2020 horoscope Virgo

Written by Susan

Love: Your Priority in 2020?
Whether to reconnect with love, transform the relationship or your emotional life, to protect your children, to conceive one, or just to have a good time, amigo Virgo, and enjoy the present moment, count on the cosmic situation, in 2020, to place love at the center of your concerns. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto form a shocking trio that helps improve your bonds or even causes an important meeting for some. So expect sometimes to be a little shaken, take off, and embark for love. Venus invites you to take into account the wishes of the other between January 13th and February 7th, to make every effort to evolve your relationship between March 5th and April 3rd. It will drag on in the realm of your social destiny between April 3rd and August 7th. There is room for tender projects between August 7th and September 6th, between September 6th and October 2nd. You will shine brightly between October 2nd and October 28th and end the year dedicated to your loved ones (between December 15th and January 8th, 2021).

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd: Love Elsewhere or Otherwise?
Since last December and until mid-January, Jupiter offers you opportunities to rejoice in fulfilling some of your wishes regarding your desire to redefine your approach to love and life. Uranus invites you to broaden your horizons, renew your vision of the world, reject certain previous limitations, and give breath and meaning to your loves. It's no longer a question of living in lukewarm relationships, but of reconnecting with strong emotions, new sensations, even unknown ones. Count on Venus to support your quest, listen to each other and your partner's desires (between the 13th and 22nd of January). Between the 5th and the 14th of March, you change your bond. Between April 3rd and April 15th, you use your charm to lead the other into your social, cultural, professional, or socially shining world. You will have to clearly define what you expect from the other between June 9th and July 11th, and as of June 25th, your prospects will become clearer. Your head and heart are full of projects between August 7th and 18th. Your power of seduction is exalted between October 2nd and 11th, and so is your desire (between December 15th and 23rd) to take care of your loved ones: a year finally busy in love!

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): In Search of Osmosis!
In 2019, Saturn has forced you to examine your bonds and calm your ardor. This is the time to determine if your expectations of each other and your relationship hold the road. For this examination, you can count on Jupiter from January 15th (until March 3rd) and between August 2nd and October 24th to warm the mood with the desire to found or expand your family, rekindle the flame, have a good time, and privilege relationships that respond to your desire to find a real better half. The situation will cooperate with your wishes on February 20th and October 12th: reconciliations, commitments, and re-commitments will closely match your expectations. Note that between July 5th and September 26th, Uranus will make a quick foray into the field of your ambitions, with the sudden urge to travel, move, or expatriate. Venus will make you sensitive to the needs of your partner between January 22nd and 30th. It will accentuate your thirst to give meaning to your loves between March 14th and 24th. Questions about the future of your emotional life should be discussed between April 15th and May 3rd, between May 22nd and April 9th, and between July 11th and 26th. You will see more clearly at the end of June. Projects take shape between the 18th and the 27th of August and must be debated between the 15th and 24th of September. Around October 11th, you start a new cycle of love. You should end the year focused on stewardship issues and your desire to improve your lives and those of your loved ones.

3rd decan September 14th - September 22nd: We Move on to Other Things!
For a long time, you had the impression that your love was problematic and that you had to break with the conditioning of the past. At the beginning of the year, you find yourself subjected to radical transformations concerning your emotional life or your approach to love. Expect, around January 12th, that the situation shakes you up a little. Face it and try to learn from it and welcome new opportunities that will bring new flavor to your emotional life. Around April 5th, June 30th, July 27th, and November 12th, milestones will take place. Crushes will bring you closer to your partner. Venus invites you to take into account the expectations of the other between January 30th and February 7th and to restore meaning to your love between March 24th and April 3rd. You will define what you expect from life between May 3rd and 13th and between July 26th and August 7th. Wait until the end of June to make your choices knowingly. Your projects will take shape between August 27th and September 6th. You will enter a new cycle of your emotional life from October 19th: your charm will earn you some success in love, friendship, and society.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

Love and the future of your relationship is in sight? You'll have something to think about and act on, bounce back, and blossom in 2020: the situation is pushing some out of their entrenchments and their comfort zone. It pushes others to commit or re-engage wisely after passing certain tests. It's enough for everyone to apprehend the future with their partner on the same wavelength. So take risks and try your luck: love will respond.

