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Written by Mary

Let's take a peak at what each astrological sign hides in their wardrobe, whether they are more haute couture or the casual kind. Your way of dressing, of choosing to wear red rather than off-white, is also a matter of your zodiac sign. The choice of a garment or fabric is never a coincidence because what you wear speaks of who you are. So let's draw a little "astro-look" portrait for each sign:


A Dazzling Work
You have excluded from your closet any pastel or pale colors because if you are getting dressed you go for vibrant tones, caliente, bright red, yellow and orange. You are not a very high-fashion person, but it's the sparkling outfits that suit you, in tune with your flamboyant temperament. And sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you aim for extremely simple pieces because your assertive personality takes over your ready-to-wear clothing stronger than any fashion.


A Natural Look
Glamor and grace are the keywords to building your dressing room but there is another behind all this: natural. You will not spontaneously go for colors that pop because you like to wear a simple style in natural fibers, more in the spirit of the provencal gardener, far from stilted and flashy outfits; however a little touch here and there underlines your innate elegance because you like to please. The straight and curved clothes have always attracted you for their stabilizing verticality typical of the Earth sign.


An Ever-Changing Look
You love to change your look like you change your shirt and you do it with your intuition of the moment, which always surprises your fascinated entourage. Your style is young and energetic, playing with the bright and cheerful colors and small accessories are going to delight you, sketching your recognizable silhouette among all, fine, sparkling and dynamic; it makes you the ideal candidate for a parade, a podium, and all in all, fashion loves you and you do it well. Your airy, light beauty makes you malleable and timeless.


A Tender Look
You do not like to be noticed, for you a look is a very personal affair that comes from the heart and fashion does not necessarily need to get involved. You clothing canvas is large enough to take refuge comfortably with your fierce inhibition, a tad high-class vaguely infantile, a romantic color drawing from the rose or floral palet, a sweater with a Teddy Bear pattern knitted by mom, even the smallest piece you wear must reassure you and leave something deeply tender in your wake.


A Stunning Look
You feel like an ambassador of good taste and you put on clothes that you value, inspired by flashy models in the magazines; It should be noted that your look is so constituted it should become a kind of passport for social success. But you must also differentiate yourself while showing how much you love luxury and perfection because your personality is brilliant; subconsciously rhinestones and sequins are never far away because the eyes of others trace your identity. The bling or colorful style should catch the spotlight because you like to play and shine.


A Simple and Classic Look
You favor a minimalist look with clean fabrics, simple but always elegant cuts, far from extravagance and a style that is too daring. You are attracted by what is natural and beautiful and above all not too colorful or rainbow-colored. The cleaner it is, the better you feel. Your figure must be well proportioned, well drawn; Rectangular patterns, straight lines, a houndstooth pattern, this is your hobby because they make an effective style with a class that belongs only to you.


A Memorable Look
You are the picture of style, the standard meter of classical taste; the charm of aesthetics flows in you like a second nature. In your wardrobe nestles elegance and all the secrets of fashion to come. You have unsurpassed talent for mixing sober colors into an enchantment through chic outfits always embellished with a vivacious, sparkling touch that gives you the first prize of excellence.


A Powerful Look
No one knows better than you how to dress with the attraction of seduction. Sulfurous or enigmatic, you will adopt incandescent red or the darkest black. Whatever the array that dresses your charisma, a rock or gothic jacket, smart or strict, you will feel perfectly well in this fabric that characterizes your temperament sometimes rebellious, sometimes rigorous, but still contains a very high voltage energy.


An Outgoing Look
Your clothing style is alive, cool, sporty, colorful or even rainbow: the colors are close to each other with punch and cheerfulness. You will find different cultures in your look, why not a tunic printed elsewhere and hot in it's appearance, or a chic and ethnic coat in society with a scarf with Asian or African patterns to mark your spirit of openness and of discovery.


A Simple But Elegant Look
You are from the idea of a noisy look or one that is too colorful, you are classic and only a nice sober dress fits you like a glove. Especially anything that pops or that is ample, the colors will be preferably discreet and perfectly in harmony. Your silhouette is slender and well proportioned, you will choose to emphasize your line here and add a little volume where it is lacking, all with this modest but charming taste that characterizes you.


A Look that Pops
Provided you do not look like ordinary mortals, you are aiming for a style that is out of the ordinary and emphasizes your singularity. You will not go for clothes that date back to Methuselah, although you will wear vintage boots well provided that it coexists with avant-garde pieces like a silver shirt or flashy plastic accessories, and one that incites provocation or swirls around you, you will only be more proud of it.


A Transcendent Look
You need to sublimate reality by bringing an ethereal touch, mysterious, original, magical. In contrast to the excessive style of the previous sign, you prefer a subtle and evanescent look. A fluid coat over a pastel-colored, off-white or pale-red shirt with Bohemian jewelry, a Native American bracelet that protects you from superficial fashions, and a brightly colored hippy chic ring to poise your connected energy to a parallel world.


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