Dog: your 2023 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

This year you're going to feel good. Why? Because the year of the Water Rabbit encourages and promotes the lifestyle, you enjoy so much. Thanks to these good influences, you will feel safe and secure. Therefore, you will not dither to undertake and also to consolidate your comfort. The Rabbit also brings a change that is worth noting. Your pragmatism will be appreciated and recognized. This detachment that suggests that you are not involved will also be beneficial to you. This year, your activity is purring serenely. If you wish, you can, therefore, take care of your love. Meeting that special someone, if you haven't already done so, will be an excellent thing. Getting married or starting a family will be too.

Dog: your Romantic life

This year, hearts are more inclined to mistrust and not to be inflamed at first sight. In this atmosphere, you will feel much more comfortable. Happiness never comes alone, so understanding avoids those breakdowns that do more harm than good. By nature, you find it difficult to commit yourself for fear of being disappointed. This year, this feeling evaporates because your loved one reassures you. It is the same thing when you meet someone because it is very likely that you will meet someone who is very understanding.

Tips from Free-Horoscope.com: Although you may find it challenging to externalize your feelings, chances are you'll manage to do so this year. Why is that? Because you feel much more confident.

Group of friends for the Dog

Your loyalty in friendship is no longer to be proven. You will be pleasantly surprised by the reactions of your friends. Some of them will surprise you by showing the respect they have for you. Others will give you small gifts for no particular reason. Don't be embarrassed. Why? Because you greatly deserve this attention. So don't ask yourself what you did to receive so much affection. Just enjoy it.

To know: Don't try to analyze the meaning or purpose of a token of respect or a gift. Take advantage of it and tell yourself that you deserve it.

Dog: your Spiritual life

This year, and thanks to the Rabbit, you are inhabited by inner peace. The hazards of life do not affect you very much. If you encounter some difficulties by any chance, you approach them with this detachment that is your trademark. Your mission is to cultivate and make this well-being that you have acquired over the past years bear fruit. How do you do this? By staying well within your comfort zone.

Our advice: Since no one's blaming you severely for staying home, just do it. By doing so, you will keep the peace you are so attached to.

Well-being for the Dog

This year is a year of rest and tranquility. Take the opportunity to detach yourself from others' rhythm and follow the one that suits you best. If, by any chance, you feel the need to rest, do so. From time to time, get some fresh air. Walking around as you wish will do you the highest good and, as a bonus, it will allow you to meditate on your progress and your projects.

Tip-Off: Be careful not to get overwhelmed by laziness. Continue to do some sport regularly and in all weather.

Dog: your Family life

By nature, you're not very demonstrative. The great outpourings move you. You prefer to keep your distance. This year, you are more comfortable because people are less intrusive. Those questions that embarrass you are no longer the topic of conversation. Under these circumstances, you will regain the pleasure of spending time with some of your family members. Family reunions will no longer be an eternal thought.

To meditate : If you're apprehensive about family celebrations, rest assured. Why? Because the relationship difficulties you've experienced are now a thing of the past.

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