Free 2024 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

The Year of the Wood Dragon begins on February 10, 2024 and ends on January 28, 2025. This year, the Wood Dragon is in charge. The unforeseen gives relief to events and situations. Success and achievement are easier to achieve. Opportunities present themselves quickly and in varied and surprising forms. With the Dragon, the exceptional and the prestige are at the rendezvous. Sparkling and charismatic, the Dragon leaves no one indifferent.

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However, the wood element calms its ardor. It soothes it and makes it more attuned to others. It gives the dragon the human warmth that it sometimes lacks, and which is the cause of its setbacks. It encourages it to reflect a little longer than usual. Although this Dragon is calmer, it retains its fundamentals. As a result, it is to be expected that some people will shine with success and achievement. Spectacular events can amaze the world.

So, this year is no longer the time to rest on your laurels or procrastinate. With the Dragon, when your luck runs out, you have to grab it on the fly and think about it afterwards. At the same time, you must aim for success. People who felt like they were wasting their time last year will feel like they are living again. It is the same for those who are experiencing a drop in popularity. Their ratings will skyrocket.

As for the people who by nature have confidence in themselves and their qualities, they will appreciate this year. Daring and enterprising minds will also find something to their liking. On the other hand, those who prefer to remain anonymous will be embarrassed because they will be in the spotlight. Their success or achievement will be valued and highlighted. They will receive congratulations that will surprise and disconcert them.

Although this year is promising, the achievements and success that emanate from the Dragon are suffering setbacks. What is achieved with ease can go up in smoke without warning. A wise person is worth two, so do not get overwhelmed by success and keep both feet on the ground.

A wise person is worth two, so do not get overwhelmed by success and keep both feet on the ground.

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