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Written by Alison

The sun changes sign each month. David never misses this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to the sign concerned and remind you, month after month, the main characteristics of the temperament of each. With tenderness and humor, he dissects the defects, qualities and aspirations of the zodiac.

Do not miss this monthly meeting that will help you complete your agenda and choose the most appropriate gifts for each sign. You will score points with your family and friends! To know everything about the signs of the zodiac, go with David!

Disciplined, Leo?

Leo has respect of the hierarchies, provided to be at the top of the scale or able to reach it. He is a good leader and an efficient employee who needs recognition and esteem from his superiors. If he feels valued, he will be dazzling with goodwill. Leo, proud, warm and generous does not support any questioning; he has great difficulty in bowing to any authority and often plays the bully at his hours. If he rebels, his leadership skills may quickly turn an altercation into a revolution. Leo is woven of the stuff of the heroes but it can give the best as the worst.... Written by David

Virgo: Reason in the Service of Emotion

Virgos tend to think long and hard before making decisions, but they also need to learn to trust their emotional intuition.
Stress management is a priority. Virgos can benefit from relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation to release pressure and soothe their emotions.
Lastly, patience with oneself is essential. It's normal not to have everything perfectly under control. Virgos need to learn to tolerate their imperfections and be kind to themselves.
In conclusion, managing emotions as a Virgo involves developing emotional awareness, adopting open communication, finding a balance between reflection and intuition, managing stress, and cultivating patience.
By integrating these skills into their lives, Virgos can maintain a healthy emotional balance. Written by Zagon

Cancer is celebrating!

Cancer prefers to receive rather than to be received. When he is preparing a party, he has no trouble getting organized. It easily creates a warm atmosphere with tasty dishes, comfortable sofas and good music. Thanks to him, nobody gets bored because he always feeds conversations. Cancer rarely comes out of his house to have fun, but when he does, it's all the way through, he lets go, forgets his complexes and makes the most of it. He offers people to sing and toast in his company and he speaks with frankness and simplicity, even to strangers. Written by David

Independent Cancer

If you work for yourself, the atmosphere is often family. You always have a cozy corner to relax with a good coffee or a cupcake! It is not uncommon to meet children, pets or, for some, friends or neighbors. This makes your business sense even more daunting because, despite your taste for a quasi-communal atmosphere, you perfectly discern your personal interests. You can also be capricious in your dealings with your employees. Written by David

Cancer: A Concentrate of Emotions

Cancers, born between June 21 and July 22, are known for their deep sensitivity and emotional connection to the world around them. However, this emotional intensity can sometimes be challenging to manage. Here are some tips to help Cancers master their emotions.
First and foremost, accepting one's own emotions is essential. Cancers should understand that it's normal to experience strong emotions, and they are an important part of their experience. Avoiding repression is a crucial first step.
Communication plays a key role. Cancers should seek out trusted friends and loved ones to share their feelings with. Simply expressing what they feel can lighten the emotional burden. Written by Zagon

Emotional Waves of Cancer

Creating soothing routines and rituals can help stabilize a Cancer's emotions. Meditation, artistic practice, or spending time in nature can provide emotional grounding.
Stress management is also essential. Cancers can benefit from relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and yoga to calm their minds.
Lastly, patience with oneself is fundamental. Cancers should remember that it's normal to experience emotional ups and downs, and they have the ability to navigate these phases gracefully.
In conclusion, managing emotions as a Cancer involves acceptance, communication, creating soothing routines, stress management, and patience. Written by Zagon

Feeding the Leo!

What often saves Leo from unsightly overweight is their pride. This sign is very concerned with their appearance and feels a great need to be appreciated, even admired. They remain an extrovert, and they have a zest for life. This sign adores gourmet restaurants, prestigious dishes, in short, excellent cuisine, especially in good company. Therefore, they appreciate good things and their tastes sometimes lead them to eat meals that are too rich because they have a warm and voluptuous temperament. But Leo has an iron will and, if they find their image tarnished by extra weight, they will have no trouble starting a strict diet until they find an attractive silhouette. Written by David

The love portrait of Cancer

The Cancer woman is probably the most romantic. To seduce her, one must be a gentleman and bring out the poetic side of life. Brands of gallantries will be the most effective to make her succumb. Vanity and selfishness must be avoided if you do not want to see your smile disappear. The Cancer man is affectionate and sensitive under his appearances of boorishness. He does not want to reveal his sensitivity, so avoid seducing him in public if you do not want to start a relationship that will lead nowhere. He will feel safe if you are serious and sweet. Written by David

Frustration in Cancer

Cancer feels emotionally frustrated, which translates into his changing moods. His imagination is lively but when he combines with an emotion, it results in a worry almost permanent. At the slightest inconvenience, Cancer becomes susceptible and irritable at will. Sentimental, deeply attached to the childhood and the well-being of his family. Cancer often lacks recoil in front of the small annoyances of life; he has a lot of difficulty to relativize the problems and he gives unconsciously disproportionate proportions to the slightest hitch. Faced with injustices, he then puts on his perfect panoply of poor misunderstood and tearful victim. Written by David

How does Cancer eat?

Cancer has a very emotional relationship with the food they consume. From the very beginning, their diet has to do with the way they were weaned and fed in childhood. It has a significant impact on their eating behavior as an adult. Each frustration makes them want to eat and regularly leads them to binge eating. Depending on events, they continuously oscillate between their maximum weight and a flawless silhouette. Cancer is generally attracted to sweets, another oral consequence of their past. It is difficult for them to resist temptation. The constraint of a diet risks undermining their good humor and benevolence... But when it is necessary, it is necessary! Written by David

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