2022 horoscope Cancer

Written by Susan

You begin the year with the rigorous influx of Venus in Capricorn, which is amplified by Pluto and Mars, which cool down your loves. At the end of April, the tenderness is renewed. You are taken by feelings. You found things. In June, Venus in Taurus takes care of you and makes you promises. She talks about the future and about projects. With Venus in your sign, the summer promises to be serene and reassuring, since Mars in Taurus is at the party. You attack the new school year with the feeling that everything is going now, for the better. This is confirmed with Venus in Scorpio at the end of October.

Cancer, your Social life

This year, Jupiter offers you the means to develop your talents, your resources and to surpass yourself. It moves the lines of your existence, through opportunities, proposals and new friendships. These influxes combined with Neptune inspire you with ideas. The desire to live differently encourages you to take initiatives and seize the opportunities that present themselves. However, between May 11th and October 28th, Jupiter in Aries questions everything. Either you take your courage in both hands and you impose your plans with force or you wait for October 28th.

Well-being for the Cancer

Until spring, you do not want to make an effort. Motivation is missing. It takes a pulley to get you out of your bed. Despite Mars in Pisces getting you back on your feet, it is not nirvana. This year, if you want to prevent stress from invading you, do not store your emotions. Get some distance and let go of it from time to time.

Cancer: Your advice for 2022

You want things to change? You want us to understand you? Take your courage with both hands and dare to defend, and impose, your projects and your convictions.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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