Virgo, your Social life

Social Life: More Inspired!
If you feel a little out of inspiration, count on 2020 to change the game. Saturn crosses the space of your theme, dedicated to your creativity and limits the expression of your gifts. But it has also allowed you to better channel and structure what you produce. Under the tutelage of Jupiter in 2020, amigo Virgo, expect to reconnect with spontaneity and take advantage of opportunities to shine.

Advice From FREE Horoscope:
2020 promotes your creative power and allows you to achieve your goals. You have to roll up your sleeves, and agree to change and take risks. But, you should not regret your investments because the results of your initiatives may well be up to your expectations. The game is worth the effort.


1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd): Stay cool!
In 2020, you sometimes get impatient in the face of some unbearable slowness. Saturn restrains the movement and invites you to act slowly but surely. Stay patient and obey the injunctions of this austere planet between March 22nd and July 2nd and from December 17th. Measure your efforts between March 30th and April 14th: Mars will boost your energies but will not inform you about the limits to avoid. This could weaken you.
Advice From FREE Horoscope:
In a hurry to push the boundaries of the possible in 2020? So, calm down your efforts to preserve the resources you need to develop what you care about.

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): Nothing To Worry About... or Almost!
In 2020, you evolve in harmony with your environment. Creative, inspired, and probably in love, you are in good company. Even if Uranus tickles your thirst for adventure between July 5th and September 26th, you will have to wait for your time without getting too impatient. Between April 14th and 28th, stay in control of your movements so as not to risk an incident due to some excess of zeal to be avoided by wisely managing your actions.
Advice From FREE Horoscope:
A year that you can unfold without a hitch if you remain aware of your strengths and limitations.

3rd decan (September 14th - September 22nd): Caution!
Be careful in January. The situation shakes you. You arrive at the end of a stage of your life, and new doors will open. Prepare yourself to experience taxing but inevitable moments that will tire you (around the 12th). Fortunately, you can count on the sky to get back on your feet.
Advice From FREE Horoscope:
A sensitive passage early in the year to address without giving way to discouragement or apprehension. Mourn the past to be able to apprehend the future differently, on foundations that correspond to the evolution accomplished.

In 2021:

In 2021, it will be about anchoring what you started in 2020. Discipline is required, and patience is recommended to make your dreams come true. Fortunately, Jupiter will multiply the opportunities to break the deadlock. It is a year of tests where, to access another lifestyle, you will have to structure your approach and lay the foundations of your ambitions so that your desires rest on solid ground and hold the road. Challenges to push the boundaries of the possible and expand your horizons.

Advice From FREE Horoscope:

A month that, if it begins in beauty and softness, could evolve to your disadvantage if you serve your cause more than others. A tactic that could slow down your progress. So, think before you possibly hit a wall and especially come up against the disapproval of those around you.

Well-being for the Virgo

1st decan :
Exalted creativity and love affairs? Tender and joyful relationships with your offspring (the 2nd). The year starts well. Your emotional and professional relationships are renewed and open exciting perspectives (the 15th). Try not to be overzealous or openly indicate your impatience to get out of the ranks (the 18th and 23rd). You risk frightening some people unnecessarily.

2nd decan:
Your loves seem beautiful and your feelings in osmosis with those of the other (the 7th, 8th, and 10th). Listening to the desires of whoever you love or want to captivate, you'll know what to do and what to say (the 23rd) to score hearts and points. Also, creatively, you have the opportunity to fly. Be careful, however, at the end of the month not to impose anything on anyone in your family. Your undeniable charm would not be enough (the 27th and 28th) to convince, and we could then blame you for trying to manipulate everyone.

3rd decan:
The first month of the year exposes you to predictable turmoil. Especially around the 12th, where your bonds (with your loved one, possibly with your children) could be questionable or even questioned. So you must play fair and lay your cards on the table, hoping to draw a line on the past and restart on a better basis. Transform your approach to your feelings and connections.

1st decan :
Listening to the needs of the other, you will also find the right arguments to convince them to believe you, follow you, and embark on new adventures together. Ditto in business, where your daring and thirst for something else could pay off. Including on the 5th, 21st, 25th, 26th, and 29th, where we can't see what could prevent you from thinking deeply, acting, and doing everything to push the boundaries of the possible. Dare!

