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Tuesday, May the 26th
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2017 horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio: Your 2017 love horoscope

Time to take flight!
Were you evolving in 2016 in a somewhat nebulous atmosphere, finding it difficult to fully express your potential? Suffering from budgetary restrictions that prevented you from fully enjoying the present moment and dreaming, really letting go? In 2017 (as you have since December 2016), blocks will disappear and barriers preventing you from being happy will turn into unexpected solutions that will put you on track to making better use of your talents or breaking away from the duties that have been weighing you down. Your daily life will lighten up and you will regain some room to maneuver, to plan more constructively for the future. So, you can count on the stars to fulfill your desires, Ami Scorpio, and offer you the chance to regain the flexibility and creativity that you've been lacking, which may have been impeding your momentum in every area of your life. You will start of this year on a high note, accompanied by Venus, who, up until next June, will take it upon itself to refresh your love-life and shake up your routine, which has been holding you down.

...At the start of the year!
Up until the start of February, this delightful planet will invite you to rekindle the flame (and in the eyes of the one you want) and to create a household and expand your family. Endowed with an irresistible charm and a powerful desire to make good use of your talents and head out on a search for your soul mate, and with some great chances for finding them between now and next summer. Venus will help you meet exciting new people and will heighten your desire (between April 28th and 6th; June 6th) to create the ideal living space you need to give your lover, whether new or old, shelter. You will do everything in your power to, and will use great willpower, to smooth over any possible rough patches and clear any tension that might ruin the atmosphere that you hope to be romantic, tender, and sensually thrilling. You will make skillful use of your ability to smooth out the rough edges and bring some enchantment to your daily life, Ami Scorpio!

This summer will be hot!
You can count on Venus, between June 6th and July 5th, to bring people even closer together, restore the bond and complicity you've been missing, and commit (marriage, civil union)- or recommit?This summer, you will take action to move your relationship to the next step, escape the day-to-day drudgery, and set sail for love, or at the very least, take a trip and get away to dream and expand your horizons together. If you are still looking for that special someone, you will manage to flush them out, perhaps during a trip or getaway, but will have your sights set high. NO simply setting for whatever... Instead, make room, and time, for plans that will flourish all autumn long. Between September 20th and October 14th, you will dream up big, seductive plans for the future and enjoy great chances for seeing them become reality soon. Jupiter, in fact, has been getting ready, crouched in the shadows of your sign sector, to throw you back into the limelight and will enter Scorpio on October 10th, allowing you, Ami Scorpio, to hope for a lot. You will take back control of your destiny and reach a new milestone.

A summery end to the year!
Between now and autumn 2018, you will enjoy an aggressive energy that should help you take action and push the limits, throwing yourself into a tempting romance. After a short period of reflection (that is not to be missed between October 14th and November 7th) so that you don't repeat the mistakes of the past, you should enjoy a rollicking, or entrancing for some, end to the year, Ami Scorpio. Venus will heighten your seductive powers, and sharpen your appetite, between November 7th and December 1st, and will bring harmony to your interactions with those close to you, starting on Christmas. So, take advantage, unabashedly, of this harmonious celestial rainbow to put some color into your private life starting at the start of December, totally regain your self-confidence, and enter 2018 on cloud 9.

First decan (October 24 - November 3) A constructive year!
You will enjoy clear skies in 2017, enabling you to move your personal life in the right direction. No major aspect should darken your horizons, and you should, moreover, enjoy generous Jupiter's presence in your sign starting on October 10th (and up until November 25th). This will be your time to make a few sparks fly and/or reach a new stage in your romantic life - and in every other area.

