2023 horoscope for Cancer

Written by Daisy

Until May 16th, Jupiter favours your social ascension. Take advantage of this opportunity to grow quickly and well. Exciting projects are on the horizon from mid-May onwards. You will benefit from active support to meet the challenges that arise. In search of openings, perspectives, and novelties, some are tempted to change work, even life, to renew codes, values and a vision of the world that has had its day. Whether on a relational, existential or material level, you aspire to evolve, even if it means facing a metamorphosis intended to get rid of everything that prevents you from evolving.

Cancer First decan, your 2023 horoscope

(21st June to 1st July)

Between March 23rd and June 11th, this is a period of initiation where upheavals occur and force you to question yourself. Your relationships must evolve in the coming years. In 2023, this tendency will influence your life only in a quick way, but it will become more pronounced next year. Count on Saturn to help you deal with the changes more wisely and build structures that will allow you to reach a milestone of maturity from March 7th, 2023. Jupiter puts your social and professional life in the spotlight until February 20th. Then, between May 16th and July 5th and November 6th and February 21st, 2024, it opens up new projects in your private or professional life.

Love: The Beginning Of A Metamorphosis!

Questioning your relationship with the other is looming. It will be subtly felt between March 23rd and June 11th and even more from January 2024. You are going through turbulence that will rearrange your relationships according to the criteria of truth, depth and authenticity you define over time. Saturn will help you (from March 7th) to learn from the past and to anchor your inner quest on solid foundations. As for Jupiter, count on him to fuel a project (baby, new installation, new relationships) that will put some joy in your heart between May 16th and July 5th and between November 6th, 2023 and February 21st, 2024. Around May 18th, don't make plans that are too extravagant. Venus exalts your ambitions in love between January 27th and February 4th, guarantees you the affectionate support of those around you between March 16 and 25 and reinforces your power of seduction between May 7 and 16. You are looking after your loved ones between November 8 and 17, and you can count on your charm to create great moments in love between December 4 and 13.

Social Life: Stay In Control!

Pluto transforms your view of the outside world and it also influences the way you earn (and spend) your money. In 2023, this tendency is temporary (between March 23rd and June 11th),but around May 18th, don't embark on an overly ambitious project that would drain your bank account. Saturn balances the situation around June 19th. You will take the initiative until February 20th to try something else. You will widen your horizons between May 16th and July 5th, November 6th, 2023 and February 21st, 2024. Do not rush into anything before January 30th. A period of reflection is necessary. You will have plenty of time to evolve between March 25th and April 14th, and between May 20th and June 6th, you will express your potential and claim it as a fair reward. You are eloquent between July 10 and 26 in convincing your partners to support you, and you showcase yourself between October 12 and 26.

Well-being: Resist The Temptation!

Between March 23rd and June 11th, you will feel the beginnings of an inner upheaval that will affect you more sensitively in 2024. From 2023 onwards, anticipate this movement by controlling your emotions and not giving in to damaging excesses around May 18th, for a sense of proportion is not your strong point. Count on Saturn (June 19th) to project you into more realistic perspectives, likely to restore your physical, emotional and mental balance. In 2024: the need to launch a slow and deep inner work is confirmed, and events accentuate the trend. Do not shirk this initiatory journey that will revolutionize your view of others, of relationships and of your material world. Count on occult support around June 3rd to negotiate the turn favourably.

Cancer First decan: Your advice for 2023

If you are excited about a current or emerging project, do not give in to blissful optimism. It could have unfortunate financial consequences, as your decisions will be disconnected from reality. Stay within a framework that will ensure (around June 19th) that you lay solid foundations and put your future on the right track that will allow you,to go the distance.

Cancer Second decan, your 2023 horoscope

(2nd July to 12th July)

Jupiter offers you opportunities to climb the ladder and interesting openings on the social level between February 20th and April 4th. Between July 5th and November 5th, he reinforces your desire to open the future to your liking. It supports the influence of Uranus and gives you a desire for novelty and for taking risks for your future. No question of staying in your comfort zone but of daring. This planetary duo favours exciting encounters and keeps away friends with whom you no longer share anything. In 2023, you will take other paths professionally and privately, breaking with the conditioning of the past.

