What is your Hindu sign?

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To know under which Hindu sign you were born, you just have to enter your birth date in this form.

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Hindu astrology was born at the beginning of Indian civilization. Nearly 400,000 verses are devoted to astrology in the sacred text of the Vedas: the Puranas. It results from the merger between Puranas astronomy ("Jyoti") and Greek astrology. It is the meeting of two civilizations. As in the West, Hindu astrology has 12 signs that are spread over several periods of the year. Each sign has its own character traits. The tensions are not considered negative for Hindus because, if the subject overcomes their contradictions, they will go through the steps that will bring them closer to deliverance. Spiritual awakening is a quest.

Hindus believe that astrology is a divine knowledge revealed to man by Brahma. their message would have been revealed to the Ristheir and translated into texts. This collection is called Vedanta sutras. All these texts describing astrological science emanate from an oral tradition transmitted from generation to generation. The base of calculation resembles that of the West, it includes the signs, the planets, the ascendant, the houses and the visible links between the houses and the planets. But, contrary to Western astrology, Indian astrology does not refer to the position of the sun, it only takes into account the movements of the moon. The 12 signs of Indian astrology are spread over the 12 months of the year. What about you? What is your Hindu sign?

MESHA the Goat (April 15th to May 15th): The Goat is never short of projects, acting is their only motto, they need action to be fully realized. They spend a lot of energy going to the end of their dreams, without looking back. Their ambition is a serious asset to succeed in life and they are not pretentious, their desire is not to crush others. They do not put themselves forward to be superior to others, they just want to succeed. They are respectful but in love, they're the one leading the dance.

VRISHABA the Bull (May 16th to June 16th) : Perfectionist in the soul, they like a job well done. Exchanges and communication are very important to them. They hate loneliness, they need to meet people. At first suspicious, they do not immediately trust others. They prefer to wait and judge according to their actions rather than their words. They are a faithful and very romantic lover.

MITHUNA the Union (from June 17th to July 17th): The Union is not afraid of anything, their sign jumps on all occasions, they can engage in business studies and finish as artists because they are very good at this kind of turn of events, the Union adapts to everything. On a professional level, their quality is very appreciated, the Union is never submerged. They are like a chameleon and this is an asset for life in society. But their contradictions can confuse their entourage who sometimes doubt their sincerity. Rebellious and revolutionary, they do not like things being imposed on them. In love, they seduce with their humor.

KATAKA the Crab (July 18th to August 17th): Of a hypersensitive nature, this sign is very attached to their family. They are mysterious people who are difficult to identify but this is also what makes up all of their charm. Very sentimental, they attach quickly, love is an integral part of their life. Still, they are not especially sociable, being in a crowd is not their cup of tea. In general, they prefer to run away from society. They are entrenched in their family cocoon and this is where they feel the best. In love, the Crab is romantic, tender and passionate.

SIMHA the Lion (August 18th to September 17th): The loyalty of the lion is recognized by all, we can trust them, they never betray. Frankly, they say what they thinks without putting on kid gloves, even if it hurts. They are proud and can not stand not to be listened to. They are made to lead a team, they are never afraid to take initiatives. They often launch ideas, they are at the origin of the movement. Perfectionist, this applies in their work. In love, they are in search of pleasure, loyalty is a concept that is sometimes abstract for them.

KANYA The Maiden (September 18th to October 17th): The maiden is a serious and applied person. Those who do not know them are at first a little distant. This in fact hides a great shyness, this sign does not come out immediately, it needs time to feel comfortable. Solitary, they are not especially open to others, they live a little in their bubble. They are nonetheless united and the suffering of others touches them. In love, they are looking for a stable relationship: frolicking does not interest them. When they have found the right person, they evolve in life with serenity.

THULA The Scales (October 18th to November 19th): Very sociable, this sign can not live without human contact. It symbolizes balance and loneliness is not made for them. They need the presence of others to enrich themselves intellectually and emotionally, they lack self-confidence. This is not a directive sign, on the contrary, it often remains in the shadows. They are easily questioned because they want to improve. In love, they are often disappointed, their naivety plays tricks on them and others benefit. They must not open their heart at first sight, they must wait to get to know people better.

VRISCHIKA the Scorpion (November 20th to December 17th): The Scorpion destroys in order to better rebuild, they do not beat around the bush if the foundations are bad, they must redo everything, to start on a good basis. Their haughty appearance is only a facade, the ice melts if one dares to approach them. In reality, they are rather reserved and they are naturally wary of everyone. Betrayal scares them. In love, they are passionate, their desire to dominate is part of their character. They go to conquer the other like a Don Juan in love with desire.

D'ANUS the Arc (December 18th to January 17th): The optimistic nature of the Arc provides energy to their loved ones. Their enthusiasm greatly contributes to their charm but they sometimes tend to take their desires for reality. Unable to manage a budget, they spend without counting. Their life as a couple must be intense, they are not afraid to multiply partners, they like what is different. Always in search of the mystery hidden in the other, they love, they give but their instability is sometimes badly accepted by their partners. They seek depth and meaning, always in search of the absolute, their desire never fails.

MASCARA the Crocodile (January 18 to February 16): The Crocodile is always serious, the wonderful aspect of things does not attract them at all, fantasy does not exist. They are a shy person who hates waste, their mind is well anchored in reality. It's a sign you can always count on, tehy can manage a budget and make good investments to get rich. In their life as a couple, they are rather calm, calm and quiet, they like stable relationships but they lack a little fantasy. Finally, no one can reproach them for a lack of courage because they are combative and they are afraid of nothing.

COMBAT the Amphora (February 17th to March 14th): The contradictions do not scare the Amphora. At the same time original and serious, this sign wants to feel free, limits frighten them. They need air to go far and they need loyal friendships to be advised in difficult times. Rather understanding and ingenious, they are very much appreciated by their close friends who they can count on the fingers of one hand. naturally curious, they love to learn, they can spend hours in a book or on the internet to enrich their culture. In love, they are shy, they like the other to take the first step.

MINA the Fish (March 15th to April 15th): Independent and secret, this sign attracts instinctively. Their dreamy and mysterious side makes you want to know them a little better. They are elusive, their spirit is always elsewhere, it is very difficult for them to keep their feet on the ground. Endowed with natural gifts for the arts, they thrive in creative crafts. But their lack of assurance can prevent them from succeeding fully. Their sign is a symbol of wisdom and spirituality. In love, they need reassurance. Their partners must constantly encourage them. They must trust themselves to succeed.

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