Aquarius: your weekly horoscope for next week 25th of October 2021

Written by Susan

Astral forecast

The trigon that connects Mercury to your sign presages exchanges that will put balm in your heart. Your requests for affection and tenderness will be fulfilled by words, gestures and small attentions that speak volumes. In this state of mind, what was worrying you will naturally dissipate. You will feel that your sentimental life is on the way to taking that longed-for turn.


The sky rises up against your interests and tends to sow confusion within the family clan. Small, unresolved conflicts may resurface and disrupt the atmosphere a bit. Also, beware of petty jealousies that could spoil your relationships and force you to get out of hand. Ignore rumours that can destabilize you and ruin your life.

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You are concerned about your finances and your ability to generate money. You are adept at negotiations and do not give up the prey for the shadow. Your business acumen allows you to grow your bank account. You restore order by communicating rather than imposing your law.

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You should think before you get carried away. Those close to you are not doing you any favors, and the atmosphere can quickly turn stormy. If you wish to preserve your balance, you must make concessions and try to open up rather than fight. You do not have inexhaustible resources at your disposal, and your agitation can weigh heavily in the balance.

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A shy start to the week, you lack efficiency and perseverance, you have to react quickly. To ensure a stable situation professionally, you should be aware that without any extra effort on your part, you risk a few disappointments. Establishing better communication is the key to moving your projects forward. It helps you see clearly and regain confidence in your work.

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Advice for the week

These energies agree with you, bring out your intelligence and your reasoning. In this logical and rational state of mind, your loves take a reasonable turn. This is the time to say what you think, to declare your intentions. This will trigger discussions that will lead to a project for the future or the meeting of a person in affinity with you.

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