Love: Change The Record?

Since the summer of 2020, Uranus will exalt your thirst for change. Is it a question of moving (or even expatriating yourself)? Of moving away from a circle that no longer brings you anything? Or of trying something else professionally? You can't stand routine any longer and aspire to evolve on your own terms, far from a daily routine that's wearing thin. Count on Jupiter (between July 5th and November 6th, 2023) to bring to fruition a project you like and to break with the monotony of a life you no longer want. Venus reinforces your thirst to push your limits and involves those you love in an adventure between February 4th and 12th. It helps you rally support for your audacious proposals between March 25th and April 3rd. You will be the only one to be seen between May 16 and 26, and you will use your talents to shine between June 16 and 29 and August 14th and September 25th. Between November 17 and 26, you boost your odds in family and love (between December 13 and 21, 2023).

Social Life: It Swings!

No longer will you conform for fear of losing your security. Uranus has been pushing you out of your comfort zone since 2020. It is supported in 2023 by Jupiter, who brings about the change you have been waiting for between July 5th and November 6th. Take the time to fine-tune your strategies between January 30th and March 3rd so that from April 14th (and until May 2nd),you can go for it in full possession of your means. You will fight hard between June 6 and 23 to defend your interests. Between July 26th and August 11th, you will convince your partners and interlocutors that your proposals hold water. Between October 26th and November 10th, you will rely on your ability to put forward your potential to impose yourself in the eyes of all. At the end of the year (between December 8 and 22),you roll up your sleeves to prove that you are up to the task you have set yourself.

Well-being: intense frustration

Uranus and Jupiter will contribute in 2023 to keep your morale high. Enthusiastic about new prospects, count on the support of your close and faithful friends and family, sometimes a little disconcerted by your bold plans but supportive of your thirst for change. You can count on a favourable climate for the expression of your desires to make the year go well. Do not force anything. Do not accelerate the movement at the beginning of the year (between January 30th and March 3rd). Reflection and prudence seem to be recommended. Act without exceeding your limits at the end of the year (between December 8 and 22). In 2024: you may be a bit torn 2024 between Saturn, who urges you to build on solid ground and anchor your values in the long term and Jupiter, who, from July 9th, gives you the urge to express yourself without limits. To avoid experiencing some moments of intense frustration (around August 19th and December 24th),learn patience.

Cancer Second decan: Your advice for 2023

In 2023, you will have two strong allies to accelerate changes. This is the time to negotiate a turn of events that will take a radical turn in 2023 and 2024. Assert your needs to optimize your chances of placing your destiny on new and more exciting tracks. Take care of those around you who are adapting as best they can. Give it some time.

Cancer Third decan, your 2023 horoscope

(13th July to 22nd July)

You are finishing a period of questioning your life structures. Some of you have had to face real or symbolic mourning, which has forced you to rethink your approach to others and the world. Has this unavoidable quest not been completed? Count on Uranus' influence on your decan (from May 28th onwards) to blow new wind into your life, your relationships and your projects. The opportunity, from this date, to change everything and make choices corresponding to your highest aspirations. From spring onwards, Jupiter (between April 4th and May 16th) offers you the opportunity to land a new job or to improve your image.

Love: End Of A Cycle And Beginning Of Another!

Until November 2024, Pluto will influence your relationships and life as a couple and force you to rethink your concept of the relationship. You will no longer just fly over the subject. Still, you will delve into it and become more consciously involved in your exchanges with the outside world. In 2023, you will benefit from the influence of Uranus, who, from May 28th (until December 10th),will give you the desire to make new experiences. Do not hesitate to embrace the new (exciting encounters or breaks with the past). Venus reinforces your ambitions in love between February 12 and 20, your desire to connect with friends between April 2 and 11 and endows you with an irresistible charm between May 26th and June 5th. You aspire to satisfy all your desires between June 29th and mid-August and between September 25th and October 9th (take the time to sort out what is essential and superfluous from July 23rd). You take care of those you love between November 26th and December 4th and do not go unnoticed between December 21 and 29.

