and I've noticed that those who have a richly meaningful and deeply joyful life tend to be exactly those who, despite obstacles, trials, and setbacks, decide to develop their inner strength and to channel their willpower into creating strategies for action that leave no room for failure.

For example: Jupiter's transit into your Ascendant this year will protect, serve as a weapon against adversity that will give you the means to take action against less than positive energies. Jupiter, called "the great benefic" by the Greeks for its ability to develop your faith and philosophy without forgetting that, rationally, its influence is beneficial and can help you find allies as long as you avoid your tendency to go to extremes. So, as long as you moderate your enthusiasm in your relationships and avoid lies or exaggeration, all you can get is the best! Here are the following negative energies inherent to your sign:


Putting yourself in others' shoes while getting some distance on your own personal objectives will prevent you from committing blunders that could annoy those around you and degenerate into open conflict. It's a matter of not letting your powerful willpower override the ideals of reciprocity and specificity.


"Only fools never change their mind"... You know this adage, it's for you. Your fear of losing certainty is the root of your tendency to be rigid and prevents you from finding out many things and attaining true fulfillment. Take a chance, admit that differences can open you up to achievement.


Develop a philosophy of life with immovable aspects that will allow you to stay the course when it comes to your ideals, though without losing yourself in outside influences, which could surreptitiously distract you from your goals. It is essential to deep certain principles that are important to you.


Solitude frightens you. But, this has potential for you to develop your autonomy, your inner strength, that you don't have to rely on anyone for, and that will stand up to any and all emotional loss. Beyond fear, developing one's autonomy reinforces self-esteem and makes you more attractive.


It's a matter of pride, so you say... It's a matter that deserves some careful reflexion. Becoming more flexible with your principles is essential, realizing that this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice what you care about most, quite the contrary.


Your need for clarity, precision, and control is a valuable asset. To become more effective, one sometimes has to let go, which, for you, will be a major challenge. But, as soon as you come to accept it, you'll be able to discover all of life's pleasures!


Learning to stop letting yourself be manipulated with will be an essential asset for your personality. It is very well possible to assert yourself without feeling beholden to anyone or anything. Learn to fight back against external pressures legitimately will strengthen your courage.


Forgiveness is the answer to a lot of pain in your life. It is difficult, but not impossible, to come to terms with the fact that you can't always hold sway over others. Lying to fight lying and getting rich to help others are dead ends : the end doesn't justify the means.


You aim high and far. But, the steps in between are, in your eyes, abstract, insignificant, detestable. This is exactly what can cause you to miss your target. He who can do more, can do less. Rigorous attention to even the smallest detail will give considerable energy!


A sense of duty is a noble virtue, but one that you can take too far. You need to learn to let go, learn to enjoy life's simple things again, and return regularly to authentic emotional bonds without having to hide yourself. Your excessive modesty comes from an acute sense of pride.


Learning to express your gratitude will bring you harmony in your relationships with others and help you shake the feeling that your friends and family can never understand your uniqueness. Never abandon your ideals on progress - this is your greatest strength.


No, you don't constantly and permanently have you head in the clouds or off in la-la land. You are capable of entering into the social and collective dance and finding your true place. In order to do so, you will have to fight that feeling that makes you think that you are unusual and therefore have to stay in the background. You have something to


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