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Ox: your 2019 Chinese Horoscope

  Written by Alison

2019 is a good year, especially in the domain of the relationship. This year, you will be keen to show yourself in your most authentic light, to reconcile yourself or to forget your past grievances. It is in your family or your close environment that this well-being will be most noticeable. Your finances should be just as good and you can consolidate your assets, then to build reasonably on long-term projects

Ox: your Romantic life

You can have very beautiful meetings in 2019 or maybe you will reconcile and, play down your possible relationship problems and start again on the right foot and with a good heart. It is your sincere attitude and your personal aspirations that will be the best drivers of your relationship. Your attitude of empathy and your ability to challenge yourself when necessary will be worthy of rich and constructive exchanges. You will also be much more selective in the choice of your partner and this will save you many sorrows and disappointments. You will light or reignite the flame and it will not be about to go out!

Tips from Free for the Ox: Do not dwell on the past: forget or forgive and look resolutely towards the future, with confidence. Your diplomacy is sharp, use it wisely!

Group of friends for the Ox

During this year, the invitations should be numerous, do not deprive yourself of good company! New friends could enchant your parties and, for singles, a decisive meeting is even possible. The festive and light climate will accompany your group activities and your whole emotional life will be enhanced. It is also very possible that some decide to launch a professional project with selected friends. Here again, you have every chance on your side in this dynamic climate full of good will.

To know: Know how to distinguish solid projects from illusory dreams. Some challenges will sometimes be difficult to face but you have the resources to consolidate your best friendships.

Ox: your Spiritual life

Your self-confidence increases and you are better at distinguishing yourself, in 2019, which nourishes your soul. You will be able to avoid people or toxic situations to refocus on the most constructive aspects of your life and take advantage of them for a more fulfilling future, more in line with your deeper personality. You can, this year, gain a lot of authenticity.

Our advice: Do not lose sight of the concrete aspects of your evolution. Introspection must give way to action, you have the necessary assets to strengthen your self-confidence and your means.

Well-being for the Ox

A good morale, projects, and fulfilling relationships ... All of this, of course, affects your health. You are more resistant to diseases and, you do not have time to worry about minor and fleeting discomforts, in short, you are in great shape! Be careful though, in this debauchery of good humor and exchanges, to recharge your batteries from time to time.

Tip-Off : Do not burn the candle at both ends! If you play sports, warm up, if you're looking for physical activity, think about swimming. Do not give in and reverse to an equally harmful laziness.

Ox: your Family life

Your home life should do you a lot of good if you do not spend too much time on your work or your friends. It's a great year to consolidate all your family experience before continuing your career or your personal projects. Do not make an indiscriminate promise but keep the commitments you make. Your attitude will inspire confidence and cement your relationships with your loved ones. Cohesion, solidarity, complicity, and balance will take place over the months and a great family project could emerge.

To meditate : Set your priorities well and do not make a career plan without first putting order and harmony in your home. It is in your home that the sparks of your future success will be born.

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