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Friday, February the 21st
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The Sign of Pisces
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Astro sign and friendship
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Love Compatibility of Libra with Capricorn sign

  Written by Alison

Above all, Libra is in search of balance rather than passion. Capricorn aspires to a sober and genuine love. They are demanding and often cold when faced with Libra's emotional 'varnish.' Harmony is hard to find between the lightness of one and the rigidity of the other but each is a potential for the other. You can form a strong relationship with great wisdom and respect for each other if you have developed enough maturity.

Sign compatibility between Libra and Capricorn

Libra Capricorn

There are pro's and cons: serious Capricorn can bring stability to this charming Libra, but Capricorn's coldness can turn Libra off. Libra seeks harmony, while Capricorn offers security. Concessions will be vital for each person to find their way. If Capricorn can manage to express their positive emotions, and if Libra respects their silence and simpleness, things could work out...

Compatibility between female Libra and male Capricorn

Female Libra Male Capricorn

Capricorn will have trouble biting his tongue to avoid criticizing his Libra partner, who is differs from his ideal of the charming, idyllic princess. If lady Libra is patient and distanced enough, their union could very well last. But, on the other hand, if she is too resentful or lacks too much self-confidence, this relationship won't last for long. It's up to you, sir Capricorn! Jealous games could reach dangerous, all-time highs between these two. Only a great maturity, and two Fire ascendants, can help them form a viable, long-lasting couple.

Compatibility between male Libra and female Capricorn

Male Libra Female Capricorn

Capricorn wants to control everything by instinct and feels that she will finally be able to beside this partner. And so, it will be up to you, sir Libra, to bend to her demands - but not every single one. With time, you might end up regretting it! Your partner pushes you, without even realizing it, to persevere more, gain more depth, and, above all, to get more organized than you are. This effort could turn out to be a real boon, not just for your relationship, but for yourself, as well. What they learn about each other during their conversations will help keep their flame alive, but what's more, even to come up with grand, sweeping plans.

Compatibility between female Libra and female Capricorn

Female Libra Female Capricorn

Capricorn, admit that Libra is just fundamentally different from you and that she doesn't necessarily like living in peaceful serenity. She needs to go out, to move, to hang out with friends. The superficial aspect of her relationships causes mistrust within you. Know that she is no fool, but that she needs them nonetheless to feel useful and needed in some way. Her taste for charming is her way of reassuring herself that she is valuable. Despite of these needs for independence, remember that she needs you to really feel loved. She won't admit it, but, in the end, will feel it.

Compatibility between male Libra and male Capricorn

Male Libra Male Capricorn

You are likely to regularly have trouble understanding each other. Slightly lazy, complicated, and balanced Libra meets intellectual and incurably strict and tenacious Capricorn. Both might get on the other's nerves. Balance comes across as frivolous to Capricorn, who, according to Libra, is a first-rate killjoy. Things might get uncomfortable if Libra becomes too dependent or proud Capricorn retreats into silence. You are both a little hot-headed, which surely won't help things get better.

Calculate your love compatibility between Libra and Capricorn

Get your love compatibility between Libra and Capricorn, it's a completely free service. You will be able to discover the specificities of your couple, your strengths as a couple and the pitfalls to avoid, all in a fun and user-friendly format.

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