Cancer's horoscope for April 2022

Written by Daisy

Cancer: Astral Climate for April 2022

You aspire to progress and broaden your horizons in love or business. There is no question of settling for tasteless relationships; you want to give meaning to what you are experiencing on a sentimental level. On the professional front, you are thirsty for recognition to reach a more rewarding position, to relay a project that contributes to your elevation, be it moral or social.

Cancer: Mood for April 2022

Dynamic, enterprising, and conquering, you have the energy and determination to achieve what you set your heart on. Take advantage of these positive flows to boost your self-confidence and your potential. Bold, adventurous, and determined to shape your future differently. Count on a sky that is supportive of your ambitions, giving you the desire to push back the boundaries of what is possible. If you look upwards, you are not disconnected from reality, and your dreams are taking shape. A breath of fresh air and a door that opens wide.

Cancer: Love for April 2022

Venus makes you want to change your lazy habits and raise your standards. Count on the delicious planet to exalt your ambitions in love. From the 20th onwards, specific projects will occupy your mind, and Venus will put you back in touch with the vertigo of love. To break a certain monotony, this is the moment. Suppose the beginning of the month seems a bit laborious and invites you to work hard to change things. In that case, you will benefit from a conjuncture that will allow you to pursue a spiritual, emotional, or social quest that will lead to success. If you dream of love, expect the best at the end of the month, the realization of an ideal.

Cancer: Money for April 2022

If your ambitions are financial, you have no trouble defending your interests. No one can resist your powerful arguments and your thirst for more. But your objective is not to accumulate goods. Even if one does not prevent the other, you aspire to change your life and orientation to free yourself from the past. Your aspirations go far beyond strictly financial interests, which result from a progression, an ascent towards a long-coveted ideal.

Cancer: Work for April 2022

You will invest yourself in your activities to make an impression. Mars endows you with the will to progress and the strength to surpass yourself. Exchanges mobilize you on the professional front. You intend to make yourself heard. You have been aspiring to broaden your perspectives, even if it means embarking on a project that involves risks. This challenge does not frighten you! You are relaunching stagnating negotiations to finally find an agreement that satisfies everyone. Count on this inspiring situation to pursue an idea and rally the votes around your quest.

Cancer: Leisure for April 2022

If you can find time to escape the hectic pace you set for yourself, consider an escape to a far-off place or an activity that allows you to get some height or take to the sea. You enjoy getting off the beaten path. This adventure in itself is enough to distract you, and any activity that takes you out of your comfort zone (and especially out of your home) excites you. You're so high that all you can think about is staying aloft, even weightless. If you want to burn some calories, you can constantly flap your wings.

Cancer: Key dates for April 2022

- On the 5th, if recurring obstacles block your progress, you have the energy to get your business moving again.
- On the 12th, your horizons broaden with a golden opportunity to realize a dream? What are you waiting for to believe in it?
- On the 18th, you have precious assets to direct your destiny as you wish, to change things in the right direction. The one of novelty.
- On the 27th, inspiring projects? An ideal in the making? In short, a situation that has everything to please you.
- On the 30th, you have a lot to celebrate, whether it's through a story that fills you up or ambitions that lift you off the ground. Not far from perfect happiness?

Cancer: Advice for April 2022

Don't be afraid to demand more from life, whether in love or at work. If you understand that you are the one who holds the keys to your success. A month that holds out the perch and invites you to jump into the void. Don't worry. The astral conjuncture offers you an excellent parachute and assures you of a soft landing. You have an ideal launching pad to reach your ideal. Take advantage of this to take off without delay and realize a dream, embody a mission, or (and) live a love life that meets your expectations.

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