An amorous relationship for Gemini and Aquarius

Written by Alison

#nonl# You are on the same wavelength: aerial and free, each is constantly seduced by the other. You have reasoned feelings, notions of independence, and availability in Gemini while Auquarius is autonomous and free. You understand each other whole-heartedly, you are accomplices and your tastes lead you to the expression of feelings, a beautiful adventure begins.

Love compatibility between Gemini and Aquarius

You share the same kinds of interests: mobility, variety, and communication. You two won't get bored together! You will both have to keep an eye on your "cavorting" sides, more outside of than within the relationship. Your family could suffer otherwise... sides Your bond and intellectual compatibility may help you brilliantly resolve your problems of independence.

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Aquarius man

Neither female Gemini nor male Aquarius wish to take away the other's freedom. It will be difficult for them to tell love and friendship apart, and so they will prefer to stay good friends rather than jump into a relationship with its commitment and obligations. He will be ready to take the plunge into romance but knows that he won't necessarily be able to satisfy her. Neither of you should seek to make your partner fit into your way of doing things - they have to find their own. Over time, and after a lifetime of learning, these two will at last be able to live together. At first glance, they seem to have different goals, but they know that their quest is a worthy one.

Compatibility between a Gemini man and a Aquarius woman

Everything's fine between these two! Lady Aquarius will adapt to this man who is so different from all the others; and he will be charmed by such an ideal woman. They will be able to work miracles (perfect harmony) and will soak up their quiet, as well as their more wild, moments together! After putting in a little effort, they will be able to envision an intense intimacy together. Aquarius, who has no problem finding friends and trusting people, will be shocked to see that it's even easier for her partner. To win each other over, they will have to challenge themselves profoundly and leave aside their own natures! It really is possible - if you're mature about it! This couple has a better chance of working out after forty years together - and after their temperaments have become a little more flexible.

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Aquarius woman

This is a relationship that deserves to be enjoyed fully, but one that cause some doubt to arise within you, what with her always being on the move and so social and you being so possessive... Try not to be so categorical and secretive, and from time to time, let your partner's up's and down's surprise you. After all, she deserves his space as well, not to mention that her own natural, spontaneous gift for fantasy will be a pleasant distraction from your daily troubles. She will shoulder some of the weight of your responsibilities for you and will know how to support you when it comes to practical matters. Don't ever pass up on the enticement and seduction between you two that is absolutely indispensable for your relationship. Dive into the present moment and, above all, let her do her thing and let her take the lead...

Compatibility between a Gemini man and a Aquarius man

These two signs get along rather well with Gemini's notions of independence and availability and Aquarius' ideals of autonomy and liberty. You have an implicit and instinctual understanding of each other, and your shared tastes allow you to freely express your feelings. A wonderful romance is about to begin. Your relationship promises to be a harmonious one, even if one might find the other to be a little overattentive at times. You both love your freedom, and can't stand even an inkling of jealousy exclusivity.


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