2nd decan:
At the end of January, you probably had to suffer some criticism from an entourage who did not appreciate your methods. In February, you will enjoy an ideal cosmic situation to talk about love, express your creativity, and make magical links with your lover and your children, but also all kinds of business partners. If you are currently looking for a soulmate, it's time to open your eyes and especially your heart. Especially around the 20th, when the sky lights up. Nirvana is not far away.

3rd decan:
If January has shaken your feathers a little, enjoy a welcome break in early February (the 2nd and 3rd) where the current goes well (better) with the other. You have the opportunity to understand yourself better and be heard. Be careful at the end of the month (the 28th) not to trigger conflicts by expressing your feelings and/or feeling (passion, jealousy) emotions that are too brutal. At the risk of putting oil on the fire more than in the wheels.

1st decan :
An unexpected meeting or love at first sight for a person, a city, or a country. You make the sudden decision to follow your impulses and achieve your ambitions (the 8th)? The exchanges between you and your partner (the others) that started last month and went in circles a little could result positively, so in your direction on the 22nd. From this date until the beginning of July, Saturn presses you to build and base all that you undertake (in business as in love) on solid ground. Prescription to follow from the 31st, where you will certainly have the work to do and responsibilities to take on and assume.

2nd decan:
You communicate with your partner in an almost telepathic manner (the 8th). Count on this fusional operation to restore color to your loves, reignite the flame, and build. Whether it is to conceive or give birth to a child, or commit, you stop at nothing so that your associations (both professional and private) correspond to a coveted ideal (the 14th). Same at the end of the month (the 23rd) where your bonds evolve and where you are actually not far from reaching seventh heaven.

3rd decan:
Avoid offending the other at all costs or polluting your love stories by always creating the same problems or reproducing patterns (emotional) that lead to an impasse (the 3rd). Prefer to give a lot of yourself and think collectively (the 4th) rather than focusing on personal emotions, which are not necessarily good counsellors. From the 10th, the exchanges could become more fluid and then favor a soothed communication, even warm and respectful (the 11th). This is the opportunity to transform (better) your relationship (the 14th) or relaunch debates and your love story on a better basis. There will be passion in the air on the 20th, where a return of an old flame is to be hoped for. There is also an opportunity for your love to regain a second wind. This could favor a possible metamorphosis or at least a positive evolution (the 23rd). The result? Promising loves, exhilarating encounters, and guaranteed fulfillment (the 28th and 29th)?

1st decan :
An undeniable charm could help coworkers and bosses think that you are the right person, someone that can be counted on for their creativity and strength (the 4th). Same trend in love. It would be a pity to short-circuit this frequency by acting too authoritatively or too independently (the 7th). At the risk of frightening your partner and causing them to doubt your good intentions towards them. Prefer to use more reassuring strategies (the 11th). If you persist in playing it too personally and defending only your interests (the 21st and 26th), you could block the exchanges and alter their confidence in you a little (the 28th).

2nd decan:
The current always passes five out of five (on the 4th) between you and the other. By using your charm to guide the debates to your advantage (the 18th) and acting with great efficiency every day (the 19th), you will have no risk of alienating anyone.

3rd decan:
On the 5th, concerning the emotional and creative level, the situation seems to want to push you forward, encourage you to act, spread your wings, take off, and especially seize any opportunity to bounce back in business and love. This is the moment to open constructive debates (on the 7th and 8th), which could well help you make the necessary transformations that will contribute to your blossoming on all fronts. On the other hand, avoid any excess of zeal or self-confidence (the 14th and 15th), which could play against you. Same, on the 25th and the 28th, where the best will be the enemy of good.

1st decan :
Ideas by the shovel-full and daring to resell on the 1st, where you will not stay in one place. On the other hand, you will know what to say and what arguments reassure your peers and collaborators on the 12th and 22nd. Your eloquence, your assurance, and your sense of responsibility should impress your entourage favorably. At the end of the month, you are no longer afraid of anything and dare to impose your rhythm, originality, and extraordinary vision of the world, successfully on the 25th.

2nd decan:
You defend your ambitions and colors with undeniable eloquence and should show yourself rather convincing on the 4th. If your charm operates and your talents mark minds, you will, however, have to redouble zeal (the 22nd) to communicate what you want to make and persuade others that your life and work choices are the best.

