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Tuesday, November the 24th
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Scorpio, your horoscope 2021 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan
Family tensions (on the 9th). Use your charm to resolve or reduce conflicts that affect your interactions with others. Don't stand on your own two feet (the 10th) and if you want to carry out a project, take kid gloves with others so that discussions don't end in a deadlock (the 12th and 13th). If you've set your sights too high, beware of the repercussions on your duo and your relationships in general (the 17th, 20th, 23rd, and 26th).

2nd decan
The current passes between you and an entourage sensitive to your attention (the 1st and 8th). You touch your partner's heart, and you listen to their needs by redoubling your attention and eagerness towards each one (the 23rd).

3rd decan
You are continuing a transformation to understand and improve your communication with others. Use your lucidity and determination to establish a dialogue in line with the road ahead and draw a line under a past that no longer suits you (the 5th, 14th, and 28th).

1st decan
Certain family events hurt your feelings and cause tension with the other person (the 7th). On the 17th, don't alienate people or risk generating conflicts that will evolve into a rupture. Use your charm to get closer to the other person and deal with what is annoying you gently.

2nd decan
Do not impose your will on others without asking their opinion or consent (the 1st). Otherwise, you will be rebuffed, and the atmosphere will be disturbed. On the 10th, the debates are heated if you don't smooth things over. On the 11th, 13th, and 14th, you are more caring and warm-hearted and able to make a difference.

3rd decan
Important exchanges in the family on the 8th. On the 11th, the New Moon invites you to manage stewardship and take care of your loved ones. Double your diplomacy towards those who are looking for trouble. But don't let yourself get carried away. Talk firmly on the 25th. It's time to express yourself according to what you have learned and retained from life.

1st decan
You spice up your bonds and free the relationship on the 3rd. On the 21st, whether it is a private or professional alliance, your arguments work and allow you to make an impression. At the end of the month, put yourself at the service of others to seduce and be appreciated by all.

2nd decan
You aspire to establish cooperative links with your loved ones and improve your family living conditions (on the 5th). Discuss this before deciding so that you don't overestimate your powers or decide for everyone because those you love find that you are exaggerating on the 24th. Fortunately, at the end of the month, you serve the common cause.

3rd decan
You hover in the high spheres of love (the 11th) and aspire to live a fusional bond. The New Moon on the 13th favours your emotional blossoming, and on the 14th, your charm attracts subjects of contentment. Take advantage of this exhilarating atmosphere to enter into a deep and cooperative dialogue with the other person (the 16th and 18th) and end the month well.

1st decan
Count on Venus between the 14th and 22nd to encourage dialogue and tender closeness. Take a step towards the other and stay tuned. From the 23rd, Mars urges you to affirm your ambitions, you advance your pawns and aim for the summits. The Full Moon on the 27th puts you in an excellent position to attract light.

2nd decan
You serve the community to make a difference (on the 6th) on the family level. On the 10th, you maneuver effectively to secure your troops. Surprises to be expected on the 23rd, 24th, and 30th in terms of relationships. To make them pleasant, take into account your loved one's opinion and feelings. Otherwise, the debates will turn sour, and the unexpected will open a can of worms (on the 25th).

3rd decan
You communicate sincerely with your loved one and your children on the 2nd. No taboo subject is avoided. But don't exert any control over the other person on the 9th, you are found to be authoritarian or manipulative. On the 12th and 16th, under the guise of benevolence, you direct the debates as you see fit. Lay down your cards so that people trust you and follow you enthusiastically (on the 15th and 17th). At the end of the month, you close ranks and experience moments of romance.

1st decan
From May 13th (until July 28th), Jupiter promotes your emotional growth. He invites you to develop your potential and express your talents. An excellent period to radiate, create, and seduce.

2nd decan
Take a step toward the other (the 3rd) to solve a family problem or find help to support the load. On the 12th, you will work hard to free yourself from overly demanding ties and will show determination to manage your relationships in a way that suits you. Use a gentle strategy (on the 20th) to ease family tensions.

3rd decan
You make yourself understood by others on the 2nd. It is a beautiful day to express your feelings and live harmonious relationships in love. As a family, don't play the boss without consulting those around you (on the 8th). The New Moon on the 11th invites you to take a step towards each other, a recommendation that you follow on the 13th and 17th: your love fills you up, and your exchanges are creative. On the 23rd and the 27th, if you impose your desires on your partner, you are not sure they want to follow you.

1st decan
You glide in love and shine brightly on the 3rd, where nothing and no one can resist your charms. Until the 9th, bet on combative energy to broaden your horizons and carry your ambitions with all the chances to reach your goals, both emotionally and professionally, on the 23rd. The Full Moon on the 24th invites you to communicate with those around you. Now is the opportunity to discuss certain sensitive subjects wisely.

2nd decan
You are changing a family situation. The New Moon on the 10th recommends that you develop your transformation strategy, which should be done gently. Venus helps you elevate the debate and connects you to a spiritual approach to the issues. You soften bonds or put more fantasy into your relationships. Prepare yourself on the 14th to put up with blockages in your exchanges, especially in the family, where things get stuck.