If you are in a relationship, starting at the start of January, Venus will endow you with astounding charm and allow you to hope for the best (a birth, passion) between January 3rd and 12th. You will try to perpetuate your recent success and build yourself a cozy, little nest or bring people together in a common bond. Between February 3rd and 19th, and between April 28th and May 14th, you will summon all your zeal and enthusiasm and create a climate at home that pleases you and enchants your daily life. Between June 6th and 16th, you can count on Venus to pull your partner to you like a magnet. You will be open and listening to their every desire and could, between July 5th and 14th, take flight together, experiencing moments of strong emotion and sensation. You will be dead set on taking your bond to the next stage between July 31st and August 9th, opening up the hatches and looking forward to an inspiring future between September 20th and 28th. Starting on October 10th (and up until the 25th), Jupiter will put you in a trance and should, between now and November 25th, bolster your seductive powers and give your desire a boost. Venus will continue this excellent trend between November 7th and 15th, when this delightful planet will endow you with an irresistible, magnetic charm. You should, then, get to enter 2018 in good company, surrounded by your loved ones, and an affection that you, too, will know how to show in return, allowing you to end this rather productive year...on a high note.

If you are single,nothing will stand in the way of your happiness in 2017, when the stars will offer you an excellent jumping-off point for entering, and building, your future. Starting at the end of the year, you will enjoy numerous assets to help you hit your mark and turn a few heads, especially between January 3rd and 12th, when your irresistible charm should work its magic on everyone around you. And so, you will work (between February 3rd and 19th, April 28th and May 14th) to give your attention here and there throughout the day, leaving no one out and possibly helping you make a recent romance official or win over your soul mate. If you want to commit, you can count on the end of spring (between June 6th and 16th) to reach a new milestone and make some new, promising acquaintances if you are still single. Between July 31st and August 9th, Venus will boost your imagination - and your desire to push the envelope. You will yearn to spread your wings and move beyond the limits of the past. The start of autumn will invite you to dream up big, exciting plans for the future (between September 20th and 28th), and you will be able to count on Jupiter, starting on October 10th, to get you back on your feet. From the end of November on, you will possess a powerful magnetism that will help you draw in those around you and should allow you to capture the attention of whoever you have your eye on. Restless but in good company, you will bring this year to a close, and enter 2018, at the height of your game.

Second decan (November 4 - November 13) Rebirth!
Did you suffer from a lack of possibilities in 2016? Did you feel like you were constantly being held back by your duties or by financial roadblocks that clipped your wings and made it hard for you to fully express your feelings? In 2017, you will get to shake off, little by little (at the end of March, start of August) the burdens and pressures that cut your momentum, and so, you will get to enjoy once more the romantic exaltation you've forgotten about recently.

If you are in a relationship,you didn't feel satisfied or happy in 2016 and often felt like your desires were being thwarted and held back by your depressive moods or obstacles (financial or related to expressing your talent) that stopped you from fully enjoying the present moment. You will get back on your feet in 2017 and, starting on January, will kick things, sensually and emotionally, up a notch. Between January 12th and 23rd, you will give off an aura that shouldn't leave anyone unmoved. You will work to bring harmony, and a little spice, to your daily life that left you wanting more in 2016. Between February 19th and March 16th, as well as on the 14th and May 6th, you will use your great willpower to improve your living conditions and might have to put up with risks or setbacks that might start to get under your skin at the start of March. Between June 16th and 25th, you should have found the right answers, and means, of really enjoying life with your partner and will get the opportunity to bring people closer together, to rekindle the flame. You will use the start of autumn (between September 28th and October 6th) to get a plan underway (a baby, moving house?) and could count on Jupiter being by your side, starting on November 25th, helping you reach this important milestone and closing out this year on a high note together!