3rd decan:
Admittedly, Venus gives you an undeniable charm but does not allow you all kinds of fantasies. So if you play your power of seduction too much to achieve your goals (whether in love or business), you could sow doubt in people's minds (the 4th, 20th, and 22nd). Prefer to plead your case by putting forward strong arguments (the 7th, 9th, 10th, 15th, and 17th) likely to win the vote rather than brag or attempt to use force (the 11th).

1st decan :
Projects are on the table (the 5th); they demand all your attention and will probably be discussed and perhaps temporarily questioned. The debates will go well (on the 30th) but do not hope that they will end before next month. At the end of the month (the 28th), it is time to mobilize your forces to build on the long term and adopt an iron discipline.

2nd decan:
An undeniable charm that pleads in your favor and allows you to influence your entourage (both social and private) favorably? However, be careful not to take advantage of your potential popularity to exceed the limits and try to impose your will and your wishes on others. They certainly would not appreciate it (the 3rd and 6th). If discussions about projects that matter to you drag on from the 18th, no need to rebel. You will see more clearly from the beginning of July and will be able to conclude between July 22nd and 30th.

3rd decan:
Neptune makes you want to act for the community and get closer to those you love, to better understand them and communicate with them? Be careful, however, not to generate misunderstandings or miscommunications (on the 11th and 13th) on the assumption that you are right about everything and that everyone must believe you and follow you. This would undoubtedly be false and could disappoint your entourage. On the other hand, you will act effectively and will evolve your business and your loves on the 18th and 20th. Your authority will be used wisely, creatively, constructively, and therefore positively this time. A rise in power and opportunities to create, rekindle the flame, and make sparks at the end of the month (the 30th).

1st decan :
Discussions about your projects and your future drag on and strain your nerves? Bet on your originality and daring to move the lines (the 1st) but avoid at all costs playing the boss (the 8th)m if you want to avoid confusion and conflicts of authority. This balance of power would not necessarily turn in your favor. From the 12th, the exchanges should become more fluid, and arrangements will be found by July 22nd.

2nd decan:
Discussions about your projects start again on the 12th and could be concluded to your advantage around the 22nd, where your bold ideas and your different worldview of the others could make the difference. This will not be reason enough, on the 27th, to jostle anyone and impose your will on those who are willing to let you do it. Do not be fooled or dictate their behavior.

3rd decan:
Inspired and creative, you should have no trouble (on the 12th) rallying the votes around your projects and co-opting the support you need to make them come true. The only pitfall to avoid? A tendency to believe you have arrived and to ignore the contingencies of this world. So, be sure to take into account reality and its limits if you want to continue your momentum without encountering limitations that you prefer to ignore. They could nail you on the spot (the 14th, 15th, and 20th). Fortunately, at the end of the month (the 27th), you will know what to say and do to praise your merits and get the recognition you expect. Bet on your talents to impress who you want, who you like, and weld your teams, whether in business or matters of the heart.

1st decan :
Between the 5th and 10th, do not forget to take a step back from the past year before starting (on your birthday) a new cycle of expansion soon and wisely. Especially between the 7th and 18th, when you will have some tender projects in mind and at heart. This is the opportunity to sift through the good reasons to implement them but also the means you have or not to implement them. A reflection that will prove beneficial to making the right choices at the right time.

2nd decan:
Take the time to think and maybe calm things down a bit and a growing impatience. This summer Uranus tickles your thirst for something else and makes you want to push the boundaries of the possible (the 2nd and 10th). But he may not offer you the means (it will be next year). You are full of creativity, and you aspire to act and transform your life. But be careful not to attempt a passage in force that could turn against you (the 4th). You will be more inclined to approach your projects reasonably (on the 25th). Also, bet on your sweetness and charm to rally the votes around your ambitious plans (the 18th). At the end of the month (on the 25th, 27th, and 29th), nothing and nobody should be able to resist you.

3rd decan:
If you do not lack eloquence or charm to boast about your merits and the legitimacy of your projects (the 1st and 3rd), it's not sure that your remarks, please. Expect to hit a wall or even unleash passion if you try to force things (the 13th). This is the best (actually the worst) way to play against your interests. On the other hand, if you use strategy (the 16th and 17th) and solicit certain supports in the shadows, who will back your cause, you will have more chances to convince.

