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Written by Olivia

Self-confidence allows you to act freely in any given situation. It means having enough faith in oneself to confront the world around us and come face-to-face with the unknown. It also means having the right amount of gall to assert yourself. None of us react exactly the same way in new situations, so self-confidence can vary from person to person. In fact, it is impossible for everyone to be completely self-confident in every situation. To answer this question, "How do I boost my confidence?", we'll go through each sign, giving you advice on how to work on your self-confidence and assert yourself easily.


Naturally extraverted and sociable, you tend to do and say what you want without really worrying about what people think of you. But, just like anyone else, you can find yourself in a situation where you're lacking confidence in yourself. Even though you are convinced of your professional potential, talking about yourself in a job interview can be in intimidating ordeal. To face up to this discomfort, hide your nervousness and jump in. Take the time to really think about what you have to say and show, and don't be afraid of being interrupted. Keep a smile on your face and highlight your skills. Focus on positive thinking and tell yourself that you're the best for this job and that you'll land it!


You commit to everything you do with true confidence. Your aversion to change, however, can easily knock you off balance and put pressure on you. So, if you ever have to deal with a total reorganization in the workplace, don't doubt your skills and don't feel guilty, thinking that you're the cause of all this. Take all things into consideration, free yourself from your negative emotions, and dare to talk with your colleagues and bosses. Tell them what you feel and what you expect. Settle on your successes and take action to bounce back as quick as possible. Remind yourself that you're actually taking less of a risk by jumping into something new than by clinging onto the past.


Despite appearances, you tend to feel unsure of yourself and to pretend to feel comfortable in any circumstance. Quite often, you lack of self-confidence prevents you from moving forward and taking initiative. Therefore, you will be met with difficulties finding the path that suits you best and lets take your life back into your hands. To boost your self-confidence, it's important to be aware that you are your own person, with your own tastes, passions, sensitivities, and character. Next, you have to point out your strong points and show yourself as you actually are without seeking to fake anything just to please someone. Set goals for yourself, remembering that you are completely capable of reaching them.


Hyperemotional and introverted, you usually lack self-confidence and have trouble opening up to others. You run off shyness and carefulness and are often prone to doubt and protecting yourself from the outside world. To gain more self-confidence, rid yourself of negative thinking, don't stay captive to your comfort zone, and surround yourself with people who encourage and motivate you. Trust your analytical abilities and focus on your strong points: helping, listening, paying attention, and looking over others' well-being. Don't grant so much importance to what people think of you, and dare to do what you love, not being afraid to open up to others.


You pretty much feel comfortable in your own skin and rarely doubt yourself. But, just like everyone else, you can still lack confidence at times, in which case, you still won't have trouble convincing yourself that you're the best for tackling the situation and highlighting your good qualities. And yet, to be certain of obtaining the intended results, don't be too much of a show-off. Be authentic, but without seeking to please everyone no matter what. Look at things wisely and clearly and put an efficient strategy into effect that will enable you to reach your goal quickly without having to spread yourself too thin. Be bold and do what you wish without caring about what others think.


You often lack self-confidence. Despite your many good qualities, your lack of confidence prevents you from taking center stage. You are a bit too much of a perfectionist and question everything without ever really being satisfied with yourself. To put a little more oomph back into your confidence, set things right and realize - and accept - that nobody can be perfect. Be happy with you little victories, and get out of your comfort zone by forcing yourself beyond your limits on a regular basis. Forge ahead without preconceived ideas. Know how to bounce back and not get stuck on negative thoughts, disappointment, or frustration. Be yourself and learn to love yourself.


If things take a turn for the worse, you'll have trouble getting back on your feet and making the right decisions to get your confidence back. By trying to please everyone, it won't always be easy to assert yourself like you really want to. You are much too focused on what others think of you and the attention they give you. To get your confidence up, it's important to take a step back and stop worrying so much about how others perceive you. Forget trying to be perfect and stop comparing yourself to others. Accept yourself for who you are and stop putting useless pressure on yourself.


Very demanding and a perfectionist, you are pretty sure of yourself and don't need anyone else to do some self-analysis. So, when you experience a drop in self-confidence, you'll be totally capable of analyzing a situation and figuring out what's really going wrong. But, at times, communicating with others can be a real problem. To be able to really engage in conversation and avoid any misunderstandings, accept that each person is different, so choose to communicate tactfully. Instead of being constantly on the defensive, consider taking the time to think over what you want to say, keep a smile on your face, and let go. Also, take the time to listen to others and put aside your fear of being judged.


Naturally optimistic and extraverted, you generally have a lot of confidence in yourself. But still, just like everyone else, you're not free from downturns yourself, so, when in doubt, don't let yourself be needlessly overwhelmed and be yourself. Thinking positive and exercising will help you relax and recharge. Think about positive things that you've done, about the opportunities that present themselves to you, and set yourself some new goals. Be proud of how far you've come and focus your energy on what makes you happy. Hold onto your lust for life and stay open to the people around you.


You tend to take things too seriously, set the bar high, and to lose confidence in yourself when something unexpected happens. In fact, you're more the type to panic when confronted with something out of the ordinary or when you find yourself in a situation that forces you out of your comfort zone. To boost your self-confidence when these things happen, we highly recommend relieving stress and reminding yourself that you really are totally capable reaching your goals. To succeed, have some discernment and use your logic and common sense. This will enable you to imagine all the possibilities and take action more effectively.


Naturally spontaneous and sociable, you can, at times, lack confidence in yourself. To face up to this and get your self-esteem back up, list all everything you succeeded in doing and future successes. Write out all your strong points and think positively about the future. Keep your principles and desires in line, don't let your emotions get the better of you, don't blow things out of proportion, and move onto action. Challenge yourself, clear your mind, and keep having fun with your friends. They'll know how to instill you with the energy you need to bounce back. Recover your faith in your ability to get ahead and get over your difficulties.


Naturally hypersensitive, you usually lack self-confidence. To stand up to this, learn to master your emotions. Instead of letting yourself be inundated with pessimistic ideas, work on your positive thinking and put your fears and apprehensions into perspective. Detach yourself from others and what they think of you. Highlight your strong points: generosity, an ability to listen to others, dedication, and the ability to take care of others. Set goals for yourself and use healthy activities to relax. Persuade yourself that you are just as capable as anyone else getting over life's obstacles.


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