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Written by Susan

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Mars in Cancer since last weekend. Mars in Cancer makes us act on our emotions. We also become very conservative, because we are close to what has to do with family, heritage, the past, roots. And this feeling is increased tenfold by the trine of Saturn which strongly supports this anchoring, these traditions. Saturn is also about the past, but more about education.

The perfect conjunction of Venus and Uranus in Taurus will take place on Thursday, at the same time that a double square will appear featuring Pluto, Mercury and the Moon. A Moon in Cancer by the way! We can't advise you enough to measure your words. "Turn your tongue seven times in your mouth" is an adage that you must remember, otherwise you'll have a few arguments. Mercury in Aries is direct and outspoken, and expresses himself a little too quickly, while Pluto makes him acerbic by his square. Your love life could suffer.

Be empathetic instead. Neptune and the Moon are in trine to calm everyone's ardor. This is the only leverage you'll have to avoid falling into the turmoil of Pluto's square to Mercury. On Sunday, beautiful aspects will appear between Mercury, Mars and the Moon, which will probably allow you to forget about Pluto's stranglehold. Words and deeds will find common ground as long as you keep your cool.

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