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Written by Olivia

Nobody is perfect, and that's a good thing! Between a person's little quirks and their huge faults, there's what we can tolerate and what is really a problem. Since each person's personality is enlightened by their dark side, we've checked out each sign's not-so-good sides, shameful weaknesses, and guilty flaws. Read them right away to find out who we're dealing with - no faking, guaranteed.


Their bruskness. With the gentleness of an elephant in a china shop, they have the knack of saying hurtful things or of acting like a boor. The worst part is that they don't even realize it. Incorrigible... This works with Aries, who forges ahead without looking, but is a no-go with Cancer, freaked out with the idea of Aries getting hurt.

Their individualism. It's all about them, them, them. Suffice it to say that they don't care about others' desires. Aries doesn't have time to listen to them, and if you want them to question themselves - dream on!
This works out fine with Gemini: they are constantly moving from one thing to another, but is a no-go with Pisces, who adores empathy.

Their "just do it" or "gotta do what you gotta do" attitude. Avec «Faukon», ça marche aussi. They're very good at telling what others what to do. There's no one quite like them for getting down to work. Quickly annoyed by setbacks, they can lose motivation quickly, too. Who does all the work? Things work fine with Leo, who tends to make a lot of noise for nothing, but not with Capricorn, who hates show-offs.

Their inconsistency. When a project or a person gets their attention, they just forge on ahead - and then stop - until they get excited about something else, which they'll either see through or not, depending on whether they've found something more interesting elsewhere. This works with Aquarius, who is quite unpredictable themselves, but not with Libra, who also fails to follow through.

Their inability to own up to their mistakes. Them, fail?? Not a chance. Inconceivable. It's always the fault of someone else, circumstance, or the weather... of course. To get out of this relatively unscathed, they'll make promises and truly believe they're going to uphold them (no one can change that),and afterwards...? That's another story... Things will work out with a Sagittarius, who is rather full of themselves anyway, but not with Virgo, who'll bring them back down to earth right quick.


Their inaction. Change won't take place now or even later, and it would be even better if it never happened. Taurus is only comfortable in a well marked-off, formatted, and comforting world. As mobile as a dresser, they drag their feet - about everything. This works well with indecisive Libra but not with impatient Aries.

What they leave unsaid. In the moment, they say nothing and afterwards, still nothing. It'll be weeks before they air their grievances, grudges, and resentment, and will make a big deal out of it. The bill's a bit steep!
This attitude will work well with secretive Cancer, but is a no-go for Capricorn, who likes things to be out in the open.

Their slowness. A decision is never taken lightly, but they can take it to a ridiculous level, trying to imagine all the potentialities, ruminating about their goals, and going back on what they said and waiting for better opportunities. Well, there you go - they're waiting... This can work with Libra, paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice, but not with Gemini, who has already moved onto something else.

Their sensitivity. Make fun of Taurus? Yeah right! When anybody starts giving them a hard time, they can't even deal with it. As soon as they feel attacked, they dig in their heels, shut themselves off, and tell everybody where to go. This works with Virgo, who's quick to understand their behavior, but not with Gemini, who likes getting to people with their mean nature.

Their possessiveness. Taurus considers their partner to be their property in the same way as a house, family, diesel car, bordered hankies, or loafers - gratifying, right? This works with Scorpio, very possessive themselves, but is a no go with Aquarius, for whom independence is paramount.


Their opportunism. Taking advantage of a situation or a person to reach their ends doesn't trouble their conscience at all. Their values are flexible, their conscience malleable. Their interest, on the other hand, is concrete. This goes well with Libra, who never loses sight of what they're interested in, but not with Scorpio, who does the same thing, but refuses to see others' faults.

Their lack of perseverance. Yikes, nothing better not ask too much of Gemini or be too complicated, otherwise Gemini's gone. This works fine with Pisces, who gets tired easily, but not with Taurus, who needs time to warm up.

Their amateurism. They know what needs to be done and go about it as quickly as possible. Poof! And it's done - and if it's a botch-job, others will just have to run behind them and finish the job. This works out fine with another Gemini, who knows how it goes, but not at all with Virgo, who rules with an iron fist.

Taking everything lightly. They are the champion of having a laugh, but as soon as things turn serious, it's over. They dodge questions, and answers are evasive. To get out of it, they'll take off with a huge laugh. No turning back for you... This is fine with a Leo, who is rather extraverted anyway, but not with Cancer, who takes everything at face value.

