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Written by Susan

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This week will see a turning point in planetary energies. The sun is slowly moving away from its conjunction with Saturn, which has weighed so heavily on everyone's spirits, to move closer with Mercury to mystical Neptune. Neptune is at home in the sign of Pisces.

First of all, it is the fast Mercury that rubs up against Neptune to open us to a new field of knowledge and a new way of communicating. Mercury offers us a communication beyond words. We are offered to understand phenomena usually beyond the reach of our intellect. As the Sun joins them, the overall climate is charged with a rather fuzzy energy. We don't really know which way to go anymore. In the middle of nowhere, all paths seem possible, but none offer a clear direction. So it is a time of confusion.

On the last day of the week, the Moon disappears to give birth to the New Moon in Pisces. The Sun and Moon are very close to Neptune, which will have a huge impact on the weeks to come.
But at the same time, Sunday, entry of Mercury in Aries . It's a big change in communications, which are meant to be very direct. Mercury, in this sign that loves competition so much, is also the desire to be right at all costs. The debates are going to be lively and in a fuzzy, very Pisces-like atmosphere that will reign for a few more days.

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