The Love Compatibility of Taurus

Written by Alison

Taurus, you are clairvoyant and cautious and you often reveal yourself to be sensual and gluttonous. Kind, patient, and affectionate, you are full of charm with great qualities at heart. You do not make any decisions lightly, you have to think for a long time before acting. However, when you are determined, nothing and no one seems to be able to resist you. Discover your relationships with other signs below!

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The Men:
1st decan
This decan is slow in his choices because he conditions all his feelings and thinks for a long time. His life is on track: he has the greatest difficulty in changing partners because his passive strength is exceptional. His needs for security, both emotional and material, makes him a very loyal man who expects the same behavior from his partner.
A Pisces woman will quickly adapt to the particular rhythm of this 1st decan Taurus to whom she will bring a lot of poetry daily, delighted to be appreciated for her fair value.

2nd decan
This decan is very endearing but suspicious. It is a powerful, realistic, even materialistic character, which never engages lightly. He perfectly distinguishes feelings from impulses and aspires to a stable relationship while remaining relatively independent. He can, however, be promiscuous under strict control.
A Scorpio woman will be very complementary, sharing with this Taurus from the 2nd decan a material realism, a great sensuality, and the taste for romantic games.

3rd decan
This man is a force of nature who only commits after careful reflection on solid convictions. He has a constructive and courageous temper to the point of stubbornness. He is very attractive to women who are looking for a defender. He is very loyal and protective but too lucid to be truly sentimental.
A Virgo woman, cerebral and practical, will appreciate this reassuring and stable Taurus of the 3rd decan, which will spare her too devastating passions but will protect her with constancy.

The Women:
1st decan
She is a sentimental woman, but too realistic to be romantic. She does not idealize love and seeks a stable and sensual relationship at the same time. Despite everything, she relies on her instinct in the search for happiness for two and, once her desires are identified, she gives herself the means to obtain what she wants.
A Pisces man will bring magic into her daily life and will appreciate the goodwill and the reliability of this Taurus woman from the 1st decan.

2nd decan
This decan needs to believe in something and mixes naivety and materialism. This woman is very sensitive to traditions and often seeks marriage at the end of a love story. Adventure, change, and the unknown do not attract her at all. She is devoted but exclusive, often jealous.
A Capricorn man will most likely marry this Taurus of the 2nd decan. She will be reliable and could also support him in his social life.

3rd decan
This decan has a strong personality and makes few concessions. She is a courageous and obstinate woman. You can count on her, but you cannot make her change her mind. She is not always very gentle and likes to exercise her power over others, but she is also extremely generous and can be very warm.
A well-treated Cancer man will become attached to this Taurus woman from the 3rd decan, a family rock, without surprise and reassuring, which will allow her to found a united family in complete safety.

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