Their infidelity. Anything that is new attracts them, including new faces. Abnormally outgoing, they love having people all around them. They like to flit around, chatting people up, and to flirt. They'll drop anyone who loses their interest like a bad habit. This works with Libra, who loves socializing, but is a no-go with Capricorn, who commits for life.


Their ego. If Cancer likes something, so must their partner. They can't understand for a second that it could be any other way. From there on out, they won't make any effort, because why should they? It's up to the other person to adapt to their pace, their choices, their priorities. We'll see.... This works well with Pisces, who does what they're told, but not with Scorpio, who will always try to dominate them.

Their insincerity. Saying one thing and its opposite at the same time doesn't hurt their conscience at all. Lips puckered, a few honeyed words, and a little coaxing to fill in the cracks, they'll throw a tantrum if someone has the nerve not to take the bait. What nerve! This works fine with Gemini, who has no problem telling themselves whatever they need to hear, but not with Taurus, who needs to feel they can trust.

Their moody side. One day, they're in top form, the next, they're down in the dumps. Why? Who knows! Ask them a question? "What am I getting myself into?" Only silence in response. This flies with Aries, who isn't aware of anything, but it's a no-go with Pisces, who takes everything to heart.

Their capricious side. Very childish, they are under the delusion that they can do whatever they want and they'll be forgiven. If they don't get what they want, they just might roll around on the ground and resort to guilt tripping their partner - who won't understand anything - or could even call them mean and burst into tears like a baby. This works with Sagittarius, who doesn't get worked up over so little, but not with Leo, whose strength intimidates them.

Their nostalgia. They lug around their past like a convict with their baggage. Here come the regrets! And they're laid on thick out of guilt! While they're busy moping around, thinking about what could have been and what will never be, time goes on. They persist. This works fine with Taurus, who has trouble getting things going, but not with Aquarius, who is focused resolutely on the future.


Their narcissism. Leo doesn't need to do to exist. He just is. By virtue of their birth, affluence, charm, and elegance, it goes without saying that they deserve it all. Other people? Who are they? This works with Sagittarius, who shares their charisma, but not with Capricorn, who is shocked by superficiality.

Their pride. Since they think of themselves as the best , they fear nothing, which is a plus, but they can also bite off more than they can chew. When things go south (nobody's perfect, but Leo's crazy!),they can't understanding what's happening to them. This is fine with Aries and their blind trust, but not with another Leo - the collision will be head-on.

Their tyrannical side. What's none of their business IS their business. They get involved in everything, convinced they're spreading gospel. If someone can't follow along, they'll lose it. This works with Gemini, who knows how to take it and let it go, but not with Scorpio, who's not likely to toe the line.

No sense of humor. Don't mention self-mockery - they don't know what that is. They're even impervious to jokes, since laughing requires a certain distance and Leo takes everything so seriously, it'll be a total flop. This works with Aquarius, who admires unconditionally, but not with Capricorn, who isn't there for a laugh.

Their laziness. Believing that everything will just come to them on its own, they make minimal effort. If someone else can take care of everything for them, they'll happily leave them the dirty work. This works out fine with Gemini, gifted in theatrics, but not with Pisces, who'll get sick of doing them favors.


Their stinginess. Virgo counts their pennies. No way will they go in the red. They're careful with their emotions; they don't feel like being taken for a ride. They're stingy with their feelings, as you can never be too careful. Life with them is as joyful as a retirement savings plan. This works well with Capricorn, who can show Virgo a thing or two about planning for the future, but not with Libra, who's careless with money.

Their humdrum side. Ah, Virgo is so nice, so proper. And yet, even if it's practical, and comforting in daily life, it's still not very fun. Passion to the rescue! Feelings? Be careful... Sex, for well-being, and a glass of carbonated water to celebrate! This works well with Taurus, who hates being jostled about, but this but is a no-go with Sagittarius, who is too bold to stay idle.

Their nit-picking side. Unable to look at the whole, they get stuck on the details and make a big deal out of nothing. They're the type to check that the stove is off ten times and that the alarm is set. The worst part is that they can instill this constant worry in even the coolest of heads - thanks for the gift! This is fine with Scorpio, who is more tormented than they look, but not with Aquarius, who can see past their own nose.

Their incapacity to improvise. How does taking off for the weekend, on a whim, sound? Which hotel? With who? What's the plan? Without a precise plan, they'll lose it. Without a definite organization, they get nervous. And, what's more, they don't even have all their vaccinations up to date... This works well with Cancer, who likes be comfortable, but not with Sagittarius, who is ready to set up camp anywhere they go.