1st decan :
Between the 5th and 12th, you will probably talk about money. Whether it's asking for the recognition (encrypted) of your talents or negotiating a contract, you will not lack the confidence or arguments to plead your case and defend your interests. Do not neglect (between the 6th and 15th) taking a step back on your love life. It's time to return to the past for a moment and learn from it. Start a new emotional cycle, knowingly and wisely from the beginning of October.

2nd decan:
You are fully in tune with some of the ideas that run through your head (the 2nd). Whether it's pushing your limits or going abroad or elsewhere. If the grass is greener, you'll start thinking about it. You will be able to count on an exalted creativity and an outstanding popularity rating (and love) on the 9th to seduce whoever you want (whether private or professional). However, take the time to discuss with your partner and the others so that nothing remains blurry (the 11th). Preferably, you should encrypt your projects without overstating your powers and means on the 17th. You do not want to overestimate your budget. Otherwise, you risk being forced to reduce the wind in your sails one day or another.

3rd decan:
You know what to do to change your love and/or transform an emotional or professional situation so that it reflects your most authentic needs and desires (the 1st and 14th). Stay firmly anchored in a reasonable approach to the future and avoid taking off without a belt or hitting the bull's eye too easily (the 2nd). Otherwise, you risk causing conflicts of interest with your employees, bankers, or debtors or tensions between you and those you love (the 4th, 21st, 24th, and 29th).

1st decan :
You do not lack arguments or eloquence to defend your daring ideas and your ambition to move the lines, innovate, and change your method or direction on the professional level (even for some on all levels). But, try to communicate the most gently with an entourage who could be surprised or even confused by your choices and initiatives. Then you will be willing to convince (the 7th). But you must agree to take the time not to force the passage. Not sure that the current passes as easily as you would like (on the 20th and 31st).

2nd decan:
If you are looking for funding for your creations, try not to be too greedy even if you currently have significant support. Especially around the 12th, you can count effectively on your partners (private, professional, social) to relay your ambitions. Ditto in love, where this period seems ideal to commit, re-engage, and declare your love. Bet on an outstanding radiance (the 18) to make an impression on the world and finish captivating whoever you like, even the whole world. Love will smile, and you will no doubt be acclaimed by all (the 19th), except perhaps by your bankers and debtors who find you too demanding.

3rd decan:
It will be in your interest to cooperate (the 9th, 13th, 15th, and 18th) with interlocutors (bankers, debtors, sponsors). If they appreciate your ability to produce important works or invest passionately, they will not appreciate as much that you seek to impose your diktat on money. The same goes emotionally, where, if your love is not lacking in intensity, you will not have to try to control the other or dictate your laws. You risk making them run away. At the end of the month, you return to better feelings and methods (the 21st, 24th, and 25th) and should then be able to communicate more harmoniously and bewitch whoever you want.

1st decan:
Let's hope you have learned from your previous exchanges. This month, you will be able to make concessions or at least qualify your words and proposals, which may seem a little inflated to some. Also, you may seem careless when rallying the votes of your loved ones. To avoid a fight or generating tension, avoid at all costs imposing anything on anyone. During your interventions bet on the soft method (the 17th and 27th) rather than using force.

2nd decan:
There is passion and perhaps a bit of a thunderstorm in the air (on the 9th). Your desires are compelling, and you do not intend to make too many concessions? You will happily know how to convey your messages (gently) and inspire those who listen to you. You make them want to believe you and follow you (the 10th and 24th).

3rd decan:
Cut some slack if you do not want to alienate those you love or those you need to advance professionally (the 1st). From the 3rd, the exchanges should be more fluid, but if you are stubborn, watch out, you risk hitting a wall (the 6th). Wait around the 12th for an event or a proposal to allow you to bounce back and live intense moments where everything will seem possible. This is the opportunity to communicate more harmoniously, to make yourself understood, and to express all that is important to you? Beautiful statements, tender exchanges in love and/or constructive business debates can be hoped for (the 14th, 15th, 17th, 27th, 29th, and 30th). However, only if you give up manipulation (on the 15th, 16th, and 19th).