3rd decan
Do not manipulate your partner at the risk of generating unfortunate misunderstandings. Do not try to direct everything. At the end of the month, you will bewitch your partner or seduce whoever you want on the 21st: your romantic impulses have an effect. But don't use this as an opportunity to avoid discussions or less clear intentions.

1st decan
At the beginning of the month, rely on your charm to make an impression at work and society. Your influence serves your interests. Please don't overdo it at the end of the month (the 22nd) because the best will be the enemy of good. Around the 12th, you will benefit from a strong private and social flow of people, with the possibility of turning hearts upside down and successfully extolling your merits.

2nd decan
Please don't force your way at work. We don't appreciate your abuse of authority. You risk triggering a crisis that you are not sure to win. The New Moon on the 10th invites you to surpass yourself, but not by banging your fist on the table. If you have an indisputable charisma, use it tactfully to manage your relationships and convince your interlocutors to follow you (the 20th).

3rd decan
Artistic blur reigns over your love, and your creativity is affected by a flow that pushes you to control the other but misleads you if you don't control it. Fortunately, you raise the debates and make your bonds evolve on the 15th and 24th. Harmony comes back, and your love and talents fill you up.

1st decan
You negotiate in high places on the 1st. Until the 14th, Mars pushes you to defend your positions and impose your methods but be polite about it. At the end of the month, you look back on the past. This assessment helps you better understand the responsibilities you have to manage as a family.

2nd decan
You have difficulty reconciling work and family life at the beginning of the month, but you propose unanimously accepted projects. Lower your tone at work. Your statements are badly perceived and criticized. The New Moon on the 8th doesn't allow you to make the law. Be polite when presenting your plans to get them accepted by your peers or superiors, and make them want to believe and follow you.

3rd decan
Ensure that your tender projects are realistic, even if you have plenty of arguments to seduce your entourage and persuade them to follow you. Make sure you have the means to make your dreams come true before you start.

1st decan
A break allows you to consider your emotional ties more consciously and constructively. You lack neither charm nor the desire to seduce, but your assets don't work well as a family because you are expected to take on the responsibilities that fall to you. Focus on more strategic action (on the 25th and 29th) to manage stewardship tactfully and effectively.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 7th invites you to make plans and gather your followers to support your plans. You'll get it because your ideas are out of the ordinary and win the vote. On the 23rd, your charm will captivate some who are eager to believe you and follow you.

3rd decan
Don't impose anything on anyone, even if you think you have the truth and the best plans. Analyze your emotions to clarify them (the 6th and 22nd). Ensure that your intentions are understood (the 6th and 17th) and that your initiatives are unanimously supported. The Full Moon on the 20th invites you to love and express your talents. But don't try to charm everyone, at the risk of arousing suspicion about your disinterestedness.

1st decan
Venus sharpens your appetites and pushes you to develop your talents. You're looking to get more to please your family and lighten the mood. But don't decide everything. Your opinion doesn't count more than others. You hit a wall because your loved ones disapprove of you (the 30th).

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 6th recommends that you distance yourself from the surrounding hustle and bustle to prepare for the next cycle (from your birthday) as wisely as possible. Channel a badly advised impatience but follow your intuition to choose the right path and develop your potential (the 17th).

3rd decan
Rather than manipulate your loved ones, act with empathy and consideration and sow happiness in your family. By anticipating the consequences of your actions, you get everyone to agree and warm up the atmosphere (on the 15th). You act in the shadows so that you and your loved ones live in harmony (on the 19th and 28th).

1st decan
You enjoy and lead creative debates with your loved ones (the 6th) but don't play dictator (the 10th) because you risk blocking the exchanges if you raise your voice. At the end of the month, you claim the reward of your talents and use them at the service of your loved ones.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th puts you in the spotlight. You influence others with mixed success if you claim freedom of tone that belongs to everyone. On the 13th and 17th, your manners are not unanimous. It would be best if you composed rather than play the maverick. Your charm works on the 19th.

3rd decan
There is happiness in the air at the beginning of the month but misunderstandings in the family. Nothing alters your bliss in love and your collaboration with your children (the 12th, 16th, 18th, 21st, and 30th). But ask the opinion of your loved ones on what you undertake before making everyone happy without prior consultation (the 15th and 20th).

1st decan
Between the 13th and 27th, you exploit your potential and demand that it be taken into account on your payslip. Starting on the 29th, Jupiter reinvests in the domain of your love affairs and your relationships with your children. A period when your priority will be to love and be loved, to create and radiate.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th illuminates your potential and invites you to get the right reward. You don't lack ideas or talent to surprise and seduce, but you also have to deal with blockages and frustrations as a family, because any attempt to escape seems to be forbidden.

3rd decan
You clarify your exchanges with your close circle (on the 6th, 11th, 25th, and 30th). If you do not dodge the subjects that annoy you (the 7th, 8th, and 12th), you will end the year in beauty and love (the 11th, 20th, and 29th).

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