Their fussiness. Shoes go in this drawer, the chair has to be perpendicular to the coffee table. Everything has its place and must be put away properly, in order, and sterilized. Enough to ask the person they share their life with not to stain their beautiful decor. This works with Libra, who is immaculate without even trying, but not with impulsive Aries.


Their desire to seduce. Not necessarily to sleep with someone. Deep down, that doesn't really interest them that much, but just to feel that they're still wanted, and that if they wanted, all they'd have to do is snap their fingers to have a stack of conquests at their feet. Almost to a pathological level. It goes to show you've got to have a strong stomach. This works with Gemini, who is very good at flirting, but not with Scorpio, who's too possessive to put up with it.

Their tardiness. They always have to be the last one to show up. That's just how it is, and how their narcissism shows through. Making people wait and being wanted are the privileges the star they believe to be get to enjoy. This works with Leo, who also likes to have an effect, but not with Virgo, who doesn't find it funny!

Their indecisiveness. Cheese or dessert? Heads or tails? Tea or coffee? Making a decision, even a small or insignificant one, stresses them out. Making a choice implies passing up something else that could be better or more interesting. An hour later, and they're still at it... This works with ever-fickle Pisces, but not with Aries, who can't stand waiting.

Their inability to say no. They're the champion of the maybe, the most likely, the innuendo, which lets on that things will actually get done - maybe... This is fine with Capricorn, who takes control, but not with Cancer, who's driven crazy by this wishy-washiness.

Their lack of involvement in household chores. Handling daily duties? Don't bet on it! Though they appreciate having an immaculate home, they'll never stoop to picking up a broom. Get their hands dirty? Yuck. This works with Virgo, who'll do all the scrubbing anyway, but not with Pisces, who's messy enough.


Their sadistic side. Scorpio has the lack of hitting people's sore spots hard. Being able to quickly pick up on a person's shortcomings, they have no scruples about exploiting them to their own benefit and to manipulate their victim. What's worse, it's when they're being nice that you have to watch out. This works with Aries, who'll knock them in the head, but not with Cancer - they'll be a puddle!

Their excess. When they eat, they really eat. When they drink, they drink, and when they need sex, they consume it greedily. Capable of losing their sense in every way, they often push things really (or too) far. Scorpio only feels alive by surpassing their own limits - to the point of no return. This is fine with Taurus, who themselves are very sensual and enjoy the good things in life, but is a no-go with Aquarius, who, in comparison to Scorpio, is almost asexual.

Their individualism. They only think of themselves, their pleasure, their interests. When it does seem that they're taking others into consideration, they actually have ulterior motives. In sex, money, and power - they come first. And only them.
This works out well with Capricorn, who knows what it takes to watch out for one's own interest, but not with Cancer, who's all about home and family.

Their domineering side. Relationships are always a power struggle. To come out on top, they won't shy away from any dirty tricks. Emotional blackmail, manipulation, ultimatums, cheating - nothing is too much. This is what they're known for.
This works with Aquarius, who won't fall for it, but not with Gemini, who will put them in their place.

Their vindictive side. They can wait a long time - a very long time - before getting their revenge, but when they do, they'll have a whole laundry list. If you don't know why to go on anymore, they do. This works with Virgo, who can see through their motives, but not with Taurus, who can hold a grudge just as well.


Their uppity side. Having a very excellent opinion of themselves, they tend to condescend to others. Add to that their show-off side, and you have the quintessential stuck-up hipster. This works with Leo's XXL ego, but not with Capricorn, who will put them in their place right quick.

Their oblivious side. They love intense sensations, and so believe everyone else does too, going bungee jumping, for example. Even with a good health insurance plan, that's scary. That works with Aries, who will be all too happy to show them that they are up to it, too... But not with Cancer, who's too attached to their comfort to get the living daylights scared out of them.

Their conformism. People think they're adventurous and cool-headed, but that's just for looks. In private, they're as humdrum socially as they come. To rub shoulders with the right people and get into the right places, they're willing to deny their own parents. This is fine with Libra, the public relations expert, but not with Aquarius, who'll feel swindled.

Their lies. To be earn the image they put off, they'll lay it on thick, heat things up, to the point of being a pathological liar. This works with Gemini, who also makes the truth fit their needs, but not with Virgo, who takes everything at face value.

Their authoritarian attitude. Under the pretense of protecting their friends and family, they'll quickly start acting like the boss. They come across as calm and collected, but are always ordering people around! This works with Pisces, whose impracticality could use some direction, but not with Scorpio, who can give as good as they get.


