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Written by Susan

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Mercury is slowing down this week. A slowdown which, of course, heralds a retrograde. The most mercurial of you can feel Mercury struggling to make headway in Virgo. Your mind is starting to get a little fuzzy.

But this week's highlight is the beginning of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. For despite a weakening Mercury, Gemini's communication energies are experiencing incredible excitement! So yes, there's something of a rift between Mercury and the Mars-Jupiter conjunction.

The square of Mars to Mercury at this time is particularly frustrating and causes anger. If all this is happening in Mercury's two domiciles, Gemini and Virgo, then we have something to understand about the mind, reflection, communication and so on.

Mercury's retrograde will certainly tell us more. It's rather disconcerting to have to deal so much with our intellect at a time of year when we'd like to indulge in a little lightness. But that's just the way it is! Heaven has decided that it's time to get back to these questions of relationships, communication and analysis.

Sunday August 4 is a new moon in Leo. Venus is about to shift into Virgo, Mercury is under the sway of Mars and, above all, the sun and moon are opposed by Pluto. This opposition has been going on for a long time and prevents peace of mind. The mind is spinning! Fictions take hold of our minds and prevent us from remaining serene.

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