Pluto in Capricorn

Written by Mary

Pluto as a sign is not very significant on the individual level. He remains about 20 years in each sign and globally influences a whole generation. During this transit, Pluto will profoundly modify the very structures of our societies but it is likely that we will not realize it until later, as is generally the case for phenomena that lasts a very, very long time.


When Pluto passes square to your natal sun, it forces you to act. An unconscious force pushes you to live fully, you are ready to take risks that you did not take before. The least resistance to your initiatives gives you a sense of failure, you suffer from a feeling of helplessness in the face of your destiny ... Pluto placed in this way has a terrible blocking effect, causing frustrations, hampering projects and stalling any progress. Your private life may be affected, with the resurgence of old psychological problems. It is possible that you refuse a therapy or even advice but you evolve anyway, the power of Pluto is inexorable.


When Pluto is in trine with the natal sun, you begin to live in a more creative way. Pluto gives you the right to exist as you are and to love yourself. You are carried by a great inner strength and you benefit from an energy able to assure unforgettable moments. It is a period of renewal, anxious people feel confusion or apprehension, others make excellent investments. For all, it is good to freely express your emotions. It is a transit of personal evolution, excellent for developing your capacities. You become aware of your psychological problems and you seek to solve them, so it is an ideal time to start therapy, if some of the difficulties are impossible to manage.


Between 2015 and 2022, Pluto is in Capricorn. This implies a greater power of work and concentration, a more routine but more evolutionary existence in the long term. At some point, you may need to get rid of unnecessary things, people, or situations to then travel lighter.


When Pluto passes in opposition to your natal sun, you are challenged to release all your power. Sometimes a meeting with a person or a situation provokes a mirror effect and reveals the nature of the power you have. Your love life is hectic and uneven. You feel that you do not meet any support in your efforts, which demoralizes you. Whether you like it or not, you are led to rely on yourself alone, mourning certain deceptive illusions or distorted relationships. It is a difficult but purifying transit which it is useless and exhausting to resist.


Between 2015 and 2022, Pluto is in Capricorn. This implies a greater power of work and concentration, a more routine but more evolutionary existence in the long term. At some point, you may need to get rid of unnecessary things, people, or situations to then travel lighter.


It is a revealing transit during which you feel endowed with a great inner power, on the way to an evolution and a positive transformation. You find the courage to act and change what needs to be changed. You have a great determination, the will to succeed and a powerful emotional and physical energy. You must be fully involved in a project or a busy activity to channel this enormous vitality. Many possibilities will arise but it is also a period of introspection, a professional ascent is possible, a renovation or the organization of a new existence.


The effect of this transit can at times be very restraining and frustrating. Your privacy may be affected but you tend to refuse to see your psychological problems and therefore to resolve them ... Some anxiety may appear, related to the impression that someone or something prevents you from moving forward, you are changing without being able to do anything about it: you have to face unpleasant situations. Watch your vitality and comfort yourself by telling yourself that you are building a better life for the future ...


For you, Pluto in Capricorn is the sign that times are changing, that it is time to organize your future existence more in accordance with your authentic aspirations. This transit sometimes requires sacrifices or a renunciation but the benefits that follow are so powerful that it is really worth giving up some people or situations that prevent you from evolving positively for a long time. It is a period of great cleansing but all done in efficiency and smoothly because the events will help you a lot. Stay tuned for the signs that announce these deep but happy upheavals.


Between 2015 and 2022, Pluto is in Capricorn. This implies a radical adjustment of your material goods. You have to make choices and perhaps sacrifices to achieve a healthier and more stable situation in the long run that gives you a certain security.


When Pluto transits the natal sun, one realizes that they must radically transform their way of life. The energy released during this conjunction brings you strength and power to best accommodate and manage the changes. Sometimes a meeting with a person or situation acts as a trigger. In any case, it is a period of total overhaul of all your achievements. You are witnessing the destruction of a frozen and dead-end situation to make room for something completely new. You are in front of essential choices. It is a heavy responsibility but any objection is swept away by your determination. A purge is necessary to start on a new, more satisfactory basis.


This implies a chosen isolation that allows you to better structure your future existence. You think about your happiness in terms of architecture, seeking to build solidly and sustainably. You are very creative in the projects that will flow from your different reflections.


With Pluto in the strong and structured friendly sign of Capricorn, the skies give you the keys to your metamorphosis. Pluto's unobtrusive, slow but powerful and enduring influence pushes you to reconsider whole areas of your life to adjust certain situations or people to your real desires and your needs. For you this suggests giving up some dependencies that you are sometimes fond of. Take personal initiatives to change what needs to be and finally to assume the responsibilities of your life, especially in your relationships. It is an important transit that will make you grow and make you more autonomous.

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