Their calculating side. How much does that cost them? How much do they get? What resources will have to be put to use? What are the risks? Before moving a finger, they'll think the situation through. If they're interested, they'll get moving. If they judge that it's not worth the effort or the cost, they'll move onto something else. This will be fine with Virgo, who spends all their time with their nose in the account books, but won't fly with Aries, who'd have to reign in their impulsiveness.

Their anxiety. It's normal for them to not be doing well. If things are fine, something's up. Capricorn is constantly imagining the worst, and so that they don't have to freak out all by themselves, they will generously share their angst. Thanks for the gift... This works with Scorpio, who's just as tormented as Capricorn, but not with Sagittarius, who won't understand how someone could lose it like this.

Their inflexibility. Nothing is a laughing matter for Capricorn - ever. They push back against anything new, become absolutely unbending when they don't understand something, and dig in their heels when they feel like they're losing control.
This works out with Taurus, who doesn't like being uprooted, either, but not with Libra, who never knows where they stand.

Their coldness. Short, curt responses... if they get upset, you'll notice immediately. If they're over the moon, you'll never know. Reserved, uptight even, they are polite (they know how to use norms and conventions),but usually miss more than they hit. This works with Gemini, who doesn't even realize what's going on - they've already moved onto something else.
With Pisces, however, this is a no-go: they take everything so personally.

Their mistrust. Anything that they don't know is necessarily suspect. Before bringing someone into their inner circle (let alone into their family),they almost go so far as to ask for a CV, background check, or social security card. Nothing to declare? This works out fine with Scorpio, who doesn't let others get close to them either, but not with a fellow Capricorn, who puts up barriers that are hard to get through.


Their I-could-care-less attitude. Very protective of their own liberty, they won't attack your own - except when they're late and keep you waiting, or invite friends over out of the blue and expect everyone to welcome them with open arms. Or, when they think only of themselves and don't care about others. This works well with Gemini, who has great ideas... great ideas indeed - but not with Taurus, who stands on principles.

Their need for activity. As soon as things aren't moving anymore, they get antsy. To feel at ease, Aquarius will constantly seek to control everything, or at least to talk and talk and talk. This is fine with Aries, who will jump into action with them, but not with Scorpio, who won't understand their frantic to-and-fro at all.

Their lack of compassion. They'll find a solution to any problem, but without necessarily worrying about what good, or bad, they might do. Keeping their emotions at arm's length, they have no empathy and hardly any understanding for others. The funny thing is that want to be (and consider themselves to be) altruistic and generous - what a (forced) laugh! This works well with Libra, who says yes to anything and everything just to keep the peace, but not wiyth Pisces, who can be easily offended.

No sense of humor. Laughing at others: that they can do, but as soon as someone starts teasing them or pointing out their flaws, mistakes, or limitations, they get hot under the collar. Underneath their cool demeanor, they actually a tyrant.
This works well with joker Capricorn, but not with Sagittarius, who has the knack for the faux pas.

Their uptight side. When it comes to intimacy, help! Emotionally cold and distant, they rarely show their feelings and are uncomfortable when their partner opens up. When it comes to saying "I love you", keep dreaming. This works fine with Gemini, who is also outgoing, but not with Cancer, who would be frustrated in their attempts to pamper Aquarius.


Their indifference. Though they might physically be there, mentally, they're somewhere else. Everything just slides right off them. Try to shake them up? No use: they're totally gone. This works out well with Aquarius, who is often lost in thought themselves, but not with Leo, who can't stand feeling like they don't exist.

Their spinelessness. Pisces always agrees with whoever spoke last. They never put themselves out there, joins the majority, and have no trouble turning their back on their friends if their positions puts them in an awkward position with the general consensus. This is fine with Libra, who's ready to compromise on anything, but not with Capricorn, who is as honest and straightforward as they come.

Their cowardice. Incapable of saying no, they'll find themselves mixed up in projects they're not really interested in, or worse, putting up with all the world's losers and lost souls, their weakness being their inability to tell anyone off. Nice? Not really. But a victim... This works out fine with Cancer, who's always ready to be the mother, but not with Taurus, who distressed by the idea of being taken for a fool.

Their idleness. Taking initiative? They leave that up to other people - decisions, too. They expect that to go over just fine, and if it doesn't, oh well, there's all the time in the world. This is fine with Aries, who has all the liberty they need to do what they want, but not with Aquarius, who'll get tired of doing everything for them.

Their inconsistency. Goals? Still murky. Intentions? Always vague. They talk about them as little as possible so that if they fail, they don't get the boot. And, since their relationships and activities usually aren't followed through, they fail quite often. This is fine with Virgo, who will always try to get the best out of them, but not with Gemini, who's already far, far gone.


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