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Written by Alison

The sun changes sign each month. David never misses this opportunity to wish a happy birthday to the sign concerned and remind you, month after month, the main characteristics of the temperament of each. With tenderness and humor, he dissects the defects, qualities and aspirations of the zodiac.

Do not miss this monthly meeting that will help you complete your agenda and choose the most appropriate gifts for each sign. You will score points with your family and friends! To know everything about the signs of the zodiac, go with David!

Happy birthday Libra friend!

This is one of the most refined signs of the zodiac, both courteous and sociable, its sense of contact makes it pleasant in society. Your sense of compromise is known to round off the angles but if you feel some injustice in a situation or event, you can step in to try to rebalance the energies in a way that seems more right to you. You look cold, but you still react to the heart and your need to feel loved guides you throughout your life. Your relationship is important to you and you idealize your partner (and others in a general way). In addition, we seek your opinion for aesthetic issues because you have a sharp eye in this area. You are one of the least selfish signs of the zodiac; that's why we love you! Written by David

Self-Portrait of Virgo

I am more fatalistic than optimistic because I often tend to ask myself too many questions. My analytical mind, application and consistency allow me to stay ahead of others and seize opportunities. My rigor and seriousness keep me from disillusionment, I am not the type to blow my gains. I don't believe in luck; I rely on my intellectual abilities and my course of action to get recognition. Even if I'm not always sure of myself, I rely more on my practical sense, my seriousness and my analytical mind than on luck. My lucidity protects me from deceptive illusions; my common sense is my best friend. Written by David

How does Virgo handle his stress?

Of nature to want to control, the Virgin is anxious, he does not know how to relax or protect himself. Of an uneasy disposition, he is prone to disorders of the stomach and intestines. Stress and hyper-anxiety can also cause headaches. Due to lack of self-confidence, a depressive field, neuro-vegetative disorders or a tendency to somatize can be manifested. However, he has an irreproachable lifestyle and is not used to having weight problems. However, it is essential for him to practice a regular physical activity to channel his overflow of energy. Written by David

Who does Virgo obey?

Virgo is disciplined, devoted and helpful by nature. He is an excellent assistant and an excellent manager. As assiduous and perfectionist as Virgo, he will give the best of himself only in a structured environment of good sense and logic. His nervous fragility hardly supports improvisation or amateurism. Virgo is of a modest, needy and obedient temperament. Few revolutions have been led by this discreet sign but if a situation makes the routine of a Virgo unbearable, it will weave in its corner a strategy to change things. As part of an organized rebellion, Virgo is very useful for keeping the accounts! Written by David

For Virgo: how to change?

Changes, you get used to them as long as they are manageable in time and resources. You dread the big upheavals because you quickly feel that you are overwhelmed by the events. You leave little room for chance and improvisation but, by dint of everything, you put a lot of artificial limits. Most often, you block on the details of a global situation that, moreover, you escape. To face the metamorphoses of life, you need to gain height, let go of the ballast, accept humbly that everything that happens to us is not necessarily manageable. Written by David

The eating behavior of Virgo

Virgo does not often have weight problems because they are a disciplined sign and naturally interested in health that applies to daily food monitoring. Virgo has a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes they do not hesitate to count calories. Their chronic anxiety is the main enemy of these excellent dispositions. In times of stress, they can literally throw themselves on food to calm their anxiety. They can then quickly gain a few extra pounds, but their conscience will reproach them bitterly, and they will not wait too long to do what's necessary and regain their goal weight. Unfortunately, this alternation of behavior can transform them into a yo-yo, and that's not good either... Written by David

Self-portrait of Leo

I am optimistic, thoughtful, organized and tenacious. I do not shy away from any obstacle and I rely only on myself to achieve success. You don't have to tell me about my lucky stars, I believe only in my courage and determination to achieve my goals. I am skillful, enterprising and enthusiastic. I am confident enough to get the best out of myself. I believe more in will, skill and consistency than in luck to succeed. I have enough confidence in myself and in the value of my work to avoid having to ask myself too many questions about my chances of success. I think you only reap what you sow. So I remain optimistic about the future. Written by David

Disciplined, Leo?

Leo has respect of the hierarchies, provided to be at the top of the scale or able to reach it. He is a good leader and an efficient employee who needs recognition and esteem from his superiors. If he feels valued, he will be dazzling with goodwill. Leo, proud, warm and generous does not support any questioning; he has great difficulty in bowing to any authority and often plays the bully at his hours. If he rebels, his leadership skills may quickly turn an altercation into a revolution. Leo is woven of the stuff of the heroes but it can give the best as the worst.... Written by David

Leo woman: how to love her?

The Leo woman is radiant and voluntary. To seduce her, one must have the look and the presence, she must feel proud to be in your company. Do not hesitate to challenge her; it is through a fight that you will win her heart. Avoid the lack of frankness; she would probably never forgive you. The Leo man is welcoming, loyal and generous. To seduce him, one must be charming and devoted. You have to have a good reputation and take care of your appearance. It is with looks and smiles that you will attract his attention. If you are too discreet, he will not notice you or dare to approach you for fear of being rejected. Written by David

When Leo moves

Leo often needs a vehicle that complements his panoply of showers. Between large cars, famous brands and business class by plane, he always finds a way to not fall in his own eyes. Those who can afford it will even dream of a driver. More realistically, Leo is washing his car more often than average. When he drives, he has little tendency to believe that the road belongs to him and he is hardly seduced by the role of passenger on two wheels. Written by David


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