Social Life: A Quantum Leap To Be Expected!

You aspire to broaden your horizons, serve a mission, and even reach an ideal. Still, multiple obstacles force you to slow down the movement: associations questioned, contracts that do not keep their promises and structures weakened by the economic situation. From March 7th onwards, Saturn will stop bothering you, and from May 28th onwards, Uranus will encourage you to make bold plans. Opportunities for advancement (between April 4th and May 16th) put you back in the saddle. Still, more radical openings occur from May 28th onward. Take time to evaluate your priorities between March 3 and 25 to take the reins between May 2 and 20, in full possession of your means. You want to be recognized and rewarded for your talents between June 23rd and July 10th. You'll nail your interlocutors if they challenge your views between August 11 and 27. You are determined to shine and impose your talents between November 10 and 24. You end 2023 and start 2024 in great shape (between December 22nd and January 4th).

Well-being: You're On Your Way Up!

Recent upheavals have weakened your physical and moral balance, and symbolic or real losses have destabilized you in depth. Count on a benevolent situation in 2023 to get back on track after a troubled period. Windows will open a different and inspiring future. Accept in 2023 to be a little confused to find yourself on the rails of a promising future. In the meantime, hang in there until you finish what needs to be finished and finally enter the new.

Cancer Third decan: Your advice for 2023

Pluto will continue to confront you, until 2024, with the need to revise your copy on the relational level. In 2023, Uranus (between May 28th and December 10th) will change the situation. Other perspectives open up and awaken in you the desire to change your record; this trend will be confirmed in 2024. So, from now on, regain confidence in yourself and in your ability to renew yourself and free yourself from everything hindering your evolution.

Cancer your 2023 horoscope, month after month

January 2023

Your emotional ties are evolving (1st, 18th) in the right direction (2nd, 13th). Your exchanges allow you to elevate the debates and warm up the atmosphere.

February 2023

The current is flowing between you and the other. You share your inspired and inspiring vision of the world (the 6th). This is the time to address the problems that weaken your relationship (10th, 16th) and to transcend them (15th).

March 2023

Your top rating in society allows you to act positively in the shadows and to activate the right levers (the 11th). However, beware (on the 15th, 16th, and 17th) of misunderstandings that may blur the frequency.

April 2023

Active supporters will help you reach (on the 7th) an ideal you are pursuing, with tempting proposals on the social and professional level (on the 11th). Be ready to jump on the bandwagon.

May 2023

Try to channel your emotions (4th) to better serve your ambitions (5th). You lack neither ardour nor determination (on the 15th) to push back the frontiers of the possible.

June 2023

Endowed with an almost magical aura, count on your power of seduction to enchant whoever you want (the 2nd, the 9th, the 11th). On the other hand, play fair with everyone (the 19th) to avoid causing a row (the 26th).

July 2023

Avoid investing more than you have (2nd). Certainly, exciting prospects are opening up, but try to keep control of your budget so as not to compromise your chances of success.

August 2023

If your desire to rush into something new is legitimate, it is not a reason to squander your money on the 9th, 16th, or 23rd. Also, moderate a latent aggressiveness that compromises your exchanges (the 22nd).

September 2023

You know what arguments to put forward to convince your loved ones to adhere to your projects (16th, 21st, 30th). Try not to embellish reality too much if you want to remain credible (the 19th).

October 2023

Do not play the clan's leader on the 9th and 21st: your manners will not be taken well. Use your fist to change things constructively (the 13th).

November 2023

You tend to hover above reality (the 3rd). Use your charm to get closer to those you like (the 6th, the 7th, the 9th, the 20th). On the other hand, do not abuse it to overstep your rights (the 11th, the 13th).

December 2023

Act wisely to manage your family exchanges (the 5th) rather than let your emotions interfere with your approach to the other (the 3rd). Rely on your irresistible radiance (the 25th, the 29th) to live moments of grace.


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