1st decan:
From the 17th, Saturn submits to responsibilities that will urge you to deepen your work even if you submit to additional duties. You will undoubtedly find that you are asked a lot but know that this extra work is a must. It will allow you, one day or another, to turn a corner towards more recognition. From the 19th, Jupiter follows suit and offers you the opportunity to engage in long-term work from the 21st (when this giant planet of the zodiac crosses Saturn) that could open up new and happy prospects for you.

2nd decan:
You have no trouble charming whoever you want (the 6th). Whether in love or business, you aspire to win the vote and gain unanimity. Be sure to play fair with everyone (family). Then you will redouble your zeal (the 11th) to move the lines in the right direction, and certainly to try to improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones. Be careful, however, not to make a promise unless you are sure you can keep them (the 9th, 13th, and 30th).

3rd decan:
Passionate oaths, intense exchanges, memorable encounters, and love that upsets you (the 10th)? This is the time to embark on the adventure or relight the flame (the 14th) but also to build because you will have the necessary distance to really know where you are and what you're doing (the 15th). That same day, you will also be keen to move the lines with your family, and you will communicate more actively with your loved ones. This is the best way to clarify things and move on. Provided, however, you do not let yourself overflow with emotions that are not necessarily terrific counsellors at the end of the month (the 23rd).

Virgo: Your advice for 2020

World Astrology:
In January, Saturn's transit in Pluto (on the 12th) could foster the emergence of concrete measures that are supposed to help us build, give substance to measures that can produce creative changes, and contain the power of a destructive Pluto! Let us hope and work to make exchanges between countries more diplomatic, avoid all forms of provocation if we wish to appease people's minds, and maintain a positive global climate where debates remain open. Do not stir up tensions by playing teacher or putting too much pressure on our potential opponents!

The duo Saturn/Pluto, which has already raged in 2019 and encouraged the efforts of collaboration between people just as much as they provoked (sometimes accentuated) divergences, draws its last salvo in January. Let us try to use this energy to generate improvements on what is substantive, solid, and constructive rather than create dissension! It will then be a question of trying to balance between the instinctive but also creative forces of Pluto and the desire to maintain order and rigor, and crystallize the efforts, to translate them into lasting laws of Saturn who loves nothing more than building on solid ground. However, this planet sometimes tends to play the righter of wrongs and other moralists a little too much! Beware of the adverse effects of any decision taken without nuance or concession! Jupiter and Pluto could just as well (around April 5th, June 30th, and November 12th) aggravate already tense situations. But it could also propose new solutions!

Let's count on the sextile of Jupiter/Neptune (February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th) to restore breath and altitude to debates, generosity and vision to our leaders, and an inspired worldview that's finally a little more about the well-being of everyone and the collective interest than about all out growth and the will to play the boss! Saturn, who will invest temporarily in 2020 in the sign of Aquarius (between March 22nd and July 2nd), could open a breach and encourage the emergence of new ideas that are more human in their constructions? At the end of the year on December 21st, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn suggests the possibility of sealing stable agreements based on conscious decisions? So, follow up... in 2021!

The climate - the environment:
Saturn and Pluto, who have hardly relaxed their embrace in 2019, finalize their waltz, slow but no less significant in 2020! The result? Saturn, a planet related to Earth and exerting terrible pressure on Pluto in January could thus at the beginning of the year accentuate the risks of an earthquake, real or symbolic. Earthquakes or a collapse of structures due to destructive human activity. The Earth gets angry!

Caution is also recommended around early April, late June, and mid-November when the duo of Jupiter and Pluto could give birth to the best and the worst. The best? A climate of agreements that are supposed to protect the planet? The worst? A denial of reality that could cause damage...

Let's focus on the inspired and inspiring flow that the sextile that Jupiter and Neptune will form on February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th, 2020. It will elevate our level of consciousness and foster the emergence of a more lucid vision of the world, which carries us (and especially supports us) and collective decision-making finally caring and respectful of our very precious environment!