If you are single,you may have been a little depressed in 2016, suffering from your inability to fully express your desires, specifically for strong romance. You may have felt held back, even rooted to the spot. But, you can expect to start off this year, carried away by natural forces that will invite you at last to take the plunge into romance, especially between January 12th and 23rd, when Venus will give your influence a boost and bring you out of your cage. It is your time to spread your wings and open your eyes (and your heart). Up until mid-May, you will possess the valuable resources you need to get your romantic message through and keep your sensual channels of communication open to attract whoever you wish - and hold onto them. Starting on March 4th, you might hesitate, unsure of what to do or what choice to make, but you should manage to get closer to someone who matters to you in June or decide to leave room for someone who just might win you over (between June 16th and 25th). You will yearn to get away, to surpass yourself looking for that special someone or taking a recent romance to the next level between August 9th and 17th, when you will hunger to come up with new, thrilling plans between September 28th and October 6th. The end of the year will be on fire! Under Jupiter's watchful eye, starting on November 25th, you will enjoy a boost of energy, and in your desire to throw yourself into romance. And with success, with Venus' help, who will help you get your romantic messages across with tact, starting on Christmas. Happy New Year!

Third decan (November 14 - November 22) Your horizons will expand!
You've been able to enjoy, since December 2016, great possibilities from the starts, which will help you open, and spice, up your daily life, escaping the stranglehold that's been suffocating you. You can hope for this trend to continue in 2017 (around May 19th and November 11th), allowing you to live a life more in line with your deepest desires and free yourself from the burdens (financial, social) that have been holding you back. You will certainly have to make some difficult decisions (beginning of March, end of September) in order to live a better life but will have all that you need to move your existence forward in the right direction, towards what you aspire to be, until Jupiter enters your decan in 2018 (the end of January) with great promise for the future!

If you are in a relationship,since winter 2016, you've felt the winds of the open sea picking up and slowly freeing you from the duties and burdens that prevented you from living the life you wanted. So count on buoyant currents of energy to bring you, in 2017, the freedom you need to envision your present, and future, unencumbered. Between January 23rd and February 3rd, Venus will endow you with an irresistible charm that should work its magic on your partner. You will work, up until the start of June, to enhance, and spice up, your everyday life. You will use everything you've got, and your highly effective, romantic approach, to improve your love-life all throughout this spring. Between June 25th and July 5th, you can count on Venus to bring people closer together, and, between August 17th and 26th, take your relationship to the next level. You will not be afraid to set new challenges for yourself and envision ambitious plans for your life together in October (between the 6th and 14th), making good use of your sensual magnetism (between November 23rd and December 1st) to make your partner fall for you all over again and rekindle the flame. This end to the year looks to be a rather auspicious one, encouraging romantic, tender distractions, until Jupiter shows up at the end of January 2018, recharging your batteries and keeping you switched on in 2018!

If you are single,since last December, you've been taking advantage of high-energy currents to renew your everyday life and plan for the future. You will tap into new potential you didn't know you had, allowing you to free yourself from the weight and burden that have been keeping you stuck. This year will start with a flourish. Between January 23rd and February 3rd, you will manage to seduce whoever you want before entering a spring season where you will be dead set on settling into a recent relationship or smoothing things out with those who are close to you. You will do everything in your power to enhance your daily life and could, starting at the beginning of summer, reap the rewards of your efforts. You can, in fact, count on Venus to nail down a recent romance and/or give you an irresistible charm that should enable you to really make a splash and win hearts between June 25th and July 5th. You will unleash every ounce of talent you have, yearning to experience moments of pure delight or to find that special someone, some way or another, or somewhere else between September 11th and 20Th. Between October 6th and 14th, make room for plans wit friends or with a new love in your life. Venus will give your sign, and decan, a boost between November 23rd and December 1st, when it'll be all eyes on you. You won't hesitate a single second to dive right into romance. In addition, starting at the end of January 2018, you will enjoy positive, emotional support from Jupiter, who will make you want it all - and give you the means to get it!

My advice:

This will be a promising year, and, for some, one that could change the course of their lives. To take full advantage of these high-energy currents that just might sweep you away in 2017, start off by ridding yourself of your fears and daring to fully express your potential. You will shine bright, winning hearts left and right, and, between now and the end of the year, should hit your target and strengthen your bonds with those that matter to you, whether old or new.

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