Rooster: your 2021 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

The Ox promotes and encourages stable situations. He advocates working hard, earning money, and saving as much as you can. Some aspects will suit you and others will not suit you at all. The family spirit that reigns this year will particularly appeal to you because it will reassure you. On the other hand, you are going to have to give up on the idea of making a fortune overnight and on these complicated plans that get you nowhere. If you are in the lurch, you can resolve your concerns thanks to the opportunities that the Ox will send you. If luckily, your situation is flourishing, you will be able to consolidate it for the years to come.

Rooster: your Romantic life

The Ox preserves the serenity of your loves. He shelters them from the tumult that you fear so much, and that puts you in bad shape. Under these favourable circumstances, you could fall asleep on your laurels, rooster! While your ambitions may drive you up and down, don't rely exclusively on your loved ones to stay the course. Contribute by being pleasant even when a feeling of dissatisfaction arises. Show yourself loving and encouraging and be reassured. This will in no way harm your image.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Rooster:Sit comfortably in your love while not leaving all the responsibilities to your loved ones. Do your part by getting emotionally involved and showing your weaknesses.

Group of friends for the Rooster

By nature, you don't take kid gloves to say things. It has played tricks on you, but this year is pretty good for you. So, those who appreciate your outspokenness will be delighted to spend time with you. Some will be even more present than usual. As for those who are less comfortable with your direct ways, they will distance themselves.

To know: If you want to keep friendships that tend to be touchy, let them know what they want to hear, even if that doesn't suit you.

Rooster: your Spiritual life

By nature, you can be brutal and a little aggressive in your words. As a result, it cools people and some people move away from you. Doing a little work on yourself to smooth out this habit would be of excellent service to you. Before commenting, pause. Question your heart. It will whisper to you that it is useless to hurt a person. Also, it will tell you that they prefer to hear a compliment or encouragement.

Our advice : Try the virtues of relaxation. It will help you take the distance that you miss so much, and that makes you react with your emotions.

Well-being for the Rooster

Your tendency to impose inflexible rules on yourself is reinforced this year. This can work for you if you need to get back into shape, but in the long run, it could backfire. As soon as you reach your goal, ease off. Resist the temptation to deprive yourself of everything for too long. Enjoy the good things in life without exaggerating. Indulge in laziness from time to time. It will help you rest.

Tip-Off :While this is not your cup of tea, put your guilt in a drawer and take the time to do nothing at all.

Rooster: your Family life

By nature, you are authoritarian and take your role very seriously. As this sector is vital to you, you do your utmost so that nothing is missing. This year, these qualities are amplified. They will be appreciated, but within reason. So be careful not to sink into this authoritarianism that would make laughter silent. If the house isn't spic and span, don't make it a state business.

To meditate : Make sure that your taste for order does not take over because it would really spoil the mood, and it would compromise all good intentions.

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