Libra's horoscope for April 2026

Written by Daisy

Others as a whole will be very present during this month. You will not really act without taking into account a third party! Mercury and Mars in duet until the 8th will favour your daily life thanks to adaptable behaviour. Simultaneously, on the 9th, Mars slides into Aries and gives your contractual or conjugal life a lot of spring, maybe too much? Jupiter boosts your professional life, but beware of the lure of the mirror, do not confuse opportunity with opportunism (especially for the second decan). Creation and love are on the rise under the powerful influence of Pluto (1st decan) from the 1st to the 23rd. Cheer up! After the 21st, the Sun in Taurus facilitates any financial transaction or meaningful change: make your list of intentions!

Libra: Love in General para April 2026

Libra: Until the 23rd, Venus in Taurus inspires you with great feelings: stable and sensual. Watch out for possible tension resulting from an inharmonious aspect of Pluto that breathes a wind of passion a little too hot. Hold your horses! Your libido explodes on the 9th, while on the 24th, Venus in Gemini facilitates your social charm.

Libra: In a relationship para April 2026

Libra: You will have no trouble talking to your other half, who will demand that you really get involved in your relationship. Your feelings, very carnal until the 23rd, will ensure your duo's beautiful cooperation. Your desires will be powerful from the 9th: a lovely spring month in prospect!

Single para April 2026

Libra: An artistic or sports environment could help you make an extraordinary encounter (1st decan). For all someone more mature or older than you could come into your life after the 9th: be ready!

Libra: Career / Finance para April 2026

Libra: After the 20th, an influx of money could facilitate a real estate deal or professional retraining. At the same time, Jupiter infuses your career with enough luck to push you in the right direction. A contract is also likely to be signed or revised upwards from the 16th: read between the lines.

Libra: Advice from FREE Horoscope para April 2026

Libra: A smooth month awaits you! Dare to assume your desires while accepting dialogue with others and perhaps differing opinions. All will be well.

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