2022 horoscope for Sagittarius

Written by Daisy

In 2022, Jupiter opens up new perspectives for you on the private and family fronts, and you will benefit from tangible support to improve your daily life. Count on a liberating spring to broaden your horizons, possibly move to a place you like, invest in real estate, start a home or expand your family. From August 20, 2022, to March 25, 2023, do not attack anyone to defend your arguments or convince! Be polite. You will achieve your goals without hurting the other person's feelings.

Sagittarius First decan, your 2022 horoscope

(23rd November to 2nd December)

You are looking forward to 2022, free from moods that have been clouding your perspective. Until February 12, you will seek to beautify or change your living space, conceive a child, and blossom in a more pleasant atmosphere. From May 10 to October 28, Jupiter favors your private life. You will be more confident and seductive, and your morale will be high.

Love: It's definitely getting warmer!

Until February 12, Jupiter favors your exchanges with your family, your loved ones, in a better understanding and with the desire to find harmony. You are evolving in a warmer climate, and you are closing ranks. From May 10 to October 28, Jupiter enchants your love life. No more dullness and frustrations, endowed with irresistible charisma, you expose your assets to rekindle the flame, seduce whoever you please, or conceive a child. This period is favorable to your personal fulfillment. Jupiter brings this delightful period to a close from December 20, 2022, to February 20, 2023. From August 20 to September 7 and December 27, 2022, to January 30, 2023, tone down any confrontations and don't try to boss everyone around.

Social Life: You've Got it Under Your Belt!

In 2022, you will find the desire to start your own business. From May 10 to October 28, you are no longer afraid of anything. Take advantage of this boldness to put an end to any blockages, fears, complexes, or taboos that were holding you back. You defend your interests and develop your potential from January 24 to February 7. Your arguments and your authority will leave an impression on people from March 6 to 19. Count on your irresistible desire to stand out from the crowd (May 24 to June 7) to impress your partners. From July 5 to 19, you work hard to get things done. From August 20 to September 7 and from December 27, 2022, to January 30, 2023, do not impose your codes and methods on others. Dialog rather than irritate some who find you too directive.

Well-being: Rise to Power!

You are rising from your ashes and getting back on track. You have enough energy and confidence in yourself, in your talents, to regain your ability to shine. Do not deprive yourself of this.

Sagittarius First decan: Your advice for 2022

In 2022, you should optimize your chances of reconnecting with a positive, harmonious sentimental climate, which will allow you to regain confidence in yourself and in life. In love or in business, you are back in the limelight. Still, you do not take advantage of this return to grace to be too demanding, even authoritarian.

Sagittarius Second decan, your 2022 horoscope

(3rd December to 12th December)

In 2022, count on Jupiter to lighten the atmosphere from February 12 to March 26. This benevolent planet favors your blossoming in the family through a real estate purchase, the arrival of a child, or better contacts with your loved ones. Count on Jupiter around February 18 to open up better-living conditions and support your morale by improving the ordinary.

Love: The End Of The Tunnel!

In 2022, Jupiter supports your initiatives to close ranks with your family or to start a family. From February 12 to March 26, conditions are optimal for achieving your goals and freeing yourself from what was hindering your evolution. Venus facilitates exchanges with those around you from March 17 to 27 and tender family relationships from April 14 to 23. Keep your eyes open from May 11 to 20 as your love life is in the spotlight and from July 1 to 9 as your attentive listening works wonders. You are experiencing sentimental highlights from August 19 to 28, and you are looking forward to an inspiring future from October 7 to 15. You end the year with an aura that leaves no one indifferent (November 24 to December 2).

Social Life: More Freedom!

In 2022, you will enjoy better living conditions and a warmer environment to get back on track. Opportunities arise in mid-February. A new and more rewarding job, more independence in your choices, and perhaps the desire to start your own business, nothing is excluded in 2022. If your hands are not yet completely free, a relaxation of constraints will give you the desire to get back to work. Mars gives you a lot of energy until January 10, stimulates your determination to defend your interests from February 7 to 20, and sharpens your arguments from March 19 to April 1. Rely on your pride from June 7 to 21 to shine! Then rely on your power of conviction from September 7 to 30, from November 27 to December 27, 2022, and from January 30 to March 3, 2023.

Well-being: Barometer On The Rise!

You feel better surrounded, better understood, and you find the desire to undertake with a feeling of relief. Take advantage of this personal well-being to regain hope, a smile, and good health.

Sagittarius Second decan: Your advice for 2022

Don't let the chance go by (February 12-March 26) and seize every opportunity (around February 18) to free yourself, to make promising new contacts, and to open up a field of possibilities that will expand a little more in 2023.

