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Monday, September the 28th
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Mars in Pisces

  Written by Susan

Mars leaves the sign of Aquarius to enter Pisces. The conquering but somewhat anarchic energy that has been vibrating for a few weeks will give way to a climate of activity that is much more flexible and adaptable but also less realistic and less organized.
The signs of water and earth will rejoice, with a calmness for the Virgos who will be a little shaken up in the careful organization of their daily life. Gemini and Sagittarius will have a hard time setting their goals in this irrational and confused atmosphere and others will strive to make the best use of these subtle and changing influences. Everything that revolves around the will and activities will be tinged with intuition, humanism and sometimes poetry.
It remains to be seen how each of the twelve signs will be able to make the best use of the energy of this laborious transit.

Aries: The team spirit that prevailed for several weeks will give way to a more confused and more collective climate. This is the time to look at your situation so as to identify and prepare the ground for the passage of Mars in your sign, in a few months. In the meantime, intuition, solidarity and compassion will count among your concerns. Meditation and dreams, but also adaptability and flexibility will taint your activities, your results and your hopes. It's a little bit of an unstable break in your life but very useful for the longevity of your next occupation.

Gemini: The excellent atmosphere of emulation and support that prevailed will unfortunately fade in front of a climate that is much more frustrating for the cerebral one that you are. You only have the choice to make the best of this situation. You will have to subdue your critical thinking and develop your capacity for empathy. Those who have enough flexibility for this introspection will draw very useful conclusions in their future activities. Your remarks, your criticisms and your impatience are likely to run up against elusive elements, liars or manipulators, it will be useful for you to discern your true friends in all this confusion.

Leo: In the last few months, many of you have been acting fiercely, sometimes in conflicting relationships, always in the most dynamic entrepreneurial spirit. From today, the color of energy will change by moving towards more disseminated and collective "fields". A self-reflection is necessary to prepare the ground for your next affairs. Daily life and the routine take back their rights and suggests that you take care of your balance sheets. What are your successes, where are your flaws, what mistakes will not be repeated? These are the existential questions that await you and that you will have to deal with through more discreet but useful activities.

Virgo: Your occupations in recent weeks have often been confined to the most gloomy routines, far from the action observed outside. The entry of Mars into your home signifies the return of a beautiful dynamism in your life and the emergence of the relationship aspect in your various projects. It's a good time to sign a contract, whether it is work or marriage, to start a business in good conditions of survival, to work as a team on a concrete project, embellished with good vision. Moreover, luck accompanies you: you currently have the power to change the very structure of your occupations.

Scorpio: After a lot of restlessness and fatigue due to a stressful period of conflict of interest or conflict in general, you will finally be able to go through a first class improvement in all your energies. There is a lot of sensuality to enjoy and intuitive, sometimes secretive activities to complete in optimal conditions. If you have children, it is in your role of a parent that you will best flourish during this time. Many of you will be able to take care of their pleasures, their desires are finally identified and encouraged, they will be able to start from scratch if the situation requires it and, more generally, everything is in place for a period as constructive as it is pleasant.

Capricorn: Your energy was a little off in the last few months. Many of you have had the uncomfortable feeling of being overwhelmed by events. Some felt a sense of frustration exacerbating bad moods; others have become discouraged in a climate that is just as gloomy. Things are changing in the next few months. The conditions in which you will act will be much more adapted to your temperament. Your close entourage will be the ground for your next exploits, all in nuance and sensitivity. Artists and those who live off communication will be particularly privileged.

Aquarius: The departure of Mars from your sign will allow you to breathe more widely and turn to your heritage and your finances but also toward others. You will be more receptive to your surroundings and to the world in general, it is an excellent influence for all those who work in humanitarian service, or in relation to collective and community interests. This openness will not prevent you, far from it, to firmly defend your choices, your values and your projects that you will be more willing to share.
Taurus: After weeks of tension, feverish activity or forced inaction, the entrance of Mars in Pisces signifies for you the return of an atmosphere of work infinitely more comfortable. It is likely that your social circle will be the driving force of your main activities in the coming weeks. You will be able to act at your own pace: serene, sometimes lazy. Your intuition will be positively put to contribution and you will be worth a great perspicacity at the level of your accounts, balance sheets and projections. The activities of this period are marked by prescience, flexibility and the consciousness of others. It's also a great time to share activities with friends.

Cancer: After exciting activities, unusual but tiring, a period more adapted to your temperament opens today with the entry of Mars in Pisces. Your activities will now directly target your highest ideals and you will make every effort to arrive discreetly but surely to your ends. Your abilities of discernment, your benevolence, your protective skills will be highlighted and will bring you money, notoriety and personal satisfaction. A period of prosperity to garner in every sense of the term. Marriage, children, a new job, moving or even expatriation are possible situations, depending on the big projects you have in mind...

Libra: The ambient energy will change color and the best is still to adapt instantly to a more sober climate, a blurred production but more inspired. You can reap many benefits from these few creative months by embellishing your strategies with a very sharp intuition. You will have to take a closer look at your daily life to find ways to make it easy and enjoyable. If you use this dispersed energy well, if you channel it, you will have all the assets in hand to resume more exciting activities in better conditions.

Sagittarius: After having worked for a few months in a dynamic and enterprising company, you will have to face a much more confused and badly organized atmosphere. Your attention will be focused on your home, your family will become the center of your activities. You will have to endure confusing situations, unreliable partners or nebulous projects, which can annoy you often but will prove very useful afterwards. So you have every interest in adapting and looking at aspects that may hinder your progress. By taking it in a more intuitive way, you will prepare a prime foundation for your future activities.

Pisces: You are the stars of this return of Mars in your sign. Many of you will come out of the shadows and be noticed through your intuition, your creativity and your dedication. The opportunity to evolve very positively in your activities is given to you, the initiatives concerning the artistic life, your relationship with the world of the health and service are protected during this period. This is great, fulfilling and profitable news for Pisces. Take the opportunity to get started on the project that is most important to you, success awaits you.

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