Aquarius's horoscope for April 2026

Written by Daisy

A wealth of contacts awaits you this spring, followed by a spotlight on your home or family roots. The Aries energies (Sun, Mercury, Mars, and especially Saturn and Neptune) anchor and stabilize your deepest thoughts as well as your relationships with siblings or neighbors. You will be realistic and inspired in your communication. Until the 24th, Venus and Uranus bring some ups and downs in your family life, but with Pluto in your sign (1st decan), your personality exudes charismatic allure and unwavering determination, making you fearless. After the 26th, Uranus may spark an emotional or creative breakthrough. Jupiter is nurturing your professional life (especially for the second decan). Starting from the 21st, try not to get worked up over trivial matters.

Aquarius: Love in General

During the first week, you will be possessive, intuitive, and your behavior may confuse those around you. From the 9th, you will be very communicative and ready to reassess some of your relationships if they do not provide the stability you seek. The end of the month will be romantic and conquering.

Aquarius: In a relationship

The sweet life is possible until the 8th, but with an unusual intensity for your freedom-loving nature. After March 9th, give your desires an interesting outlet, while starting from the 24th: your partner will also be your best friend!


Rely on your friendships or local businesses to meet someone dear to your heart. After the 24th, a love at first sight is possible, go out to cultural or sports venues preferably and keep your eyes open.

Aquarius: Career / Finance

Your charismatic and demanding behavior should be enough to instill confidence in your superiors or anyone working with you. Jupiter brings a cheerful optimism to your professional sphere and the considerable support of legality if needed, forming a favorable aspect to Mars from the 9th onwards: luck is on your side.

Aquarius: Advice from FREE Horoscope

An active month, full of discussions and without major worries, especially if you defuse conflicts before they take up too much space, especially in your home. Be the person who soothes!

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