Sagittarius Third decan, your 2022 horoscope

(13th December to 21st December)

Jupiter intervenes (March 26-May 10 and October 28-December 20) to improve your life. You may want or need to move, invest in a place you like, or warm up the atmosphere in your family so that you can fully develop. Pay attention in the spring and orient your life differently around April 12 and May 3.

Love: A Turn To Take!

From March 11 to September 10 and from December 3, Saturn influences your communication. No more useless chitchat but the need for authentic relationships. Count on Jupiter to relay your desires for family fulfillment. Some of you want to start a home, others want to enlarge it, and still, others are looking for a place to live that meets their expectations. Your life takes a different turn around April 12 and early May. Venus increases your desire to express your desires until January 6 and from February 21 to March 6. From March 27 to April 5, you will pass on your messages smoothly, and from April 23 to May 2, you will take care of the happiness of your loved ones. You enjoy a beautiful seduction, and you go towards the other from July 9 to 18. You expand your horizons together or look for a love that matches your ambitions from August 28 to September 5. You launch a cycle of emotional expansion from December 2 to 10 in full possession of your means.

Social Life: Looking Elsewhere?

From March 11, Saturn will sharpen your communication skills. You will maintain exchanges based on solid ground. You will dig into the subjects, even if the dialogue will be a bit difficult. Count on your fulfilling and animated private life to put a little fantasy in the general climate. You are mobilized by a new direction in your personal life, even if you are seriously fulfilling your duties and showing that you can be trusted. Mars supports your determination from January 10 to 24 and helps you defend your interests and develop your potential from February 20 to March 6. From April 1 to 15, you have potent arguments to influence those around you. From June 21 to July 5, you will demand recognition for your merits. If you make efforts from August 4 to 20. In that case, you can convince colleagues and superiors to believe you from September 20 to November 27 and March 3 to March 25, 2023.

Well-being: Don't Force Anything (or Anyone)!

Saturn will darken your moods as it forces you to frame your exchanges and resist pressures. Count on a situation that supports your personal development through a new family orientation, a warming of ties, or a better living environment. Your moods will diminish, and your inner rigor will guarantee you good morale. Don't waste your energy trying to coerce rather than convince, as this would be a useless and even counterproductive expense.

Sagittarius Third decan: Your advice for 2022

Spring offers you opportunities to direct your life elsewhere or differently. Pay attention to what is on offer around April 12 and May 3, key dates in a year that changes your destiny.

Sagittarius your 2022 horoscope, month after month

January 2022

Jupiter favors your family blossoming. Your exchanges with those around you are multiplying. Take care of your communication so that your words do not turn against you. You have the means to realize a dream, to freely direct your life.

February 2022

You improve your family's daily life and exchanges resume more fluidly. Your initiatives and determination bear fruit, and doors open. At the end of the month, you have all the elements to achieve your goals.

March 2022

Passionate debates as Venus smoothes out the edges, but Mars pushes you to raise your voice. It's up to you to find the balance. You have new opportunities to blossom but do not try to control everything.

April 2022

Venus invites you to improve your comfort level, and Mars exalts your desire to lead everyone. There is love in the air, the current is flowing well, and daily life holds pleasant surprises. You are moving forward on a solid and profitable basis.

May 2022

Love is on the cards, and Jupiter is strengthening your credit. Rely on this intense magnetism to impose yourself in love or business, with a real chance to improve your life. Transformations are going in the right direction.

June 2022

Exchanges are favored. Count on your determination to impose yourself to mark the spirits. Clarify what you expect from daily life so that the evolution of your private life leaves no room for ambiguity.

July 2022

You are directing your initiatives so that they are effective, but your pretensions are excessive. Do not display too high ambitions at the risk of being found presumptuous. Use strategy to succeed without unpleasant surprises.

August 2022

Love gives you a boost, but be careful on the professional level. Your tendency to impose your ideas will clash with the hierarchy. You take risks but use diplomacy, negotiation, and your magnetism to convince.

September 2022

You are not afraid of anything or anyone! Your audacity pays off but remain realistic so that your enthusiasm and self-confidence do not turn against you. Your originality seduces in high places, and you are granted more freedom.

October 2022

You have difficulty setting limits on yourself, but your projects hold up because you do not take anything lightly. Rely on dialogue rather than confrontation to move forward in the right direction, do not be too authoritarian.

November 2022

Venus exalts your radiance and invites you to express your feelings. A little emotional distance helps you to better manage the opportunities that arise and avoid probable disappointments. Favor a dialogue based on reason.

December 2022

Display your talents and develop your potential with immediate benefit. Jupiter invites you to be confident and self-assured, but don't overdo it. At the end of the month, your ability to improve home life reconciles you with everyone.


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