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Monday, July the 6th
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Each sign's hidden side
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2021 horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Introduction for 2021

You have not benefited from the euphoric energies of Jupiter for two years. His installation in Aquarius is therefore welcome this year. It generates a sympathetic current that will put some spring in your daily life by enriching it with new friendships, exchanges, movements and entertainment. Jupiter stimulates your ideas, your creativity and your taste for adventure. However, Saturn, which is also in this sign, sets limits. It smooths out those overflows that sometimes play tricks on you. He encourages you to no longer believe in miracles, and in your dreams, inspired by Neptunian dissonance.

Sagittarius: Love for 2021

At the beginning of the year, Venus inspires you with desires and its passage in Aquarius gives you the taste for pleasing and seducing. It is in March, with Venus in Aries, that you go for the conquest of your loves. In spring, be wary of the ardor of Mars in Gemini, which would push you to make promises you could not keep. Instead, take your time before you hurry. This summer, with Mars in Leo, you are not immune to love at first sight chic and shocking. It is at the beginning of the school year that you have the ideal relationship.

Sagittarius: Social Life for 2021

Jupiter, the project creator, inspires you with innovative ideas. It is within a close social circle that one of your plans can be realized. However, listen to the wisdom of Saturn who advises you to do things with order and method, although you find this to be a bummer. While you are there, do not yield to the wild dreams that Neptune inspires in you, for they would not take you very far. This year, your ambitions have the support of Jupiter, the beneficial and Saturn, the experienced. With this efficient and lucky duo, you have every means to make your everyday life better.

Sagittarius: Well-being for 2021

During the first part of the year, you have difficulty resuming an activity or a hobby. Either it's the motivation you're missing or you do not have time at all! Fortunately, the summer period is more conducive for you to take care of yourself. At the beginning of the school year, this fortunate omen unfortunately fades rapidly and for the usual reasons.

Sagittarius: My Advice for 2021:

Jupiter and Saturn brings you back on track. This year, do not give in to the wild dream that Neptune inspires in you. Stay connected to reality, even though you find it uninviting.

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