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Written by Susan

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This week you'll have to conjugate with Mars, which is opposite the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, in opposition, shall we say. Things will go relatively smoothly with the Sun in trine to Jupiter on Monday and Tuesday.

This represents two days of opportunities, especially since Mercury and Venus are in sextile to Saturn. Work will pay off! On Tuesday, with the Moon conjunct Saturn, you are advised to try your luck in the sentimental, financial, and related sectors.

But don't take any significant actions either, as the sky is not favorable enough. On Wednesday, luck will leave you a bit. The sky will gradually deteriorate even if the Moon, in Aries on Friday, will be trine to the Sun and conjunct Jupiter. If there is one day in the week when you can go for it, it is Friday!

All week long, Mars will oppose the Sun-Mercury Venus trio. In regular times, in a direct course, this is already annoying because it prevents you from getting things done. But moreover, it is in retrograde. In Gemini, it forces you to look at old files. You may not be able to find the words because it is opposed to Mercury on the one hand.

Opposed to Venus, work and love are hit by this "inaction," this inability to make ends meet. Instead of hitting the wall, you should take the opportunity to revisit those old things in the back of your life's closet. Slowing down is sometimes necessary. When you slow down, you pay more attention.

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