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What type of parent are you?

Written by Olivia

Being a parent is a wonderful adventure where you'll have to adapt to your child at every instant and know how to do some self-analysis. We'll focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your astrological sign. Are you overprotective? Too permissive, or too domineering? In short, we'll reveal to you what type of parent you usually are and inform you on what you can do to fix it to improve you as you are.


You are a dynamic, stimulating parent who's overflowing with ideas and energy, who can drag your child off on a whole range of activities and make sure they grow up properly. Your child will enjoy your childish nature and your knack and ability for transforming even a simple outing into a fantastic adventure. However, you have a strong personality and can quickly become very domineering. To avoid any outbursts of anger on your part, everyone will have to toe the line and be at your beck and call. You want your kid to be the best at everything! This unrestrained taste for competition can be a handicap, and you will have to have a little flexibility, patience, and tact and remember that not everybody can come in first place.


You are a protective, patient, and receptive parent that your child can always rely on. You can offer them the affection, balance, and security they need to be fulfilled. You take great pleasure in taking care of your young and seek to pass your taste for nature and art in all its forms down to them. You're thrilled to be able to take your child off on great walks through the country, visit expos, or set up an impromptu cooking workshop. Yet, your infamous consistency requires you to impose some limits and routines that you won't wish to breach. So, if your child does run foul of the rules as they are laid out, you can become terrifying and lack any and all flexibility. Stubbornness is your greatest fault. But, be aware that your child needs open-mindedness as much as they do stability.


You are a cheerful, lively, stimulating, relaxed, and very communicative parent who is full of good humor. You totally involve yourself in your child's education and dream of them loving to learn and being interested as much as you are in art and literature. With you, there's no room for boredom. You enjoy having them take part in various hobbies and taking them out to an exposition, concert, or film. At home, you won't hesitate to set up an impromptu arts and crafts workshop or a small party with friends. You don't care for rules, discipline, or the daily grind at all, and yet coming up with everything out of nowhere and at the last minute can destabilize your child, who needs some form of routine and habit to grow up in peace.


You are a ferociously protective, affectionate, and tender parent who is there for all of your child's needs. You are overflowing with imagination, know how to entertain them, and love spending your time playing games, telling stories and jokes, and smothering them with attention. And yet, your overprotective side can suffocate, and be a real handicap for, your child. You're doing them any favors by wanting to snuggle them away in a comfortable little bubble or by doing everything for them. What's more, you tend to worry too much, which makes you extremely stressed and can have repercussions on the well-being of your child, who has trouble understanding your mood swings and emotionalism.


Energetic, optimistic, and attentive, you are incredibly family-oriented and throw yourself into the role of parent enthusiastically. Your playfulness and your sense of humor pushes you to come up with many activities and stories. You are always ready to drag your child off on wonderful outings or organize parties or nights out with friends. You are particularly generous and will spare no expense to please them and shower them with gifts. You are proud of your child and hope to offer them only the best. Beware of this noble intention, however, becoming excessive and turning your child into a spoiled, pretentious brat. Nevertheless, you expect your child to show you the utmost respect and won't hesitate to lay down boundaries that they are not to overstep.


Loving, always there, and receptive, you care much about your child's education. You know how to listen, give sage advice, and even throw in some humor to allow your child to live a healthy and well-balanced life. You will spare no effort to offer them a solid basis for the future. With you, however, there is no place for improvisation. You organize every activity and meal in advance and meticulously. No matter what it is, your child will have to bend to your discipline and taste for routine. Leaving their toys lying around or inviting a friend over at the last minute are out of the question. Your inflexibility is your biggest fault. If you don't want your child to end up suffering for it, it would be smart to be a bit more spontaneous and flexible.


You're a parent who knows how to listen and show unwavering patience. Without really being up on your high horse when it comes to principles, you are, howeever, very focused on good manners and appreciate your child always looking their best. And so, you won't hesitate to drag them off on limitless shopping sprees for clothes. You pay particular attention to education and will encourage them to fulfill themselves in an artistic discipline. You'll choose for them to go to the best establishments so that they can achieve what they want to to the fullest. Out of fear of compromising on the harmony that is so dear to you, you tend to be a little too permissive and not know how to say no. Or, to let people walk all over you, and so your hands off approach will prevent you from setting limits or being firm when you need to be.


You are a parent who takes their role seriously. You are protective and particularly attentive to your child's development. You give excellent advice and your child can rely on you in any circumstance. A very intuitive person, you can read their emotions and know what they expect. But still, your possessiveness can become overwhelming for, and even upset, a child that is independent and less emotional than you. Moreover, in their eyes, you are mysterious - someone who has trouble sharing their feelings. If you don't want to deal with a major crisis such as this, it would be best to learn how to be more open-minded, avoid observing there every gesture and action, and learn to trust them.


You are more of parent/friend than just a parent. Being curious and very imaginative, you won't hesitate to take your child off anywhere to discover other possibilities and other ways of living. You and your child both share a love for playing, and you are overflowing with enthusiasm to please them and go with them in whatever they're doing. You are hardly lacking the fantasy you need to make them or a snack or even a surprise party that will thrill you as much as it does them. With you, it's always party time. You will pass onto your child your positive outlook and lust for life. You will try your hardest to help your child grow up open-minded. Your only fault is your permissiveness, which can prevent you from setting boundaries at times. Also, be sure not to believe that your extravagant ideas are always the best.


You will do your utmost to be a model parent who can offer your child the stability and security they need. Your values will push you to instill in them a sense of politesse, honesty, a good work ethic, and perseverance. You will pull out all the stops to make sure your child succeeds. But, you tend to impose overly strict limits on them, too. Strict and super organized, you like your home to follow a certain, well-paced routine, and what stand for even the least infraction or disobedience. You will also be deeply disappointed if your child doesn't reach the goals that you have set for them. Too much inflexibility and not enough tolerance can prevent your child from reaching your full potential in the long run. If you don't want you child to end up suffering and resenting you because of it, it would be best to make an effort to be more flexible.


You are an enthusiastic, energetic, open-minded, and somewhat eccentric parent. Your originality shows itself in how you think about education, too. You teach your child to be independent and curious about everything. You will urge them to join unconventional activities, to develop their creative spirit, and to stand out from others. You are an extremely stimulating person who is overflowing with surprising ideas to entertain your child and to help them reach fulfillment. With you, there seem to be no limits. And so, you'll often forget that it's important to offer them a well-structured environment. Though they may never get bored when they're with you, you do lack emotional warmth and seem to be a stranger to tenderness. We recommend, then, that you make an effort to be more affectionate and attentive towards them.


You are a parent who is full of love, tenderness, and understanding who would bend over backwards to please their child. Very imaginative, you love to spend your time with your child and are able to spend hours reading thrilling tales to them or coming up with tons of wonderful games. You are a valuable support and will always be there to joke around and to console and understand them. You are intent on teaching them to be independent and to develop their imagination. But, you detest the daily grind, discipline, and schedules and won't worry too much about life's material needs. This somewhat anarchical attitude can be quite upsetting for you child, who, at the end of the day, needs points of reference that make them feel safe and a routine to grow up in peace.

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