Love compatibility for two Libra

Written by Alison

For it to work, the less carefree of the two must decide to take responsibility or develop their sense of organization... You have fun like crazy, you like to go out, move, see the world, everything interests you! However, the problems could stem from realities that none of you want to consider head-on. Foresight is not your strong point...

Love compatibility between Libra and Libra

You've had no trouble finding each other but might have as much staying as leaving. It requires a choice. Your social life is animated and brilliant, but could unfortunately lose your intimacy, in spite of your tenderness. From uniformity, boredom is born... Think to differentiate yourselves from the other, otherwise one of you could go looking elsewhere.

Compatibility between a Libra woman and a Libra man

This relationship will unfold in a perfect bond between these two. They will be free to get to know one another better than anybody else and will have no reason to worry about their relationship, as neither can stand feeling like they are fighting against the other. However, be careful not to develop too much of a taste for this bond and get stuck in the same old routine. You have to open yourselves up to others and other ways of thinking and acting. Life isn't only about compromise, though. You have to know when to take strong, decisive action and then move on.

Compatibility between a Libra woman and a Libra woman

Libra, what's better than to live side by side with someone whose points of view are so similar to yours? It's extremely comforting, but be careful not to stay too tightly snuggled within your cocoon and not see what's going on outside! Each person holding onto their own social life will guarantee the long-term stability of this couple. Having a Fire or Earth sign in your chart will help you better understand your partner and their modesty when it comes to your intimate life. Whatever the case, don't forget that this isn't an unbreakable barrier and don't feel like you have to walk on egg shells.

Compatibility between a Libra man and a Libra man

You are both driven by the same quest for balance, interest in another, and creative, artistic/cultural endeavors. You probably have long conversations where you are both on the same wavelength, or, at worst, understand each other perfectly, even without agreeing, and tolerance will do the rest. You might have trouble making important decisions as anything that seems radical to you repels you. You like to move, go out, see people, and you are interested in everything. Problems could arise from the reality that neither one of you wants to face head-on.


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