The Planets:
Pluto continues, in 2020, his work of undermining structures of the past that are decidedly outdated. If this "lord of metamorphoses" favors all kinds of mutations and transformations that are usually necessary, it is not, however, intended to make the change smoothly. This planet governs our resources and instinctive temperaments, Pluto has walked throughout the previous year in the (often tense) company of Saturn! An alchemy that had the effect of precipitating the collapse of structures that no longer held the road but also social tensions at the height of events. We bet that in 2020 and in January, this planet will receive the visit of Saturn (in appearance on January 12th) and could precipitate change and cause some major upheaval! Pluto will then have to deal with Jupiter, who will oversee it on April 5th, June 30th, and November 12th! This is the opportunity to give birth to revolutionary but creative ideas and/or to adopt excessive behaviors that are likely to accentuate tensions already well present?

Neptune continues its journey in Pisces (which started in April 2011) inviting us to elevate our ideals and overcome religious divisions by adhering to a more spiritual vision of the world? We remain, however, co-responsible for extremist excesses! Let us try to master our irrational fears to avoid maintaining beliefs that are too destructive or reductive! Some humanist values and altruistic group behaviors seem to emerge? Let us welcome them and feed them so that they testify in our spirits, our bodies, and the facts of a real good will to grow and evolve together towards more consciousness and hopefully love each other and everything (including our planet)!

In 2020, Neptune evolves in harmony with Jupiter! An astral state of affairs that could foster openness to a world more aware of the usefulness of a true solidarity of the human community and willing to broaden its horizons towards an enlightened spirituality. Let us hope that this backdrop will then favorably influence (around February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th) individual spirits as well as clans and groups of all kinds. People who might then be tempted to gather around true inspiring values rather than parting or even fighting because of divisions that often have more to do with the instinct for war than with the desire to love and to unite, even if it's a common denominator for many writings and teachings!
Uranus in Taurus since May 2018 continues to shake up your thirst for stability, anchoring this fixed sign fond of security and not inclined to change the rules! This is what this free spirit of the zodiac strives to do by shaking up our institutions and using the infinitely creative resources of Taurus to invite a new way of life but also new ways of conceiving the world and its secular institutions that will inevitably renew and reinvent themselves to survive! Count on Uranus, in 2020, to accelerate the movement of reform that is essential to the evolution of society. Wake up your neurons and help us out (by will and sometimes by force) from your comfort zone ... for the better!

Saturn in Capricorn attempts to concretize the projected transformations in this sign where he evolves at home and therefore rather at ease. This austere planet has engaged in a funny (not necessarily elsewhere) dance in 2019 with his partner Pluto. Striving to find a solution and shape and structure the change that has been occurring since December 2017 (when this planet entered into Capricorn), Saturn is expected to end the dance in January on a rather serious note around the 12th! It will then probably be the death knell of a bygone era. It's time to move on to something else or propose building on new foundations more in line with the evolution accomplished and with the needs of society! Between March 22nd and July 2nd, 2020, Jupiter will temporarily migrate to Aquarius before returning to this sign from December 17th, 2020 (and until March 2023)! An incursion that speaks of independence of mind, of freedom, and perhaps to conceive the world differently? Be that as it may, let us once again count on Saturn's strict justice to favor advances that are solid and to slow down those that would only rest on wind!

Jupiter in Capricorn since December 2nd, 2019, completes the armada of the planets present in this demanding sign (Saturn, Pluto). However, he does not like it in this ambitious but rather austere sign. Throughout the year, the hot nature of this giant of the zodiac will, however, have to deal with this climate, which is a little cold and not necessarily very fulfilling. But, there is a guarantee of authenticity and solidity! Social contacts are restricted, forcing everyone to refocus on themselves and the essentials! However, we can expect Jupiter to put some rumba in the air and warm up the mood? Around April 5th, June 30th, and November 12th under the crossing of a conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto significant achievements could see the light of day. Interesting insights as long as they do not come from imposed decisions and aren't dictated by an excess of ego and/or an abuse of authority! Jupiter, however, will undoubtedly creatively inspire us and could awaken in us an aspiration to a world if not ideal at least better around February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th! A new, more inspiring path is emerging and opening up? Let's hope that the alliance between Jupiter and Neptune will mix up the debates and connect us to the highest part of ourselves (to our soul perhaps)! From December 19th, 2020, Jupiter migrates in Aquarius! This is the opportunity to break out of relative isolation and free ourselves to take bolder and more creative paths? Follow up ... in 2021!

The 2020 for all zodiac signs:

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