Check your horoscope for April 2022

Written by Daisy

April announces itself in its novelty and settles gently, while "sweeping in front of the door" of our illusions. Everyone will feel this springtime wind that brings not only the opportunity to think about what we want to do with our lives, but also what is good for our neighbor as well. There are certainly negotiations in the air. The leaders of this world may have to ask even more questions about the future of relations between countries. Especially in Europe and Asia. What do we want to promote? What will be our road to the future? Certainly what we will do with it. But we have every interest not 'to close our eyes too much on the problems of our planet: climate change, respect for the environment, etc. Otherwise, we will pay a heavy price. The conjunction Mars/Saturn in Aquarius also evokes competition. Major sporting events whose primary purpose is to foster links between peoples and nations. Hopefully this message will be understood and it will radiate. April 2022 gives us a second youth and that's good. The room for maneuvering of the signs of air and fire is always limited. In these circumstances, some people become impatient and others provoke ruptures in thinking that will bring them the solution. Unfortunately, cursing time and trying illusory releases will not bring the desired results. As late as April, wisdom recommends using this expectation and deprivation in a constructive way. Because contrary to appearances, if the events and the opportunities are slow, it is for good reasons. This month, Aries will have new ideas and Gemini will meet interesting people. Leo will be pleasantly surprised by people and Libra will discover their creative potential. Sagittarians and Aquarians will understand that their happiness is beside them and not elsewhere. As for the signs of water and earth, they benefit from the positive waves of Jupiter in Pisces. With Venus, Mercury and Mars as reinforcement, they will certainly do wonders. Some will feel that it's time to take a step. The others will have confirmation that they have made the right choice. In this comfortable climate, the Virgos may, however, encounter some difficulties that will be solved if they broaden their vision of life.

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2022 horoscope for all zodiac signs:

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